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Thursday, March 15, 2018

How to let off steam after football whistle

The news of the dissolution of the national team of Russia on football has made a lot of noise. Shortly before the Minister of sport Vitaly Mutko said went down in the annals of the “team”, almost a million people signed a petition on the website change.org with the requirement to disband it as “did not meet expectations” at the European championship. A statement linked Mutko with a petition. But no victory of public opinion here, of course not.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Press Secretary of the Ministry of sports Lyudmila Derevyanko very quickly explained that it was not in the petition, and that the team is formed under the League and disbanded afterwards. “There will be a new championship, there will be a new team”, she said.

Even if that decision would have been made for other reasons, the public discontent is unlikely to have been among them. Because of the petition, the more on the website change.org as such no legal force in Russia do not have.

In the legislation of Moldova, for example, is the concept of “petition”, spelled out the requirements for its registration and consideration. In the Russian legislation there is no such thing. The law governing the treatment of citizens (law No. 59), written only three terms: the proposal, application and complaint.

Offer recommendation on the improvement of laws, the activities of state bodies, or public relations. The statement is a message about the violation of the laws or criticism of the activities of state bodies. A complaint is a request to restore violated rights. The national team of Russia on football government body is not her bad performance at the European championship, do not violate any laws or anyone’s rights. Theoretically, a stretch the contents of this petition can be equated to a proposal. “You can argue long about that sport at the world level is one of the spheres of activity of society,” explains the firm’s senior lawyer Maria Sidorova A2.

But even if you can articulate the proposal, application or complaint, in most cases, the petition will only way to show their civic position and to let off steam.

It is appropriate to recall the Russian public initiative (ROI). Its activities are established and regulated by presidential decree (presidential Decree No. 183, dated 04.03.2013). The rules are extremely clear: the initiative is considered to be supported if collected necessary number of signatures on a Federal level — at least 100 thousand, at the regional and municipal 5% of the population. Examples of initiatives which are combined with the adopted laws, we have 21.5 thousand citizens signed up for, to keep phone number when switching from one operator to another, 77,5 thousand — to return the minimum allowable level of alcohol in driver’s blood. Citizens voted for even to simplify the judicial process of demolition of unauthorized construction. Interestingly, of course, why this initiative is considered to be supported, when it was voted 478 people, and will support at the legislative level, a petition on the abolition of the “law of Spring”, which was signed by 73 thousand people and will likely sign more. But that is another topic.

All these rules only work for ROI. The petition on the website change.org a server which is located in the United States, as well as the signatures collected on the street or in the media, have no legal force.

“In this case the emphasis may be placed only on public criticism of the institution in the absence of any reaction on the most current issues disturbing the society,” said Maria Sidorova.

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