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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Night phenomenon Banksy Russian people

…The world’s most famous writer (graffiti artist) Banksy has repeatedly tried to bring to Moscow, not personally, of course (because his personality is not installed), and in the form of various official exhibitions (from private collections). And in the case harnessed the most venerable of our galleries, but, alas, never happened because of Russia’s position in Ukraine, it is still because of something. Only the Tretyakov gallery in Krymsky Val a couple of years ago showed that a simple projection of his “girl with ball” on the facade.

And in the past weekend “MK” became an accidental witness of creation in the heart of Moscow works-doubles Banksy — so, to quote a classic art, Russian writers like to call a great artistic personality, which embodies the freedom (freedom) is fading away… Interested night action reporters “MK” followed by secret graffiti from the street to the Soup and continue to Turchaninov of the lane, watching them and eavesdropping on their conversations. What is it — a phenomenon Banksy people?

photo: Kirill Iskoldsky

“We do not attach themselves to Banksy, it’s ugly and vulgar”

Half past one night. The first point — Ostozhenka. The corner main entrance of the famous Golubitskaya apartment houses of XIX–XX centuries; the house is empty, is “reconstruction”, or more simply — in a horrific, politicaleconomy condition. It’s a pity to watch. It takes a writer by the name of Portero.

— Point selection is not accidental, ” he says to his companions, — the entrance is easily visible literally from all sides, there is a Garden near the overpass with the Komsomol prospectus… the drawing is well all is visible, and drawing it, ironically, easier for all to see, not particularly hiding. Flocks of strolling to help us, seem to merge with the crowd…

Left graffiti — banksy.co.uk. Pictures of graffiti on the right — Yan Smirnitsky

There is an unwritten code of the Russian writer: don’t paint on the buildings the cops, religious and state institutions, that are not suspected of “incitement.” Portero brought the paper stencil, tape, cans of white and black colors.

— Aren’t supposed to wear a respirator? — suddenly asked his friend, a beginner.

— I work without a respirator, — responds Portero, — although I know the story of the artist who drew ten years, and then he just fell off…easy

Because Ostozhenka all real estate reports one of the most expensive streets, graffiti on the white front door decided to draw a girl sitting back to flying the ball, which shows the ruble. They say, Finance the country sing romances, crisis, the fall in the exchange rate. For all the ignorant to explain that this is a paraphrase of two well-known girls Banksy (probably the most replicated his image) — the first girl with a red balloon 2007 under the title “there is always Hope” and later with the girl in a traditional Syrian attire (2014).

— We just don’t attach themselves to fame Banksy, not adapt to his style, not impersonating him, ” says Portero. — Banksy’s omnipresent and a philosophical language, we’re trying to talk about their own country, to which we are not indifferent… well, somebody get me a shirt!

Flick of the wrist in just a second, someone’s white t-shirt turns into a mask, a turban, where there is only a slot for eyes and breathing somehow protects them from poisonous vapors, and the camera is not visible… and it’s not even street overview cameras that shoot with poor quality, and the DVR nearby the car.

Portero is constantly shaking the can, “to a large fraction of paint does not hit the “cap” (upper valve) and beat him.” The process of creating girls is divided into three phases and takes about 15 minutes if making one person, and five minutes if you painted two or three. Time, of course, very important to not get boxed. The first stage is applied to the wall a large white spot was a silhouette of a girl and the stain less — the silhouette of the ball. Then tape on the artist glues on wall stencil. And only stencil fills all paint from black spray. Sometimes you need to hold out some small details.

— Nicely, of course, the stencil must be made from plexiglass, but it is a very long time to make cuts, and on paper — only a couple of hours.

Passers-by surprised looking at the man in the white mask on the head, but no one even slows down the step rather accelerates. It was bet — all most afraid of. And suddenly near Portero slow taxi, the man is rapidly becoming writer one movement drops mask, ready instantly to hide in the alley.

— Give someone a call! — discouraging all the taxi driver his request. My phone died, and now the challenge! Let!

And somehow aggressively attacking it on Portero. Friends, the artists make it clear to the driver that there is an artistic performance and a worthless unnecessary requests to attract attention and create a crowd. Run on the street, the taxi driver is removed.

Finally the girl finished. It definitely brightens up the dull appearance of the house, although, of course, will go along with this dull look at the first repair, after all it’s not Banksy, whose works are clipped together with a wall and then sold at auction…

“It is impossible to block the work of others for this hit”

Left graffiti — banksy.co.uk. Pictures of graffiti on the right — Yan Smirnitsky

The second point Hodgepodge, and the swarming three in the morning drunken youths and police. However, turn into a secret courtyard of the Jewish school approach to the parapet so-called “secret spot” on China-town” is famous for all clubbers of Moscow unfinished seven or eight storey building strange modernist architecture, hidden from view by other buildings and trees. In this citadel of liberty in the heart of the capital it is hard to believe.

