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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Experts told about the relationship of the terrorist attacks in Yerevan and Alma-ATA

On Monday, the violence spread to Kazakhstan. In the morning in Alma-ATA there was a skirmish in which five people were killed, including three police officers. Given that the situation in Armenia is far from being resolved, some analysts have suggested that in this way the dark forces weave their conspiracy to destabilize the member countries of the Eurasian Union. Even the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that “certainly, the manifestation of this turbulence at our borders is of concern. However, according to Peskov, the reasons for the situation in the CIS countries is different. This opinion was shared by experts interviewed by “MK”.

photo: youtube.com

On Monday in Alma-ATA, two criminals armed with machine guns, attacked the district police. As a result, three law enforcement officers and two civilians were killed and 7 people were injured. According to the President of the Republic Nursultan Nazarbayev, the country is again bombing occurred. All day the city operated the maximum “red” level of danger. Remembering the tragedy in Aktobe, all the gun shops immediately closed and the city was a rumor that the gunmen have stormed a military unit.

One of the attackers has been previously convicted 27-year-old Ruslan Bulekbaev, who is also a suspect in the murder of a woman last weekend. At the time of arrest he was dressed all in black and wore a beard — one of the signs of religious extremist. His accomplice were detained to the end of the day, and it is not known whether he was an ordinary bandit or a Wahhabi. The interior Minister of Kazakhstan kalmukhanbet Kasymov had flown to Almaty to personally look into the incident.

“Law enforcement needs to decide whether this was the result of shootouts or activities of sleeper cells of Islamic terrorists. In favour of last version says that Bulekbaev been suspected of involvement in a terrorist organization, and at the second assailant found a piece of paper with Arabic script. Their attack was very similar to the attack in Aktobe. They pointedly frightened the local residents and did not put forward political demands. But this time the authorities were better prepared, so the majority of the victims were law enforcement officers, not civilians. More recently, Kazakhstan was considered an island of stability in Central Asia, but now it is the main target for terrorists, because through it they hope to destabilize the southern borders of Russia. Similar events are taking place these days in Armenia. However, the Kazakh authorities conduct active work on our mistakes, Nazarbayev is not going to give a Republic in the hands of terrorists, and the local population does not support the Islamists,” — says “MK” Director of international programs of the national strategy Institute Yuri SOLOZOBOV.

Meanwhile, on the outskirts of Yerevan, the Armenian radical opposition continue to hold the line in the captured on July 17 police station. On Monday they released three hostages: driver ambulance, and two police officers, one of whom suffered from allergies. However, criminals continue to retain the Deputy chief of police Vardan Yeghiazaryan and the Deputy chief of Yerevan police Valery Osipyan.

An opinion whether any such as the attacks in Armenia, and Kazakhstan, was expressed by Konstantin ZATULIN, head of the Institute of CIS countries: “Sefilyan is among the suspects who get arrested every time in Armenia is coming to some senior guest, what would God forbid something happened. So, when the centennial of the Armenian genocide in Turkey in Yerevan came the heads of Russia and France Vladimir Putin and Francois Hollande, and it was the last time in Armenia was visited by Pope Francis. As for Kazakhstan, the attack could organize Islamic terrorists returning home from Syria, ordinary bandits or some crazy. It should be ascertained in the course of a full investigation. Just an attempt of a military coup in Turkey was a seductive reason to blame everything in one pile. With the same success it is possible to add a referendum in Abkhazia, the attack in nice-British exit from the EU.”

Watch the video on “Published video of the shooting of policemen in Alma-ATA”

In the centre of Almaty, a man opened fire on officers with a submachine gun. At the moment there are about 4 dead cops. Kazakh interior Ministry announced the arrest of a criminal.

Video published on the website youtube.com user EVERYTHING WILL be OK

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