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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Conspiracy against Erdogan’s tied to the destruction of the Russian su-24

In Ankara called the name of the person that acted as the main organizer of the coup attempt. It appeared to be the commander of the Turkish air force General Akin Ozturk, but the mastermind of the coup, Erdogan still considers the ideological enemy – the preacher Gulen. The conspiracy of gulenists have become a pretext for mass purges, directly linked to the case of a Russian su-24 shot down over Syria.

Turkish authorities said the leader of the coup, air force commander General Akin Ozturk. He was the formal leader of the junta,” he said in Ankara. Before the attempted coup Ozturk was part of the Supreme military Council of the country. Thus the ideologist of the coup, the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan still considers his political opponent – the Muslim preacher Fethullah gülen living in the United States.

“When such arrests are made, the question arises, what will happen to these people? It is ten of thousands of political prisoners…

Earlier on Saturday, the mayor of Ankara, Melik gokcek, said that the event was one of those who shot down a Russian su-24, according to him, he also is a supporter of Gulen.

Big cleaning

We will remind, in the night of Friday took place in Turkey military coup attempt. As a result, the command of the Turkish army stated that all the organizers detained. It was reported that the Turkish authorities detained 6 thousand people after a coup attempt in the country, in particular, according to the latest data, the detained 103 of General and Admiral. Moreover, it was reported about detention of the chief military adviser to Erdogan. Suspended from their posts at least 7850 police officers Turkey.

In addition, the Shoe touched the highest civil officials of the state. Media reported that after a coup attempt in Turkey from their office, suspended, 30 governors and more than 50 high-ranking officials.

Also as part of the investigation detained 426 judges and prosecutors.

The Prime Minister of Turkey Binali Yildirim said that the number of detainees in connection with the coup attempt is somewhat smaller and is now 7543, operation on detention of the coup continue. 316 of them were arrested. The victims of these events were 208 people,” – said the Prime Minister.

Monsters Inc.

After that, yıldırım said: “Let our people don’t identify monsters in uniform who have committed a coup attempt, with all the valiant Turkish army… They decided on the coup because he thought us weak. But they miscalculated… We will act within the law in the case of coup, we will not hurry, but the responsibility of none of the guilty will go,” promised the Turkish Prime Minister.

But so far, the “celebration of democracy” is more similar to large-scale and continuous sweep army and “civilian” elites.

Need statements are very fast

Erdogan and his entourage, as already mentioned, has adopted a version of the conspiracy of the followers of Gulen, “whose figure Erdogan is always used to conduct the purge, said in an interview with the newspaper VIEW head of research center “middle East – Caucasus, Stanislav Tarasov

Besides, now we discuss the version about the involvement in the coup of secret services of Egypt and the United Arab Emirates. “Although no evidence was absolutely not… there Is a set of versions. Abstract phantom they all have the right to life. But none of them has no serious fundamental basis. Details of the current developments in Turkey are yet to be analyzed, clarified,” – said Tarasov.

The expert notes that in reality, the coup was attended by only two helicopters, two planes, several armored vehicles and hundreds of soldiers. But Erdogan began a full-scale Stripping of detainees and the numbers are growing with each passing hour. “Begin to lift the head all the generals, governors, Supreme court justices, etc. very quickly, the investigating authorities seeking confessions. Turns out they’ve found a plan with the structure of the future Cabinet, which was allegedly left on the table some General. It does not happen in politics! There is clearly a purely staging the play”, – said Tarasov.

Rumors should not be trusted

“Designation” air force commander “responsible” for the coup (coupled with the message of the mayor of Ankara about a possible connection of the conspirators with the case of the downed su-24) gave rise to the assumption: the coup was made when Erdogan apologized and was willing to improve relations with Moscow. A variant of the same version looked even more conspirologic. It was alleged that the incident with su-24 was triggered by future strategists of the coup, so to embroil Moscow and Ankara.

Stanislav Tarasov said that after the attempted coup in Turkey in the media started a huge stuffing of misinformation, there have been numerous versions of what happened. However, it is suggested to beware of such versions. “Unfortunately, these versions are picked up by our politicians, who relay them, give them their own judgments,” Tarasov said the newspaper VIEW.

According to him, the coup attempt only chronologically coincided with the fact that Turkey started to improve relations with Moscow (after the apology to Erdogan for the downed plane) and with Israel.

