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Saturday, March 10, 2018

The United States can stand for the coup in Turkey

A clumsy coup attempt in Turkey can be not only infighting but also the US intelligence services, noted by the world media. There are strong arguments in favor of both the first and second argument. Observers agree that repression and militaristic ambitions Erdogan forced the military to assert itself. The analysts say: if the situation is not resolved in the near future, Turkey may collapse intervene, the Kurds.

“This country is against Turkey’s covert war”

The Western media do not exclude the U.S. role in the coup attempt in Turkey.

“The administration of President Barack Obama’s long been disappointed with the policies of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, especially his actions against the media”, writes The Financial Times. But Washington is still heavily dependent on Ankara, the newspaper added: “Turkey is one of the three non-Arab countries in the middle East and a NATO member with extensive experience of the Russian opposition. Ankara is also extremely important in the fight against ISIS*, especially after she has agreed to allow American bombers to base in Incirlik for departure on missions in Iraq and Syria,” – the newspaper notes.

Thus, the attempt of a military coup in Turkey is a “big test” for the United States and its European partners in NATO. They have to understand if they want to overthrow ambiguous in its policy, but the democratically elected government, said in an interview with the expert of the Center for a new American security Nick Heras.

We will remind, the Ministry of justice of Turkey has called the alleged organizer of the coup – living, according to some, the opposition in the US Islamic preacher Fethullah Gulen. And the Prime Minister of Turkey Binali Yildirim added: “Gulen, the leader of the terrorist organization… If the country is harboring terrorists, then this country is no friend of Turkey and is against Turkey’s covert war”.

The Prime Minister stressed that “the organizer of the attempted coup should be punished”. According to him, all the conspirators, representatives of the “parallel state” of Gulen preacher, including in the armed forces of Turkey, are already in the hands of the Prosecutor.

However, the group of supporters of Gulen, based in the United States, rejected accusations of involvement in the coup in Turkey, and gülen personally condemned the rebellion.

“Not in a hurry to condemn the coup and was waiting for”

That Turkish events can be involved in the United States, said the newspaper VIEW political analyst, Public chamber member Sergei Markov. He explained that for this hypothesis there are several reasons: “the First is time: it took just two weeks after Erdogan has dramatically changed its policy towards Russia plus”, – the expert reminded. He added that Gulen, whom Erdogan has accused of organizing the coup, “living in the United States and for many years enjoyed the protection of the American secret services.”

Moreover, the United States, as leaders of NATO and Turkey’s partners in the Alliance, it would seem, immediately expressed concern about the coup violence. However, they are not exactly in a hurry to condemn the coup. They took the position and commented on, when it became clear that this was defeated. In fact, they waited for military victory and seized power”, – said Markov.

Not to mention that “the American media helped the military. It was the American media with reference to NBC spreading false information that Erdogan fled the country, seeking refuge in Germany, where he allegedly refused, then allegedly in London, where he also refused. This misinformation had to seriously undermine the will of Erdogan’s supporters to resist”, – concluded the expert.

The political analyst William Engdahl in an interview with “Evening Moscow” also noted that “it was a very clumsy attempt network of the movement of Fethullah gülen, with the support of the CIA to make coupd”etat (coup – approx. OPINION) in respect of Tayyip Erdogan”.

He pointed out that, in addition to the unpredictability of Erdogan, Washington alerted unexpectedly friendly steps of Turkey towards Russia and Israel. “The last “nail in the coffin”, to speed up Washington, was the statement of Ankara last week about the preparation for the resumption of peaceful relations with Syria. This means that now Assad is a politician of high priority for Turkey. This change geopolitical areas, hence the clumsy attempt of the CIA. The fact that now the influence of Washington in the middle East tremendously lowered. The tremendous decline of their influence!” – said Engdahl.

That “the attempted coup was instigated by the United States,” said political analyst, expert of Fund of development of civil society institutions “public diplomacy” Vladimir Kireev, quoted by FAN. He explained that this attempt was conducted by the local military with the active support of the Americans that have provided opposition forces support in various ways, in particular advice and guidance that in the case of a successful coup, the Turkish military will receive support and legitimacy from the United States”. He recalled that the unpredictable behavior of Erdogan cause for concern as the European Union and the United States. In addition, there are internal causes of the mutiny: “Erdogan in the course of his political career suppressed by the military. You may recall the case, when several hundred high-ranking military (the military elite of Turkey) was imprisoned, some of them received life sentences, while others died under mysterious circumstances,” – said Kireev.

“The PKK could play a role

The Director of the Research center “the middle East – the Caucasus” of the International Institute of the newest States Stanislav Tarasov said that the situation in Turkey “is very ambiguous: the rebellion is not over, it continues.” Earlier, Greek media reported that the Turkish frigate “Yavuz” is in the hands of supporters of the coup, they also hold the commander of the fleet. In addition, until now, there are conflicting reports, including from the Prime Minister, where it can be Erdogan, he added.