From there, every five minutes out the students, handing out a couple of bottles, as well as writers who risked their lives manage like industrial climbers, to hang on the very top and write big letters “CSKA”…

‘The shark from jaws I drew! boasts one of our writers.

However, artists need not only the house itself, how wide the brick wall at its base with her bankism will be better visible.

The most valuable place shines is the abbreviation JOYKC made just a couple of days ago. But the graffiti is not in a hurry for her to settle down, choosing a different wall.

— If you sabathil (i.e. blocked) someone else’s work — explain writers, — sooner or later you will find and beat you. On social networks, looking for signatures. You can not touch someone else’s, so, anyway, in Russia it is…

The case (second picture — football theme) take the supermaster Walnut, broken lantern in the courtyard then goes out, ignites, so that the masking is not necessary. Here’re a couple of homeless, large good souls.

— Well, guys, the time has come to have fun? Fit. — Better health 50 rubles would not hurt… no, girls don’t take.

Guys give them money. Uncle continued:

— Your house have? All the rooms are vacant, this is our home, we know…

— We would be graffiti on the wall to paint… But the police… I doubt the artists.

— No cops — waving tramp. Two hours ago took two junkies, more this night will not come here answer.

— Yes, but review camera! artists raise the finger above the head.

Ha, it’s broken.

— Well you, the man, the magician.

Nut pulls out of the paint, turns rolls of stencils (there are two of them, too — the figure of a football player and healthy weight chained to his leg). The work goes well. The basis is also widely quoted (even in a children’s LEGO) Neanderthal bone — only the results of the last season we have a cannibal in a converted footballer.

— Lads, very politely inquires homeless — I’m sorry, hockey special… have you got Ronaldo or Ronaldinho?

— Father, what is Ronaldo? — meets the Nut. You see it in hand, champagne on the foot cast iron weight? Our hero, Nash, the one who blew the championship, and then staged a lavish party…

Rose breeze, no-no and breaks the fragile stencils from the wall — the tape is bad rests on the bricks… so that Nut spends on work for about twenty minutes. In conclusion, beret cap for calligraphic letters (for the uninitiated — head, where squirts paint on all the cartridges detachable, and even sold separately, sums of individual fine detail. For example, the wind tore a screen circuit, I had to write it by hand.

— Brothers, how beautiful! — admires the night “local”. — I told you (talking to friend) that artists had to go… let’s go to improve health. We are not forgiven.

“I don’t believe that Banksy is a group of individuals”

Left graffiti — banksy.co.uk. Pictures of graffiti on the right — Yan Smirnitsky

…Four in the morning, slowly getting light. Writers are moved to Turchaninov lane one-way (the guards if they arise, on the one hand). The third and last point, where you can share with the audience “on behalf of Banksy’s” another “misfortune of the Russian people”. Here a residential wooden house with a green gate. Not only that — the leaf suddenly hangs a sign “no Smoking!”.

— Excellent surface — stops the graffiti artist Anton. Banksy comes from the terrain, using some of the ledges, signs. We all remember his work, in which one boy stood up the other on his back and reaches for the sign “graffiti prohibited.” Don’t stand in the wind — paint in the eyes will roll.

Asphalt again filled with spray cans, is the third writer starts out of habit these cartridges shaking, Smoking and adjusting to work. Actually, the last scene is a policeman, pointing at the sign “no Smoking” (although smoke everywhere). Stencil stencil, but the artist must be precise in styling, detail, white collar, the belt, patent leather shoes… the power of Banksy in its atmospherics.

— Actually I want to say, start a dispute guys, that Banksy is most likely a group of individuals, the team (different people draw different figures), which is very competently and gracefully propels itself commercially. What? As written, invented the “elusive character” themselves while traveling the world, making stylish projects, and then post the photos on the website of Banksy, thereby confirming the authorship…

— Well Yes, — another echoes, but on the other hand, such energy from these works rushing, this indomitable force that is impossible to program, impossible to pack in the scope of a “project”. Well, you couldn’t catch this whole world! There, in every European Museum first, what they sell, the catalogue of the works of Banksy. Although technically his work is vandalism and go under. But the whole world spits on these formalities. So I think Banksy is one person, although do not rule out that he’s got the technical assistants, otherwise, additional work would require a lot of time for execution…

— I would like to offer him incognito to come to Russia and give us, well, people, any picture…

“You see, they have there freedom of speech and all that, and if we get caught, in a moment arms and legs broken, and the conversation will end. It should be remembered.

…Work coming to an end, a policeman (the chief friend of the graffiti artist) was a great success, drawing three — three points, all clear, all fine, time to hit the showers.

— If you write about it, writers turn to us, tell us through the newspaper Banksy hi.

They overran unnecessary soiled stencils thrown in the trash, then jumped on the skateboard and disappeared in the yard. And on the other side of the Moscow river after them mischievously winking lights of the Tretyakov gallery.

photo: Kirill Iskoldsky
Stencil girl

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