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Monday, March 12, 2018

Vitaly Churkin: Even the most complex international problems can be solved

“The resolution contains a “call” to refrain from these actions. “The call” either to follow or to ignore, we believe that the Iran resolution is not violated,” – said the newspaper VIEW, Russia’s permanent representative to the UN Vitaly Churkin. He commented on test launches of Iranian missiles, which caused sharp discontent of the West.

On Monday in Vienna there will be a meeting of the Joint Commission of Iran and “six” (U.S., Russia, China, France, UK, Germany) for performing the atomic transaction sides a year ago, on July 14.

“Many Western companies are afraid of “revenge” of the United States for cooperation with Iran”

This transaction has freed Iran from a significant part of the sanctions, while Tehran its hopes for a recovery of the national economy plagued by inflation and depreciation of equipment. President Hassan Rouhani, which refers to “moderate liberals” and supporters of dialogue with the West, even called the lifting of sanctions, “a Golden page in history.” For its part Russia rightly believes that the release of the Iran sanctions opens “window of opportunity” in terms of boosting economic cooperation with the Islamic Republic.

On the eve of President Barack Obama acknowledged that Iran’s government has fulfilled its obligations under the Joint comprehensive plan of action (SVPD) on its nuclear program. It is known that the administration of the outgoing American President considers the agreement and Iran one of its main achievements, while the Bush administration prevented this approach to the issue and torpedoed Russia’s initiatives aimed at dialogue with Tehran. At the same time, Britain, France and Germany have stepped up their efforts in the security Council for the adoption of a new package of sanctions in response to the test launch of Iranian ballistic missiles, held in March. It is also known that, in the opinion of the UN Secretary-General ban Ki-moon, these spins do not correspond to the spirit of the agreement ” between Iran and the “six”. “An adequate response” to Tehran to these actions and will be discussed at the meeting of the UN Security Council.

Whether the conflict over the missiles lead to the resuscitation of the “Iranian nuclear problem” and what is the position of Russia in this regard, the newspaper LOOK told the permanent representative of Russia to the UN Vitaly Churkin.

OPINION: Vitaly Ivanovich, speaking in “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” in February, you took a Joint action plan for this program to “unconditional achievements” 2015, noting the great merit of Russian diplomacy. You expect at the upcoming meeting of the security Council of disputes hard or all of the members of the security Council are more or less satisfied with plan progress one year after the transaction?

Vitaly Churkin: Indeed, the agreement on the Iranian nuclear program has become the most important breakthrough in international diplomacy in recent times. The adoption of Security Council resolution 2231, part of which is agreed by the six international mediators and Iran on a Joint comprehensive plan of action (SVPD), is a vivid example that even the most complex international problems can be solved when there is a political will and readiness to make mutual concessions.

Of course, when it comes to such a complex system of trade-offs posed by SVPD, it is difficult to say that any of the parties is fully satisfied with the implementation of the agreements. Iran is unhappy that the lifting of the unilateral sanctions often does not lead to normalization of trade and economic relations, as many Western companies are afraid of “revenge” of the United States for cooperation with Iran.

Our Western partners in the six party talks in response accuse Tehran of violating the provisions of the resolution (which is extremely controversial – for example, in the case of an Iranian missile launches). However, we believe that the overall implementation of the AGREEMENT is going well. I would venture to suggest that this thesis and will be decisive in the meeting of the UN security Council on July 18.

OPINION: it is expected that at this meeting a presentation will be made personally by the UN Secretary-General ban Ki-moon. A week ago, the Agency “Reuters” published excerpts from it: “the missile Tests Iran does not meet the spirit of the comprehensive agreement on the nuclear program, however, to solve the question of whether they violate the UN resolution, the Security Council” (quote is given by MIA “Russia today”). We are not asking you to comment on the leaked report in the media interested in something else: can our Western partners again, as in March, to present Tehran claims in connection with these launches?

V. C.: Question about missile launches Tehran was discussed in the UN Security Council, and under the so-called format 2231, which discusses issues related to the agreements on the Iranian nuclear program. UN security Council members did not agree about was whether these tests are a violation of the resolution. This question, as it was stated in the Council discussion closed.

Would like to stress that unlike previous sanctions resolutions on Iran, which was discontinued with the adoption of resolution 2231, Iran is not prohibited conduct such tests. The resolution contains a “call” to refrain from these actions. Since “the call” either to follow or to ignore, we believe that the Iran resolution is not violated.

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