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Monday, October 24, 2016

Ignorant assholes: Avakov’s adviser angered Peter the great, trampling “Ukrainian” flag

Adviser to Ukrainian interior Minister Arsen Avakov Michael the Apostle, in the course of an official visit to Poltava found on one of the temples of the Moscow Patriarchate of Peter the great, trampling “Ukrainian” flag. The official has not confused that fact that the Church is a memorial of the battle of Poltava, where the Russian army defeated the Swedes.

Photo: www.facebook.com/pressgorod

Advisor to the Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Mikhail Apostol criticized the painting on one of the churches in the Poltava region, calling it “provocative”. On the bas-relief, which literally shocked the Apostle, Peter the horse tramples the blue-yellow flag. The official suggested that a Ukrainian flag.

“The picture appeared five months ago. It sees the society, the management of the region. Friends, don’t know what to say,” wrote the official on his page on Facebook, attaching a photo.

In the comments users of the social network noted that, in fact, on the temple wall depicts the Swedish flag and not the Ukrainian. And journalist Elena Bloch did not hesitate in expressions and called Apostle “ignorant jerk.”

“Adviser to the Minister Avakov not know that under Peter I, there was no independent Ukraine with the national flag and the Russian Tsar at Poltava defeated the Swedes, so the horse Peter tramples the Swedish yellow-blue flag,” – she wrote on his page on the social network.

The Apostle, responding to criticism said that the picture is still there “signs of provocation, as, in his opinion, the majority of the parishioners, in contrast to “some smart users of the sites” are unable to distinguish these subtleties. The official noted that the bas-relief still repainted to correct this “technical error”.

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