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Friday, March 16, 2018

America overtook Islamophobia

Recent, which account for the recent Islamist terrorist attack in nice has caused an uproar overseas. And not only because among the 84 victims — 51-year-old Texan and his 11-year-old son. American Internet and other media is full of criticism of politically correct leaders of the nation — President Barack Obama and his probable successor on a post of number one, Hillary Clinton, who stubbornly refuse to call a spade a spade. The phrases “radical Islam” and “Islamic terrorism” they don’t say. But among ordinary citizens strengthens the belief that rights trump Muslims don’t need to admit into the country, except for some exceptions.

Until recently the US had the illusion that America is not subject to disease, which affects Europe — Islamophobia. Indeed, the integration of Muslims into American society faster and more successfully than in the Old world. Paradoxically, this is partly due, experts believe, more rigid social policy in the United States against refugees and immigrants: they don’t keep them long months, and even years, on state benefits, without the right to work (just so happens in Europe), and throw in real life, like kittens in the river, who will come up, he will live. They go to work (often heavy and not prestigious work) and to learn, quickly mastered the language of the new country and get acquainted with its laws.

When the September 11, 2001, Islamist terrorists carried out the worst terrorist attacks in American history, sending to the light of three thousand people, many predicted the mass repressions against Muslims and spontaneous violence with them. But this has not happened: the case was limited to a few local incidents. Politically correct American politicians and media have constantly stressed — and do it to this day — that the US population professing Islam, in their absolute majority are respectable and law-abiding Americans, making a significant contribution to the development of… well, you continue in the same spirit.

But lately, something has been disrupted in a tolerant idyll: on the surface came the facts is not the tolerant attitude of the “ordinary” Americans to the Muslims.

Recently in Ohio, the police detained a citizen of the United Arab Emirates after alert American citizen reported to 911 that sees a terrorist from ISIL (the so-called Islamic state of Iraq and the Levant, banned in Russia and most other countries. — I. B.). This conclusion was made on the grounds that the alien entity was dressed in a white burnous and a traditional Arab headdress — a kerchief tied with ribbon. And in addition talked on the phone in Arabic!

It was in the suburbs of Cleveland town of Avon-Fairfield Inn and Suites. Arab was a businessman from the UAE — he tried to order a room, and the clerk on the Desk asked my sister to call the police. The police, arriving at the hotel, put the businessman on the floor, handcuffed and thoroughly searched. Victim of American vigilance (or paranoia) were injured physically and mentally — it had to be taken to the hospital. After that, the UAE government issued a recommendation to its citizens: trips to the West not to use the traditional Arab clothing so as not to expose themselves to danger.

When told about the incident by the media, the police chief of Avon and the mayor of the city apologized to the innocent victim. And he asked me to give Donald Trump that he should stop his attacks on Muslims, the incident is largely linked with the atmosphere of suspicion and intolerance that is injected prospective presidential candidate from the Republican party and its supporters. Trump has offered to let U.S. Muslims (now somewhat narrowed my requirement: need to admit only those coming from the “threat” of Islamic countries). Women in hijabs, as recently stated by trump, should be dismissed from the office of transport security — they must be replaced by army veterans (what if among veteran women you come across someone in a hijab?).

The hysteria fanned actively present in social networks and other Internet-minded minds, unable to find on the map no Arab state, but firmly convinced that every Arab is a terrorist and that, therefore, rights trump. So, it’s all about stupidity, fanaticism, and ignorance? Or does the surge of anti-Islamic sentiment is a rational reason?

As he said in an interview with The New York Times representative of the Council on American-Islamic relations Julia Shearson, Americans have some cause for alarm and suspicion. But, she said, it is impossible to ignore the constant anti-Islamic and anti-Arab propaganda in the media and movies (the most striking example — the tape 2014 “American sniper”), the statements of politicians.

The same idea is voiced by the leading advocates of political correctness, Barack Obama (“you can’t portray the matter as if we are at war with the entire Islamic religion”) and Hillary Clinton (“We should not demonise of the Muslims”). But, if you use the English idiom, “their words fall upon deaf ears” — anti-Islamic sentiments are growing: after the attacks of September 11, Islam negatively perceived 39% of Americans in 2011 was 61%, and today, according to researcher Shibley Bodies from the Brookings Institute, the percentage is about the same.

At the end of 2015, following the terrorist attacks in San Bernardino (CA) and Paris, the number of attacks on Muslims and mosques in the U.S. immediately tripled. The carnage perpetrated in California, two young Muslims, has cost the lives of 14 Americans, 22 people were injured. Shortly before that, Islamic terrorists carried out the attacks in Paris, in which 130 people were killed and 352 were injured. (And this was not the first terrorist attacks in France in 2015.) The number, apparently, turned into quality: patience has a limit.

The attitude of Americans to Muslims is determined not only by the attacks. Many remember that in 2009, the army doctor Nidal Hassan, born in USA son of Palestinian parents, was shot at a military base in Fort hood, Texas his colleagues: 13 killed, 32 wounded. Remember one of the most dangerous Islamic terrorist Imam Anwar al — Awlaki, destroyed by American drone in Yemen in 2011. This, too, was born in the US receive higher education, he served in the mosque in Virginia, and then went to Yemen and from there calls the faithful Muslims to kill the Americans everywhere and always. How many wolf feed…

An expert in the field of Islam in America Dave Gaubatz undertook a major study under the guise of an ordinary Muslim believer, he was attended by 250 Islamic centers, mosques and madrasas in different parts of the United States and Canada. He wanted to find out what they teach children in these institutions. What Dave discovered as a result of his studies, caused him deep anxiety. But the more he was disturbed that the authorities hide the true situation from the public.

Muslim children attending mosques and madrassas, are taught to hate America, our government, our army and all Americans who are not Muslims, writes Gaubatz. — Seven children are taught that to assimilate into American society means to respect and dishonor Islam. They are taught that justified the killing of anyone who does not respect the teachings of Islam and hinders him.”

Among the mosques that learned the expert, there is a mosque “Dar al-Hijra in falls Church, Virginia, where he was Imam al-Awlaki. Everything remained the same: believers tell how to wage Jihad and join the Paradise, while the infidels Americans in orderly rows go to hell.

An even more radical picture he saw in the mosque “al-Farooq” in Nashville, Tennessee. There, in addition to jihadist preaching, the Muslims marry young girls (as is done in some Eastern countries). American law rests.

In the mosque “Taqwa in Brooklyn, new York) Imam broadcasts: “For those who fight for Allah, no matter what weapon at them. You don’t need atomic bombs or even guns. If you have faith in Allah, and enough knife”.

All that will continue, he said, while Muslim parents not protect their children from the preaching of violence and hatred. And while the U.S. government does not cease to gloss over Islamist terrorism — a particular, specific phenomenon, not a comprehensive nameless “terror” in the name of notorious political correctness.

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