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Monday, February 19, 2018

Genetics proved that the Cossacks come from Russia

Modern Cossacks are descended from the Eastern Slavs who migrated from southern and Central Russia. To prove this seemingly obvious truth, scientists, geneticists had to use the method “determination of paternity” and compare the DNA of the don Cossacks with the DNA of peoples who for historical data has been or could be relevant to their origin.

photo: Mikhail Kovalev

As reported by “MK” in Federal state budgetary scientific institution “Medical genetic research center”, in the last decade there are more people who someidentifier themselves as Cossacks. Despite the fact that there is a migration theory of origin at the expense of immigrants from Russia, which is supported by most reputable historians, many authors believe Cossack aborigines of the upper reaches of the don.

The idea is ancient, not Russian, origin of the don Cossacks was made a major-General Alexander Regelmann, long served on the don. In his work “the Story of Donskiy the Cossacks”, he writes: “evidence is Presented that the Cossacks, if they’re a Moskal will call, answer it: “I de not Russian, but Russian, and according to the law and the Orthodox faith, and not by nature.” Further development of this idea has received in the writings of the historian Gottlieb Bayer, who wrote that the Cossacks can be read in the ancient… people.” This theory was picked up by Vasily Tatishchev, who was connected with the origin of the don Cossacks with the Circassians. A number of researchers believed that they are descended from the Turks and even the Etruscans.

However, all these theories do not have sufficient evidence. It took a strictly scientific approach, which could clarify genetic relationships of the don Cossacks with neighboring Nations.

The collection of material took place in the ancient Cossack villages and hamlets in the course of the expedition. Studied 131 people (men). Moreover, the DNA samples got only not related to each other people, all ancestors to the third generation occurred from the examined region and belonged to the don Cossacks.

The analysis showed that the don Cossacks are genetically similar to the population of the southern regions of Russia (they have the most exact match data). A few less similarities the Cossacks with the residents of Central Russia. At the same time, the gene pool of the Cossacks has some similarity with the gene pool of the Turkic-speaking steppe populations. I found a small genetic influence of Nogai, probably due to their occurrence in the Army in the “Tatar layer”. But with the Caucasian peoples showed strong differences. They were genetically far from verkhnedonskiy Cossacks.

Geneticists have found that the most powerful stream of migrants came from the southern provinces of Russia (the Voronezh, Kursk, Orel, Belgorod region). The data obtained confirm the hypothesis of the origin of the Cossacks mainly by Russian immigrants.

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