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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Donetsk invites unrecognized States

Foreign Minister DND Alexander Kofman proposed to hold in Donetsk “summit unrecognized States”. Already promised to be the Basques, the Venetians, the Texans. If the event will take place, it would give new meaning to “the club unrecognized”, the role which recently is growing by leaps and bounds. In turn, the new Russia will be able to reach a new level of political influence, which it objectively is not enough.

According to Kofman, “negotiations have been conducted,” he agreed to come the Basques, the representatives of Flanders, Venice, Texas. Later to this list were added Scotland, Catalonia and somehow Ireland (apparently still refers to the North). Gradually refined towards the expansion and status of the members of “partially recognized States”, and is unrecognized “territories without state status”. In Donetsk, also announced plans for a new “League of the newest States” on the basis of the Organization of Nations and peoples without representation (UNPO).

“Then the South Ossetian delegation to the Netherlands consisted of only one person, and the money for the trip was going from a stall on a penny”

The birthplace of this little-known structure is considered to Tartu, where in September 1990, brought together representatives of the mainly Soviet national republics, at full speed, rushing to independence – the Baltic and the Transcaucasian. And 11 February in the Hague signed the Charter of the Organization of unrepresented peoples. Was signed not only Estonians, Georgians, Latvians and Armenians, but also Kurds, delegates from Palau, from Tibet, Australian aborigines, the Philippine highlanders, the Greeks of Albania, the Crimean Tatars, and even someone from Taiwan. In fact, Kofman originally proposed to hold in Donetsk it is the Congress of the “birthday” of the organization “unrepresented”, but was prevented by the military situation. The DNR cannot guarantee the sweep Donetsk, the security of the delegates, and many of them (not familiar with the war) did not want to risk it. As a result, the Congress decided to move in March and to continue negotiations with potential participants.

Actually, in 1990, the Baltic delegates just picked up and has institutionalized the idea that all the 80-ies pushed the Dalai Lama, several Tibetan activists, the leaders of the Uighur movement and joined them Dutch fighters “for the good”. In Soviet Estonia just found a man with organizational skills, Tartu Professor-orientalist, a recognized scholar of Buddhism and Sanskrit language Lennart Mall. He, in fact, brought to mind a meditative Buddhist, the idea of unification of the peoples without statehood and therefore is not recognized by the UN.

The fragility of the criteria by which the Nations entered into this first virtual organization, identified the constant change of its members. At different times in the UNPO included, for example, East Timor and Palau, get a real independence, Aceh and the Albanians of Macedonia who has reached the agreements on their recognition from the “mother of States”, as well as numerous nationalist organizations in Russian territory, the virtual mass suspended its membership of natural causes (“Kumikita”, Sakha, Bashkir, Tatar, Lezghin, Buryat, Tuva, Komi, and Mari opposition movement). For a variety of reasons ONN fell Tahiti, Bougainville, Gagauzia, Talysh-Mugan, Ruthenians. Serbian Krajina “was released” in connection with his tragic death as a result of the Croatian offensive. Indian “the state of the Lakota” is also left the United Nations, proclaiming their virtual independence from the United States than still amuses, and annoys the surrounding world, especially considering a great personality that her “President” Russell Means, the former leftist activist and guerrilla, who later played the role of Chingachgook in the most famous Hollywood film adaptation of “Last of the Mohicans”.

A new breath of life UNPO has received in the last two years in the Wake of “the European collapse”, when the mass began to gain weight and strength to the separatist movements in several regions of Northern Italy and also in Catalonia and Scotland. Now part of the UNPO is so heterogeneous that really there is a need to revise the whole system on formal grounds. Thus, the most serious in political terms, the movement of the Basques, Scots and Catalans in the organization not officially represented, but regularly send representatives to various congresses and forums. The former “locomotive” movement, Nagorno – Karabakh, Transnistria, Abkhazia and South Ossetia, as well as all the same, the Basque country and the Turkish North Cyprus in the activities of the United Nations do not participate. Abkhazia and South Ossetia in this format is not particularly interested, but twenty years ago it to Tskhinvali was almost the only “open world”. Then the South Ossetian delegation to the Netherlands consisted of only one person, and the money for the trip was going from a stall on a penny”, that is not always methodologically civilized ways.

