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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Turkish political analyst for the attempted coup: “the Elite realized that you cannot joke”

On the night of July 16 in Turkey was an attempted military coup in which the army had attempted to take control of Istanbul and Ankara. Was blocked some bridges entered armored vehicles, the air is raised planes. As an attempt to overthrow President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his supporters was successful and what happened that night in the Turkish capital, “MK” said a political scientist, assistant Professor, University of Economics and technology TOBB in Ankara , Togrul Ismail.

photo: AP

– How events unfolded in the night from 15 to 16 July?

In the evening we were at the cottage, then came, sat at home, watched TV, and suddenly began flying military aircraft. Usually 30 August, victory Day it happens, but it’s not like a holiday. The plane was flying very low, seemed that they demonstrate the power. Then they calmed down, and suddenly, for no apparent reason began to receive reports that they are closing the bridges. We thought a terrorist attack. The gendarmerie blocked the one-way traffic. I began to suspect that something was wrong…

If this is a coup, but why? To do it at this time makes no sense, no one will support. Even those who are in the military, will go into denial. Political forces also did not support. To say that lately the attitude of the government and the army have deteriorated, it is impossible… Then came the official information of the General staff of the Turkish armed forces took control of the administration of the country. It is unclear why. There is no signature of chief of staff. Immediately made Prime Minister of the country, said that this coup attempt. I knew immediately that it failed. Two military aircraft, three or four helicopters on the street almost no tanks – only in certain places. It gave to understand that in Ankara and Istanbul failed to bring to the revolution a large number of military. In addition to these cities, major military demarches nowhere.

The military attacked the state television channel TRT – “MK”), made a statement, but their faces could not be seen. It is said that among those who took the TV, there were no representatives of senior staff. The military went to the airport, Ataturk, but later received information that they had left these positions, but hold the bridges. The airport is a serious omission. In addition, no TV, suspended work, it worked fine, the social network, too. It says that the coup has missed a good moment, given policies to encourage and unite the civil population of the country. With access to information, they are lost. But the tension was very high.

– Media reported about five dozen victims.

– Officially – 90. Attacks were. Three bombs fell in the Parliament. Almost not in the courtroom. First there was the explosion, then strikes by planes or tanks, is unclear. One of the explosions we’ve seen live. From our house it was all perfectly audible. It was also an attack on the police Department of Ankara.

Attack on Parliament – a great folly that made the coup because the Parliament considered a Holy place, it is the center of democracy. No citizens in this case, the coup did not support. If in the beginning they were able to sympathize with the rebels, after the attack on Parliament… the Opposition fully supported the government, the coup was considered illegal. The military itself is not very hard and showed some officers and soldiers surrendered to the police. Felt preparation, but no one really wanted to fight. In some places, was a tough punishment, especially on bridges. The gendarmerie, the most rigid military structure. Overall, there was fear and pressure. I have a little daughter, she was awake, she was shaking… I began to feel fear, because all the explosions, planes. Sitting in the apartment, and explosions are still shaking. I opened the balcony door so the glass didn’t break.

Erdogan himself was very wise: he allegedly participated in a live broadcast from the hotel, and in fact it proved to be a record. When the soldiers attacked the hotel, he almost landed in Istanbul, accompanied by military aircraft. Was shooting in the streets, but people are not scared. Released channel TRT. Then the military attacked a couple of channels and the newspaper Hurriyet. From the very beginning it was clear that they were not able to obtain the full support of the army. Even in military units began shooting. So the coup was unsuccessful.

– What are the consequences for Turkey in General can have a coup?

– Erdogan as victorious tries to use it for their own purposes, but I think that his entourage and the entire political elite of Turkey realized that a lot of problems and not to be trifled with. I think democratic transitions. Certainly there will be changes in the structure of the military. I have not heard that among them, someone strongly advocated a change of government. There is dissatisfaction, certainly, but it was possible… Now began to work the airport. In Ankara there is no problem. The attempt of coup took place near the General staff: his head was taken hostage and taken 35 km from here, on a military base. Then he was released. Nobody immediately realized what was happening. After some time, three a.m., it became clear that the fracture occurred. Clashes continued, but in General it was clear that the military failed to seize power throughout the country. Now, too, there are groups that continue to shoot… But 98% of the attempted coup failed.

– It may say on safety and travel flow.

– It was not directed either against the tourists, nor against ordinary civilians. If people on the call would not come out on the street, victims also would not exist. The aggravation began after the people decided to fight for democracy, but the biggest mistake that the military has not created the conditions under which someone would have supported them. Turkey loves the military appreciates the army, but this incident has caused great damage to the honor and dignity of the army. Should be rehabilitation. The Turkish press and politicians say delicately enough that the coup must be separated from the army as a whole, saying that was not part of the team.

Coup in Turkey. Chronicle of events

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