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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Impoverished Russians collapsed the trade of 6%

The continued impoverishment of the masses affects primarily the retail trade. According to Rosstat, in the first five months of the year, the turnover decreased by 5.7% compared to the same period last year. And if in April, the decline slowed in may, it accelerated to 6.1%. Most likely, in the near future, this negative trend will continue. According to the observations of the research holding “ROMIR”, June showed an unprecedented drop in spending Russians. Compared to may, they decreased by 11.4%. Explain that we are talking about real costs, “cleaned” from inflation. The share of food in the total basket cost has grown to 54%. So this collapse occurred, according to sociologists, because of austerity in the non-food products.

photo: Alex geldings

To be honest, for a long time people to the crisis have adapted and buys everything needed for promotions. Only for the first quarter of 2016, the proportion of sales made up 46%, which is 9% higher than the same period last year. According to the company Nielsеn, the shares are sold 75% of air conditioners for the linen, 67% washing powders, 63% of the funds for washing dishes, 58% of shampoos and 52% of toothpaste. For “inedible sobotkoy” stretches and food: coffee showed 52%, juices — 50%, chocolate — 43%, milk products — 23%.

There is another possibility to survive in the current environment. Is the purchase of goods under own trade mark (STM). According to all the same auditor, retail chains, sales of STM in recent years is rapidly gaining momentum. Only during the year they increased by 11% (in real terms) and in value by 27%. Director on work with retail networks of this company Mr. Dmitry Shvetsov says: “Private labels (in the sense STM. — “MK”) with us for a long time, and in the long run their market share will continue to grow.” It is quite logical that shops for the poor, there are discount stores, provide about 60% of all sales of STM.

If coffee or washing powder still included in the discount program multi-format retailers, the beef certainly not. As told the correspondent “MK” sellers of meat in the Moscow market, the year they lost more than half of buyers, although prices remained practically unchanged. Except for beef, which rose only 10 rubles. “All hope now for summer residents from Moscow, but they can be seen, the case is not very. Bad take”.

We would be happy to take, but that’s not what. Many gardeners in the fat years “powered” their winter home for electricity (gas was a “pull” then more expensive), and now find themselves hostage to rising rates. Indeed, during the construction not even thought that all has come to this. In the winter you have to pay up to 20 thousand rubles per month. And this despite the fact that constantly don’t live there, and there have been visits, leaving in his absence 10 degrees Celsius. And winter for several years are warm. Minus 30 is delayed is that for a week. Counter the “day-night” here, too, are powerless. Plus the growing levies on the needs of the SNT and home insurance. But still have to pay “communal flat” in Moscow has risen in price from 1 July to the next is 7.5%. There’s no meat!

The Russians are forced to abandon now, not only from meat protein, but also from a wide range of services, which for a couple decades so much used to. Hairdresser, Shoe repair, sewing hats and clothing “slipped” since the beginning of the year by 3-4%. And services shop and even more — by 6.7%. Rosstat counted.

And it’s not only in the General rise in prices and sukoian our salaries. The current crisis is more multidimensional than it seems at first glance. Indicative in this respect, the story of a copy shop. Company providing a wide range of printing services appeared 22 years ago and gradually gained momentum. Two years ago she was counted in the capital for 17 points. And so now there are only 11, and that they recently were in a “limbo” state. The reason — failing to plan, you have to work just for the rent. With the beginning of the year 15-20% more expensive consumables (paper, boxes, cartridges, etc.) and, respectively, service center is also 30%.

The company lost its main customer organizations who copied from their drawings. Why? Banks have stopped issuing loans for a printout of the construction documents. That went from the beginning of the year about 60% of these important customers. And in making calendars and binding course will not earn much. However, there are stable orders for production of materials for psychological training. Well? In a crisis — it.

And yet there’s light at the end of the tunnel. The only services that showed growth from the beginning of the year (although small, only 0.2%), so it’s baths, showers and saunas. I am glad that even in a crisis the Russians do not forget: a clean bill of health.

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