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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Expert: terrorist Attack in Yerevan will not affect Armenia’s political life

While the Turkish authorities carried out massive scrapers in your government, the Armenian authorities take the food and water is entrenched in the outskirts of Yerevan terrorists. The radicals continue to hold the line in the captured on July 17 police station. On Monday they released three hostages: ambulance driver and two police officers, one of whom suffered from allergies. However, criminals continue to retain the Deputy chief of police Vardan Yeghiazaryan and the Deputy chief of Yerevan police Valery Osipyan.

photo: AP

In the morning, captured the division was sent two carriages “first aid” to doctors bandaged the wounded and gave the beleaguered food and water. The radicals still refuse to surrender and demand the release of their leader, Jirair Sefilyan, as well as seek the resignation of President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan. In turn, the security forces said that if the militants do not surrender, would be an assault.

Despite their calls to revolt, besieged and have not received mass support. On Sunday evening throughout Yerevan were detained about 200 people, suspected to be affiliated with Sevillana. Monday morning 50 of them were released. It is noteworthy that even the leader of the radicals dissociated themselves from the grip of the police Department, according to him, people act on their own initiative.

As told “MK” Director of the Caucasus Institute Alexander ISKANDARYAN, Sefilyan and had very few supporters, and now they will be even less:

Turkey and Armenia are fundamentally different countries that experienced very different events. In the first case, to power tried to come the generals, who were supported by a significant part of the army. They seized airports, media, military facilities… In the second we are talking about a few dozen men who seized the police station on the outskirts of Yerevan and the second day being held hostage by a few law enforcement officers. Soon supporters Sefilyan either surrender, or take them by storm. In any case, no terrorist will escape responsibility. While I wouldn’t call them part of the opposition movement. It is a rather marginal group of people who do not have even their political party. Sefilyan and his supporters have repeatedly put forward to the authorities an ultimatum, demanding the immediate resignation of the President, government and so on. In the end, this radical rhetoric has resulted in terrorist act. Now Sefilyan is unlikely to be released. The seizure of the police station his supporters indirectly proved that they were indeed ready to try to seize power in the country. If not that, then it’s possible that it again would be released from custody.

In this regard, I do not think that the opposition should be wary of a serious crackdown. Soon we will have parliamentary elections in which all residents will be able to freely Express their opinions about what they want to see the future of Armenia. The only thing that can take Sargsyan in connection with this attack, is to strengthen measures on revealing of such radical cells. But such people in the Republic are very few, for all time of performances Sefilyan, his stock wasn’t more than 50 people.

Capture a police station in Yerevan. Chronicle of events

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