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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Francois Hollande is nothing to respond to the threat of terrorism

Terrorism became the most important factor in the life of the French Republic and the problem of ISIS turned from the external to the internal. Not only marine Le Pen, but any politician claiming victory in the presidential elections in April next year, should give effective recipe against terror.

Current President Francois Hollande, as in the whole of the Socialist party, confidence a little. It is extremely unlikely that during the remaining candidates months the ruling party will be able to find a candidate able to compete right.

“No serious allegations Francois Hollande did not, confirming the unflattering nickname of Jelly given to him by associates”

The discontent of French citizens by the authorities, unable to protect them from terrorism manifests itself in different ways. Nice booed arrived on mourning ceremony in memory of victims of act of terrorism the Prime Minister of France Manuel Valls.

Social networks along with traditional hashtags #I’m nice #pray for a nice widespread Maxim #Austl.

“I’m sorry, and I’m tired of such amount of hatred,” – wrote in his Twitter actor Dominic Farrugia.

“I don’t want to live in a world where are constantly breaking down someone’s life. Please stop. #Austal,” writes the user of social networks Siobhan.

“We’re all tired, all hurt by what happened in nice. This is a terrible tragedy. No man, whatever religion he may adhere to, is not allowed to commit such atrocities. I came here to lay flowers and light candles, in my eyes are tears,” – commented on the recent attack of a local resident.

67% of French people interviewed on the day after the attack in nice, said that President françois Hollande and his government could not effectively fight terrorism. This writes Le Figaro. In 2015, the level of confidence in the government in the fight against terrorism fluctuated around 50%, so that the sagging is very noticeable. Also half of the respondents stated that France is at war with terrorism.

It is not surprising that politicians declare the need to change the current course. The ex-President, leader of the “Republicans” Nicolas Sarkozy stated that “in the 18 months that have passed since the terrorist attacks against the newspaper Charlie Hebdo, in France nothing was done that should have been done in the fight against terrorism.” According to him, has not adopted a law on liability for creation of Islamic sites and has not been running centres for de-radicalization of youth, on which insisted “Republicans”.

“I also perform that carefully studied the case for all 11.4 million persons listed as a potentially dangerous, and that of France expelled all foreigners representing a threat to its security,” he said.

“In regard to external operations, France should establish contacts with Russia instead of the two coalitions in Syria acted alone. We need Russia in the fight against terrorism,” urged the French ex-President.

“France was in conditions both external and internal war. We need in this regard to conduct a total war against terrorism, a war against our enemies that would stop at nothing and know no borders – and our hand must not tremble,” – said Sarkozy.

“In regard to external operations, France should intensify the fight against “Islamic state” and internally it should more clearly define its goals in the fight against terrorism. We were in France in the face of threats of Islamist terrorism, and we should openly accept it,” – said the former President.

I agree with Sarkozy and some senators of France. Member of the Committee on international Affairs, defense and armed forces Yves Pozzo di Borgo in an interview with Russian “Izvestia” said that “the main contradiction between the EU and Russia in Syria is the position on Bashar al-Assad. However, after what happened in nice, many in the Senate speak for his temporary support for enterprises of the coalition with Russia in the fight against ISIL*. It’s time to stop saying the problem lies with the Assad regime, we need to develop relations with Russia in Syria and in all international operations against terrorism,” the Senator said.

“We are ready to cooperate with Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga forces and Syrian troops. But we must understand that we will not find solutions to the problem of ISIS after the disappearance of militants from Syria and Iraq, it is a global issue that requires reflection,” said Pozzo di Borgo.

The current French head of state has just said about the need to strengthen the fight against ISIS (it is said that after the terrorist attack in Paris in November. No more serious allegations Francois Hollande did not, confirming the unflattering nickname of Jelly given to him by associates.

However, the silence of Hollande is easy to explain – unlike the opposition, he will be forced to answer for their words and to take concrete action. He, as we have tried to strengthen cooperation with Russia after the Paris attacks, but no real steps in this direction was not done – probably because of the position of the United States that the attacks in Europe did not interfere to carry out its General policy of isolating Russia.

In fact, the current French President is a typical “lame duck” politician who does not Shine re-election, but guts to take really drastic measures Francois Hollande is not. This week he will hold talks with the new Prime Minister of Britain, Theresa may, but terrorism is not the only topic – the British government is going to tour Europe to discuss Brakcet.

Hollande may not radically change French policy, and hence to guarantee that the attacks will stop. As long as political decisions would be taken, all hope is solely on the professionalism of the French secret services, managed to carry out without serious incidents the football world Cup. The attack in nice has shown that they can not relax even for a second.

Political decisions will have to develop and introduce the new President, whoever wins in the upcoming elections. Until then, France will remain a territory of increased danger for its citizens and for tourists.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”

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