“Both the pilot and the helicopter pilot?”

In turn, the head of the Center for strategic studies of religion and politics of the modern world Maxim Shevchenko does not rule out that the version of the Association of reconciliation of Turkey and Russia with the coup attempt has a right to exist. In her favor is the fact that the Turkish pilot who shot down Russian su-24 over Syria, was one of the participants of the conspiracy against Erdogan. “Although the question arises, how the pilot of the ultra-modern F-16 was able to sit at the controls of the helicopter? He is both the pilot and the helicopter pilot?” – said Shevchenko newspaper VIEW.

He also noted that the press had thrown a lot of fakes, all these facts must be thoroughly checked. “But judging by the fact that the commander of the air force – the head of a conspiracy, Erdogan said the fall that didn’t give the order to shoot down a Russian plane, it is obvious that the destruction of the su-24 came from the head of the air force, that is, from the head of conspirators,” said he.

“Reconciliation with Putin sharply didn’t like


Turkish General staff announced the arrest of the political leadership and the seizure of power in the country. The military coup caused a sharp reaction from President Erdogan and Istanbul residents who at his call came on policymaker Shevchenko said that the rapprochement between Russia and Turkey has led to a number of consequences. For example, in the negotiation process on Syria and the withdrawal into the background of the role of the army in Turkey has always considered himself an important part of the political process. It also reoriented Turkey East to invest in Russia, to the gas agreements.

“The advantages of contacts with Russia, the Turks much more. Erdogan just bound by obligations under NATO, which, as we saw in the Warsaw summit, considers Russia an enemy and a threat, and those who do not consider, such as France, for example, which stated this through the mouth of Hollande, get attacks. Turkey has taken a special position by the threat of Russia, and also received military-fascist coup. I do not rule out that Russia and the Eastern bloc (along with China and Iran) is the key factor of pressure on Turkey and Erdogan. It is no secret that Turkey is the last Western point. All versions of silk road anyway doesn’t pass the Turkey,” – said Shevchenko.

According to him, turn Turkey to the East to the West completely unwanted, and all the “country needs to be its puppets, sovereignty must be pseudocholinesterase”. “Therefore, the independence of Erdogan’s reconciliation with Putin sharply not like those who wish Turkey was a bridgehead on the southern flank of NATO, where Russia is facing a war…” – says Maxim Shevchenko.

“The likelihood of civil war is very high”

As for the future of the country, Tarasov indicates that the Turks say about the suppression of the rebellion, but at the same time, the West alleges a violation by Turkey of democratic norms in the EU say that the lists of detainees were agreed in advance.

“Erdogan will continue to put pressure on the US to those issued Gulen. In the West begin to openly declare that Turkey is not a partner for NATO, Turkey has ceased to act in concert with Brussels. Looms large combination, which relates to the future of Turkey, its relations with the West. Can Erdogan go on rupture of relations with the West? Unlikely. But to blackmail him, cornered leaving the Obama administration Erdogan. The Alliance of Ankara with Moscow gives the opportunity for Turkey to lead a more decisive policy in the West,” – said the expert.

According to Shevchenko, the current crisis and the impact of the conspirators in the Turkish society is not without consequences, and the atmosphere of mutual distrust will only grow. He is convinced that Erdogan will be wise enough not to change the democratic Republican Turkey into an authoritarian, which will lead to civil war.

“The likelihood of civil war is very high. Despite the defeat of the coup, a significant portion of the rebels are angry, they realize that Erdogan wants to bring back the death penalty or at least punish them severely. When are made such large arrests, the question arises, what will happen to these people? This is ten thousand political prisoners, with elite ties, families. In the middle ages they just be executed, and thus would solve the issue. But now is not the 37th year or even the time of Kemal Ataturk, who did so with his political opponents. In the modern world is impossible. Even if Turkey will return the death penalty, it will affect a couple of dozen people on a large Erdogan will not be able to go,” – said Maxim Shevchenko.

According to him, the society supported the President, including his opponents from secular forces, such as nationalist party “Vatan”. “The constitutional status quo is necessary for all, and the question is whether Erdogan can keep it in a fit of revenge, whether President to understand that in modern society it is impossible to go to the end, as it could do, even in the last century”, – concluded Shevchenko.

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