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Friday, June 23, 2017

Found the main cause of obesity: it in the brain

One of the main causes of obesity is a violation of the brain, or rather, the improper functioning of the hippocampus, one of the “blocking” unwanted memories. While the cause of such violation, as well as problems with memory in General, may be a wrong diet. With such an assumption was made by experts of the Australian research Council.

photo: morguefile.com

The researchers argue that during normal operation of the brain memories of how tasty are those products remain “muted” until the person does not feel hunger, caused by a need for nutrients. However, the diet that experts call the “West” leads to the fact that this mechanism, which is responsible for the hippocampus stops working. As a result, people become much harder to refuse to eat, even if they are, by and large, satisfied. Affected by improper nutrition and other aspects of working memory.

By “Western” experts mean diet, including plenty of sweet and fatty foods but not enough vegetables, fruits and fiber. According to scientists, previously, some experiments on laboratory animals have shown that such a diet negatively affects the mechanism of repression. However, the new study showed that the same is the case with people. The specialists offered to study participants of different foods, and then asked them to undergo a series of tests on memory and learning, and also appreciate their desire to eat a “Supplement” when it was brought.

As it turned out, those who ate in accordance with the “Western” diet, after it showed the worst results of the tests, and the mechanism that suppresses the desire to eat unnecessarily, worked weaker. Further study of the results led scientists to the conclusion that these two facts are interrelated, and most likely the “link” is the hippocampus.

The mere fact that the wrong diet can lead to weight gain, it seems almost obvious. However, experts say that between unhealthy diets and excess weight is not only a direct but also an indirect relation, and is of primary concern is the latter.

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