Versions could be made a lot, including that the alleged convergence of Erdogan and Putin initiated the Istanbul attack, and then the coup, said the analyst. Earlier, the mayor of Ankara, Melik gokcek, said that the event was one of those who shot down a Russian su-24, and he was also a supporter of Gulen. However, Tarasov considers it unlikely assumption that the events worth Gulen, i.e. the United States.

To make definite conclusions now – so to nominate a “slight and superficial judgments”, the expert said. He noted that while there “are signs of opposition within the military, within society and the signs of civil war. If such a scenario will continue, Turkey can completely fall apart – the situation can use in the Eastern province, the Kurdistan workers ‘ party could play a role here,” said the expert.

Himself did not expect Erdogan

Attempted military coup attempt for most experts was a surprise. They were waiting for a “political reaction” to problems in the country. “Turkey has gone too far in its political and economic evolution that the country was ruled by a military junta,” wrote analyst genul Thor in an article for the journal Foreign Affairs. According to him, the war probably did not expect Erdogan himself.

“Ironically, earlier this week, Erdogan signed a bill granting the military immunity from prosecution if they participate in operations to ensure internal security, noted The Guardian. – The document was seen as confirmation of improved relations between the government and the army, and he played a key role in operations in the Kurdish territories.”

The rhetoric of Erdogan indeed has divided society and sparked ethnic and religious disputes, agreed the Guardian journalist Ian black. Traditionally, the Turkish army sees itself as the guarantor of the secular state, and every year the military was growing dissatisfaction with the authoritarian style of government of Erdogan, noticed black.

In addition, the army could not understand “turn” in Turkish foreign policy to improve relations with Russia and Israel and the policy of normalization of relations with Damascus. But Erdogan had to reassure its supporters from the business community, concerned about the severe economic problems facing the country, said black.

“President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the hate part of the army, which was historically a stronghold of secularism, in recent years a certain way beheaded the army,” – said the expert on the Middle East and the geopolitics of Frederick Ansel, who was quoted by RIA “Novosti”. As a result of actions of the President, “the influence of the army in Turkey has decreased,” he said. This also contributed to the lack of significant success in combating Kurdish rebels, said Ansel.

“The Turkish military offense does not forgive”

Russian scientist nadana fridrichson 28 June predicted a coup attempt in Turkey: “Erdogan is in a difficult position, primarily because inside of it the country rises really serious force that wants to remove it from the post of President… To this force are, of course, the military of Turkey. Not ordinary soldiers, and higher echelons”. She explained that “the Turkish military is a closed elite group that never forgives the grievances of their people. Erdogan at the time, managed to spoil relations with them, to imprison a bunch of people. Some of them came out, some not, but will not forgive him”, – said the analyst.

In addition, “Erdogan all the time said that in Syria, Turkey has clear ambitions. Turkey there is going to their political problems to solve. But the military does not want to go to Syria to fight, because while Erdogan will scream from the stands of beautiful words, the military would have to be in the thick of things: terrorists, blood, death and so on. The military did not want it”, – summed up Fridrihson.

In conclusion, the columnist for the Spanish newspaper El Pais, Jose Ignacio Torreblanca noted that important geopolitical status of Turkey – the Eastern Bastion of NATO, and the external hardness and authoritarian style of government of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, did not make Turkey a less fragile and vulnerable. From the Arab spring, Erdogan emerged as the leader of the Muslim world, nurturing the idea of building “neoottomanism, however, he was unable to cope with today’s isolation both within the country and in the arena of world politics, indicated by the publication: “At the proclaimed foreign policy principle of “No problems with neighbors” under Erdogan has been the dynamics of a confrontation with everyone (allies), especially with key countries like Russia, Iran and Israel. And only recently he tried to change course. His goal is the overthrow of Assad in Syria – not only failed, because the Syrian dictator is still in power, but also created deep internal contradictions”, – concluded the Spanish Explorer.

We will remind, the group of soldiers on behalf of the General staff of the Turkish armed forces on Friday announced the transition of power in the country into their hands and dismiss from it the Turkish leadership. The rebels took to the streets of Ankara and Istanbul tanks shelled the Parliament building and also raised in the air helicopters, which opened fire on the people. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan initially was silent in a safe place – in Bodrum, stay in motels, then made an appeal to the people, promised to punish the organizers of the coup and urged citizens to take to the streets, while there was a fierce fight between rebels and supporters of the government.

Later the national intelligence of Turkey declared the failure of the military coup, the identification and arrest of a number of rebellious military. The rebels seized one of the bridges over the Bosphorus, also surrendered, after which they publicly flogged. Erdogan said about taking the situation under control by the authorities. In the course of events killed 161 people, injured more than 1,400.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”

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