A serious problem is the degree of marginality and virtuality some members of the UNPO movements. For example, the Union of Hungarians of Transylvania – quite a dear, a large and rich organization that represents the interests of almost two million people in Central Europe. But what to expect from the representatives of national liberation movements of the peoples of the tva, Oromo, Hmong and Rehoboth Basseterre, nobody really knows and even once afraid to ask. The Kurds are represented by two factions – the Iraqi and Iranian (by the way, dislike each other). Same story with Baluchis. More recently, UNPO joined to the Afrikaners of South Africa, declared themselves unrepresented and oppressed people, the Maasai, Zanzibar, Venda and the Mapuche people. And it is quite difficult to imagine the degree of influence on the political life of the United States movement “Ka Lahui Hawaii”, which, most likely, on the Internet site, supported directly from the beach. It seems that the movement for the independence of Normandy consists of a pair of three fans on St George’s day dressed up as a druid. And at the other extreme influence on the degree of the supporters of the independence of Belgian Flanders, it is able now to destroy the Kingdom on the wave of domestic nationalism and anti-Islamism.

All these movements are often on opposite political positions (most of the Indian, the African and Papuan organizations are headed by extreme leftist”celebrity” that does not fit in the same room with respectable members of Parliament from Scotland and Catalonia), and the extent of their influence on the ground are not always comparable. For example, with the filing of the Italian police accepted that the movement for the independence of Venice is a bunch of radicals and people with disabilities mental work, which, together is not something that is the bomb, and the birdhouse build can’t. Meanwhile, the idea of the independence of the region of Venice on a recent poll, the referendum was supported by the overwhelming majority come to a vote. That is the claimed territory of a few radicals don’t really control (especially since many have caught the carabinieri), but the idea is alive, it lacks only a decent design.

Very different and the political experience of the members of UNPO. Accustomed to a parliamentary form of struggle the Scots and the Catalans with some suspicion even look at their “European neighbours” – the Basques, and now to the Venetians, convicted of attempting to collect tank in the garage on the basis of “Caterpillar”. But the same Basques, in turn, was characterized by the author of these lines by members of the South Ossetian delegation as “small children”. An additional problem is the degree of external control of certain movements. No one can guarantee that the fighters for the independence of Khuzestan and the Baluchis are not the same is the CIA recently tried to rely on national minorities in the fight against the “big” of Iran. And the movements for the independence of Sindh or the “Chittagong hill tracts” – a great and terrible Pakistani intelligence, thus “trolley” India.

For DNR this standard solution, as the organization on its territory, “Congress of unrepresented” – priceless political and propaganda maneuver. First, it is the first and only real foreign policy action of Donetsk. Second, its propaganda effect can be particularly strong. Not only that, this event will pass the media around the world, many of which are not just to be ironic “on the poor”, it will attract additional attention to the organization and to its individual members. Thirdly, if Coffman will be able to “reformat” the UNPO (at least in the “League of the newest States”, even in the hell) with some moral and perhaps financial domination of the new Russia, then we can talk about the release of Donetsk and Lugansk to a new political level. It is important, as they will be able to dispose of this possibility at the level of propaganda, media work and PR, because, unfortunately, the special achievements in this field by the official Donetsk no.

Far-reaching strategic hopes in the early 90-ies formed a fertile soil for utopian discussions in the spirit of “soon ONN will compete with official UN”. Will not be, of course, never, but now that the Yalta-Potsdam system of the world went to hell, and international law sample of the twentieth century turns into a frozen, almost dead tradition of the “reformed” UN could go a good. The national movement gradually cease to be “partisans from the policy of” interfering in the real balance of power even in “old” Europe. They have to believe on a global scale, and, given certain “defects” of international law and national legislation, many of them have real political and historical perspective.

The inclusion of this game DNI and the LC is an interesting and promising move, is able to alter the very situation in the political arena. Another thing is that in the atmosphere of global tensions and against the background of the ideological isolation of the new Russia need to put a lot of effort to take advantage of it. In Donetsk it is enough to charisma, but almost no political experience, and the DNI, obviously, professional help will be needed to implement this idea. But well done already, at least that came up with it.

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