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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Film festival “Golden apricot” was at the epicenter of world events

In Yerevan ended the 13-th international film festival “Golden apricot”. He was dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Armenia’s independence and has never been in the midst of complex world events – the terrorist attack in nice, the coup in Turkey, the tense situation around Nagorno-Karabakh. On the final day was the capture of a police station in Central Yerevan.

photo: Svetlana Khokhryakova

Directed by Yevgeny Grigoryev became a millionaire.

The city lived in peace. Many learned about the incident from the reports of the Moscow friends. My question is “What’s going on?” the people answered: “We heard nothing”, “I slept”. Just at the entrance to the city there were armed police. No heightened security measures at the airport, which also threatened to capture, externally, was not observed. At the Yerevan brandy factory is the “Barrel of peace”. This is the only place where next – state flags of Armenia and Azerbaijan. Ethyl alcohol is pumped into the barrel in 1994. Will drink brandy in the day, when to resolve the Karabakh issue. Today it seems that everything goes in the longer term.

One of the Turkish Directors who arrived on the “Golden apricot” in a great mood, the day did not know where to go back. At home he is considered a member of the opposition, so that the way to Istanbul was cut off. Where he eventually went – God knows. At the closing ceremony of a member of the Grand jury, French Director and formerly Soviet schoolboy Pierre Leon, whose father worked in Moscow as a correspondent of the French newspaper “l’humanité”, said: “I was born in Moscow, live in Paris. What happened in the world these days is terrible. But what we all came here for: it’s not terrible. Long live free movie”.

Russian film “in front of the left Bank” is awarded the main prize in the documentary competition documentary filmmaker Yevgeny Grigoryev became a millionaire. To the “Golden apricot” attached 1 million drams which is 2.5 thousand dollars. “I’m confused” said the happy winner. Barely stand on my feet from your hospitality. This is the most wonderful festival from the point of view of the participant. Movie shot not I, but the young guys from Rostov-on-don. And I helped them. They saw in this town a rejection of themselves.”

The wishy-washy title of the movie, it’s practically its only drawback, translated into English as “Across the don”. Evgeniy Grigoriev has gone to Rostov-on-don, attracted to the local guys and was very colorful story about the city and its people. The essence of this “cross-media” project – a study of the urban environment. The residents themselves choose the characters and themes, independently removed. .A young girl walks around town with a camera and asks passers-by, could they become heroes of a documentary film. Almost all respond that they have no time, someone is ready, but in about 15 minutes. Interesting people live in Rostov-on-don. For example, a fireman is not a man, fire. In his spare fire-fighting time, he waltzes. To partners fits with the philosophy of seduction. Lives in Rostov absolutely extraordinary character Slavik about it as about Chapaev composed the most incredible stories, he generates while on the move. Someone of the characters utters the lethal phrase: “Slavik even a yellow newspaper wrote, but a serious article.” Richly represented “a lost generation of well-read virgins’. Someone Nikolai worked all my life and studied and then came to the conclusion that it was necessary to communicate with the goat. The next city to host the cross-media campaign — Krasnoyarsk.

Film critic, cultural commentator and TV presenter Kirill Razlogov became the “Golden Apricot “Knight of culture” (razlogova grandfather was Armenian, and it explains a lot). This title was awarded to him, the Armenian Union of cinematographers in film history, the efforts and support of the Armenian cinema. His award was presented by the local Ministry of culture for the same services. Razlogov said: “there was one – to learn the Armenian language.” The presidential prize of the festival went to the Russian film Director Anna Melikyan is a native of Yerevan, has long lived in Moscow. “About love” — her fourth film to be presented at “Golden apricot”. “Along with the festival, and will grow old” – said the laureate. That kind of love.

“Golden apricot” held at the time of ripening apricots, hence the name. But there was another motive. When the festival was started, sponsor, produce dried fruits, set the condition to call the relevant festival “Golden apricot”. And so they did. That’s just the patron disappeared. But the festival is alive and well and every time opens in the old Yerevan Zoravor Church by the ceremony of consecration of the apricot. Each winner along with a prize presented with a basket of ripe fruit.

The record for the number of awards was the Croatian Director Branko Schmidt. His painting “Deprived” deep and humanistic, but still secondary, made in the image and likeness of the famous film “Love” Michael Haneke. It is also about love of two elderly people, ready to die in one day, but trying to survive, Schmidt – after the war. Echoes of war obviously impressed the jury a strong impression, and it was awarded to Schmidt “Golden apricot” and 2 million drams to boot. He headed the panel of judges of composer Tigran Mansurian, who wrote the music for “the Color of pomegranates Parajanov.

The award of the Catholicos of all Armenians Karekin II, “let there be light” was awarded to Roman Balayan in the Holy Etchmiadzin. He is a native of Nagorno-Karabakh, Soviet film Director, whose film “Flights in dreams and in reality” became a cult for several generations of viewers. Balayan, lives in Kyiv, takes on Russian language. So decide, he is the Director of the Armenian or Ukrainian. During the festival, he was terribly worried about his children, who fortunately remained unhurt on the promenade des Anglais in nice was released on a holiday, arriving to stay in France.

But the main guest of “Golden apricot” became the star of world cinema – actress Jacqueline Bisset. She presented her retrospective, won the prize for contribution to world cinema — “Parajanovi Taler”. Approximately manufactured Sergei Paradjanov of the milk caps in the tuberculosis barracks prison. Jacqueline famously danced the “sword Dance”. What is in her 70s, had no value. It is nice and attractive. But the actress was accompanied by her new partner from Romania, reminiscent of Rudolf Nureyev. Once Bisset did a lot for Soviet dancer Alexander Godunov, who escaped, as they said, from the USSR to the West. She became his faithful companion for several years.

This year’s festival was not only apricot, but the taste of cherries. Recently became the Iranian classic Abbas Kiarostami, who once came to Yerevan. In memory of him showed the famous film “Taste of cherry”, and actor Humayun of Ershadi, who starred in this picture, became a member of the Grand jury. Put Kiarostami’s photographs, which he presented to the festival after the exhibition in 2005. Then we went the serpentine road to a height of over two thousand meters, to the monasteries of the V-XII centuries, where they filmed Paradjanov, visited Sanahin, where he spent his childhood Armenian poet Sayat-Nova. All Kiarostami filmed. And then we drank tea with bagels on the gravestones. So it should be: in Armenia: so, remember the one who left. The motif of the road – the main photo Kiarostami. He was the eternal wanderer. Here and in the photo – the road in the mountains going into the distance of the highway and a lone tree somewhere on the horizon.

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