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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Expert: Europe is discussing that the lists of Turkish perpetrators of the coup was prepared in advance

Turkey has moved towards the political tightening after a failed attempt of a military coup on the night of 16 July, which killed about 300 people. Applying for EU membership, Ankara has not only begun to arrest suspects, but called for the restoration of the death penalty that could not be open to criticism of Western countries.

photo: AP

“Cleansing” took place in security agencies of Turkey. Along with the arrests in the ranks of the armed forces, the interior Ministry has dismissed hundreds of police, courts and the gendarmerie, who are suspected of involvement in plotting a coup. It clarifies the Agency “Anadolu”, including 30 governors, 52 inspector of state service and 16 legal advisers. According to rough estimates the number of accused of involvement in the failed coup is approaching 10 thousand.

The President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan called for early return of the death penalty in the country. According to him, dictated by the demands of the people.

Commenting on the statement by the Turkish President, the Secretary General of the Council of Europe (COE) Thorbjorn Jagland said that “none of the member States of the COE has no right to apply the death penalty.” EU high representative for foreign Affairs and security policy Federica Mogherini echoed Jagland, saying that Ankara needs to respect the rule of law and what democratic principles should be respected in the interests of the country”.

Interviewed by “MK”, the expert believes that the introduction of the death penalty and other harsh measures will worsen relations between Turkey and the countries of the West. “The crackdown against the opposition and civil society, reducing the space for expression will lead to the deterioration of relations between Turkey and the countries of the West – said “MK” Turkologist Ilshat Saitov, although the West is pragmatic and often collaborates with different kinds of authoritarian rulers. However, they, of course, will not be taken on an equal footing, and will absolutely rule out the possibility of the entrance of Turkey into the EU, there will be only economic and military-strategic relations. The economy would also suffer, because in the environment where there are terrorist attacks and coups, business risks increase. The number of tourists will decrease by far. I am now in Istanbul, and this decline is already visible to the naked eye. I think, knowing all this, Erdogan is trying to improve relations with Israel and Russia. Plus there remain the Arab countries”.

“Actions that go beyond democratic procedures, which naturally causes discontent in Europe – said in a conversation “MK” orientalist Gumer Isaev. – Europeans from the very beginning expressed its support to the Turkish authorities, taking up a position, which was that the change of power in violent way will not be supported by Europe. Now, judging by the rhetoric that can be heard on several European channels, there are certain claims to those measures undertaken judicial and law enforcement bodies of Turkey. There are fears that will be imposed penalty and the people will suffer who was not involved in the coup, but who are political opponents of the ruling party. According to some European channels, lists of people to arrest have been prepared in advance. Given this dynamic, the arrests will continue for a long time, and the figure will be impressive. Which may worsen the attitude of Europe towards Turkey. Already had a lot of claims”.

It’s hard to imagine, cause if probable breakup of the EU and Turkey, the influx of migrants to Europe. “One of the points that Turkey was not satisfied in the course of bargaining for workers, it is the claim of Europeans to the Turkish anti-terror legislation, says Gumer Isaev. – Europeans are required to change it. Now, after what happened, this would not be done. Turkey will show a failed coup and to say that it’s impossible. The issue of migrants to Europe is very painful, and it is the instrument that Turkey could and would use in their relations with the EU. View that the EU is more important: principles or issues related to migrants and security. There is a difference between declarations and real politics”.

Watch the video on “Turkey under martial law: over Istanbul fly combat helicopters “

Turkish television reported the introduction of martial law in the country. The streets of Istanbul moves military vehicles and tanks. Fly in the sky military aircraft. Heard the shots.

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