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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Conspiracy theory: military coup in Turkey is similar to the staged fake

In Turkey last week something happened. Some call it a coup attempt, one sees in this event a clumsy parody of the seizure of power. They say that in order to understand who’s behind everything, you need to pay attention to who it ended up to be profitable.

photo: pixabay.com

It is argued that the main organizer is the former commander military-air forces of Turkey Akin Ozturk. He came into the air force in 2013, after “operation Sledgehammer” many commanders were arrested. After two years of service in August 2015, Ozturk resigned, and he continued his term of office as a member of the Supreme military Council. He was to retire on August 30, at the regular annual meeting of the Council that could not make it and therefore Ozturk staged a coup. It was in Friday around 10 PM pressed the button and started the whole operation with the 4th air base Akinci in Ankara, and then rose in the air F-16 fighter jets. In the organization of the coup Ozturk helped 141st squadron, commander of which his son-in-law, Lieutenant Colonel Hakan Kara Kush flies.

As the observer I have a clear understanding of: the Turkish army has long dried up ambitions to carry out any military intervention. Say that in this adventure the warriors were ousted by joint work of Erdogan and now his sworn enemy — Islamic preacher Fethullah Gulen. Media close to Erdogan and affiliated with the Gulen supported the trial of “Ergenekon”, “Sledgehammer,” involving high-ranking military officers, politicians and journalists. Soon the deal fell apart, the detainees were released, but the sediment remained.

A change of generals loyal soldiers were created confidence of many experts that the army has no ideological confrontation with the authorities and, most importantly, the mission of guarantor of the secular order of the state. The military just left the military. But, perhaps, the army still had disloyal generals to Erdogan, who did not allow him to enter Syria or to conduct ruthless operations in the South-East of the country in the fight against the separatists. Therefore, these cases were handled by a Special army, which allegedly saved erdoğan from the coup. If it really was a coup attempt.

Why “if”? Because what was happening was more like a poorly staged fake. For visibility everything was done correctly: planes, tanks, helicopters, soldiers, the capture of the channel, the announcer reads the message “peace at home” (so-called itself the group of the coup) was a result of TRT… you Have to understand that this source is one of about 70 Turkish TV channels. Also have 8 news channels, which for all time of the “coup” was not captured, has not been turned off, the Internet worked fine. And on these channels was performed live via video link ex-President Gul, ex-Prime Minister Davutoglu, the Minister of justice, Prime Minister and others. And most importantly — was twice made by the President Erdogan. They urged the people to go against the military junta, declaring that the machinations of the “parallel structure.” And the call failed.

The expression “parallel structure” was coined in December 2013, immediately after police went to addresses close to Erdogan officials and arrested them on corruption case “Big bribe”. There was serious evidence of corruption communications of the Ministers of economy and of internal Affairs with a businessman of Iranian origin Reza Saraba. Ministers sacked eight days later. And the then Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan called the investigation an attempt to overthrow the government, saying that all involved in this case the police, prosecutors and the judge — the links of one chain, the members of the dark forces, not wanting the development of the Turkish state. Further, all who were disagreeable to the government, was brought under the General comb “Parallels”.

Since the beginning of 2014 the entire police force has been transformed, thousands of its employees were dismissed, the judge and the Prosecutor fired. The opposition was dissatisfied with the actions of the government and did not agree with the repression of Erdogan. But he believed that he had every right to defend himself, and he did what was necessary.

Whoever was the organizer of the coup, one thing is clear: the winner in this whole Saga has become Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Now he has another “moral right”, as it was with the “Big bribe”, to carry out repression in the army — and, judging by what is happening, not only. The opposition will not be able to say anything because it would sound like “support the coup”. At least 8,000 police officers were dismissed, more than 100 generals and admirals arrested and nearly 3,000 judges removed from their posts. Two judges of the constitutional court arrested. And if the generals at least something is clear, then no one will ask, what does judges and prosecutors. Because the fervent crowd in the streets and crowds of “armchair generals” in the Network show their support to any repression of the government.

Nine moments of the revolution, which cast doubt

1. The Internet connection worked smoothly.

2. All the news channels worked with the speech of the Ministers, who called to go out into the streets. The idea of them in the first place had to close.

3. No Minister or senior official was captured, and easily broadcast on TV via video links

4. At a time when in the air flying military fighters and everyone knew that Erdogan in Marmaris, it was able to freely fly to Istanbul.

5. The attack on the hotel erdoğan was committed after he left it.

6. Lists of rebels was known on the night of the coup, that is, before any investigation.

7. The helicopter shot at the building intelligence, did not hit the target. This can be seen in footage posted on the Internet.

8. The soldiers on the bridge and the airport did not know what are on the ground, no they did not explain anything. At the sight of the crowd they immediately surrendered.

9. Strategy people who put on the line your career, life and reputation, proved to be ill conceived, which is puzzling.

Coup in Turkey. Chronicle of events

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