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Friday, July 21, 2017

Is there any sense in Turkish rebellion

The military rebellion in Turkey began suddenly and was developing rapidly, but did not last long. Taken late in the evening of Friday, July 15, attempted the overthrow of President Erdogan to the morning of the next day, in fact, drowned. A few hours later leading parliamentary parties issued a joint statement condemning, and already on Saturday evening in the main squares of the country, in Ankara and in Istanbul, took place a massive and colorful protests and celebrations, symbolizing the victory of the legitimate leadership of the country.

15 July 2016 th literally before our eyes, fits the textbook of modern history of the Turkish Republic. President Erdogan and the leadership of the ruling Islamist party of justice and development has proclaimed it a day of victory of democracy, when people say its weighty word, interrupted a multi-year series of military coups and put a fat point in this kind of Turkish tradition.

However, while violent and tragic events of recent days were not retouched and finally covered with gloss official history, it is possible to jump on the bandwagon of this rapidly departing train and hot on the trail if you do not find the answer, then at least to ask some questions. And they are bound to arise from those who are a little closer than on the TV screen or mobile device, watching what is happening in Turkey of the tragic events.

Characteristically, a number of commentators in Turkey is still difficult to define what happened. In a historic line of landmark for Turkey dates: 1960 — a coup, 1971 th — “Memorandum”, 1980 coup, 1997 postmodern coup, the 2007 “e-Memorandum” — on the contrary events of 2016 is emblazoned in bold with a question mark and the mark “something happened.”

Yes, the events of 15 July, the Turkish leadership and most media called a coup attempt.

However, the apparent paucity and disorganization of speakers in the absence of official uniform command center, which according to the rich experience of the Turkish rebellions of the past would proclaim themselves the “Committee for the salvation of the country” and took responsibility for all subsequent events. The instigators of the events like watched from behind a corner, waiting for the end “fight”.

The face of the coup became the leading TRT1 Tizen Karash, which read “by order of the Turkish armed forces” a five-minute address, broadcast on the main television channels of the country. None of the armed forces on the screen did not appear, and moreover, as became clear from the subsequent course of events, the handling of the TV screens was not supported by the control, to use Leninist, “telephone, Telegraph, railway stations and bridges. Nor has it done and attempted arrest of key figures of the country’s leadership, innocent, according to the read address, in systematic violations of the Constitution and legislation that threaten the very existence of the Turkish Republic.”

Instead, the world was revealed to attempt whether the detention, whether the physical destruction of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, at the time of the coup were on vacation at the hotel in Marmaris. It seems that this was a key aspect of the plan of the conspirators, however, the Turkish President was able to make video appeal to the people and escape by helicopter from the rebels. We note in passing, in order, the last one was a few F 16’s and helicopters and, in General, control over air space. On Saturday morning, July 16, President Erdogan spoke at Istanbul’s airport…

The whole world has seen photos of the building of the Grand national Assembly of Turkey Parliament, received in the result of bombing attacks from the revolutionaries noticeable damage. Thus, on the one hand, the rebels have positioned themselves as Kemalists and defenders of democracy, and on the other they are applied targeted one of the main symbols of Turkish democracy. It its importance is comparable, perhaps, only in two kilometers distance, the mausoleum of the founder and first President of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. To Russian readers were clearer fantasmagorichnost: it’s as if the Communists have carried out pinpoint bombing of the Mausoleum of Lenin…

The same mysteries can be attributed to several years of bombardment from the air of the new presidential residence “Aksaray”, where neither the President nor the key figures for obvious reasons could not be. At the same time because its not too “favorable” geographical location on the map of the capital “Aksaray”, pushed in 2014, despite vehement protests, the historic selbstbewuste of Ataturk, is not too mixed response to the opposition-minded part of Turkish society. But now the new presidential residence, received the “baptism of fire”, in the eyes acquires a symbolic value.

In General, if the rebels had the task to unite firmly against the political movement in the Turkish spectrum: from right to left, from the nationalists to the Kemalists and even in isolation of the Kurds, there is no better idea than to bomb the buildings — symbols of Ankara and impossible to think. That clearly demonstrated the adoption of the “fly-in” the four major parliamentary parties of the General communiqué on the tragic events of July 15.

And as follows from statements made on the eve of President Erdogan, it is highly likely that the same parties and parliamentarians in the coming days will be asked to consider the introduction of the country again death penalty completely abolished in the Turkish Republic relatively recently — only in 2004. And until 2001 the death penalty was envisaged not only for war crimes but also in cases related to terrorism.

So do not think that a revision of the Constitution for Turkey will be somehow out of the ordinary step. And certainly it would be a mistake to assume that the Turkish leadership will be though somehow to look when deciding on European Union and to think about the illusory membership in a supranational Association. As noted in his speech President Erdogan, it is the right of democratic countries to discuss and make this decision in the parliamentary walls and you do not need to ask where any permission.

Blood by — 1440 161 dead and wounded — only claims a sovereign right of a country to judge and punish justly involved in the rebellion. It is obvious that the country will face one of the most massive lawsuits in its history, with extremely harsh sentences — for almost three thousand detainees of the military, from generals to privates. And all other, who in a mass order detained last days and hours, including nearly two hundred people from the judiciary.

About the conspirators and their ideological mastermind, which indicates the Turkish government, — the exiled preacher Fethullah Gulen, living for many years in the United States, will write and speak for a very long time… But who is this group around the leaves, rather small according to the task and devoid of the head, won? Looked like the people who “bust” stopped “military junta”? The one who from the minarets of all the mosques of the country without stopping for many hours, day and night, imams were urged to take to the streets. The one who spurred free travel and meals in Istanbul and in Ankara, forgetting that the first task of leadership in such critical circumstances must be the protection of civilians and the prevention of casualties. In the end, to fight with the armed coup have half a million, the second largest NATO army (not counting about three thousand of the rebels, special forces, gendarmerie and police and other security forces.

But looked this people, or rather, his striking force, very typical — young men under forty years of age, shouting “Allahu Akbar” conspicuous with knives, sticks and stones on military and throws a hand in the Islamic greeting — hand up with index finger — “Allah is one!”. Do not be lazy and type, if possible, in a search engine query for this gesture, and you will see what it shows and under what circumstances.

In Muslim Turkey began a Holy war against the infidels? Declared Jihad? Who? Against whom?

I’ll say this: the swells on the screens, cutting and trampling feet of the so-called coup, looked much more intimidating than those who sort of set out to take power into their own hands. On the screens in those days there were a lot of confused young boys in uniform, of twenty who for some reason gave the machine or put to drive a tank and left alone with an angry mob. The amazed audience looked these days for the March through the night streets of the Turkish youths shouting “Allahu Akbar” drumbeat.

Hence the comments frightened of the opposition that in the battle between fascism in uniform and civilian fascism remained one winner — fascism. And gloomy arguments that in practice have been tried to mobilize Islamists, and completely discredited the military is waiting for the next massive cleaning. And, of course, that the road to transition from a parliamentary to a presidential Republic in Turkey can be considered open.

Of course, July 15, 2016 will go down in Turkish history. But as a “celebration of democracy” and the final victory over “military junta”? That is the question, and it sounds, sad to admit, is quite ominous. And the answer, whatever it was, it seems, is not far off. I’d love to be in fact overdo the results of skeptical comments and build arduini forecasts. True…

Coup in Turkey. Chronicle of events

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