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Saturday, February 17, 2018

The secret police of the Sultan missed “gray colonels”

A failed military coup in Turkey fizzled out just as quickly as it had begun. And the point here is not that the Turks were – ardent supporters of direct democracy and do not accept such a regime change. And not even in a national protest of citizens, which Erdogan called out to the bullets of the rebels and defend the Constitution. The rebels blundered – not calculated force, however, fumbled and the secret police of the Sultan.

Erdogan for a few hours disappeared

“The larger units they just couldn’t give any orders, not the announcement in response to a reasonable question: and who the hell are you?”

Military coup attempt in Turkey bogged down by the morning, despite the fact that in the first hours, the rebels acted pretty decisively, especially in Ankara. It seemed that they were working “by the book”: the captured building of the General staff and the government, the main government television channel, the editorial Board of the largest Pro-presidential newspaper, partially blocked the social network, mobile communications and radio and cable broadcasting of foreign TV channels in Turkish language (BBC, Euronews and CCN). In Istanbul blocked major airport, and then blocked traffic on two bridges across the Bosphorus, and at first only in one direction (it was impossible to move from the European side to the Asian, where the military objects) and then finally. Armored vehicles blocked the Parliament. Captured the headquarters of the ruling party.

For a few hours Erdogan is gone. Then it turned out that he was in Bodrum on vacation in some resort called “safe place.” While he was gone, and the most exalted commentators practiced in the study of the globe searching for the place where the President of Turkey, quarreling with almost all the world around, can get shelter, the views of the government were broadcast a few of his advisers (most actively – Hashimi), Prime Minister Yildirim and paradoxically, the liberal, and not a “moderately Islamist” – minded journalists.

The main translators of the governmental perspective are not national TV channels and media, namely the “globalist” in the first place CNN Turk. Erdogan and his entourage phenomenally quickly learned the word democracy and simple rules how to use it on the world media. Hashimi, and Yildirim called on all to support not the President Erdogan and his political position, namely the democratic structure of the Turkish state, which he bequeathed to the great Ataturk.

At some point, the Turkish CNN reached out to Erdogan himself on Skype, and protrusible live his appeal to the people directly from the screen of a smartphone. Erdogan also emphasized not to some of his views and ideals, and that he voted in the last election 52% of voters, therefore, he is legally elected, and the military are trampling on democracy. In this context, his call for people to take to the streets under the bullets of the rebels “to defend democracy” looked so much in cannibalistic set about, and this position pretty quickly picked up by the “great” CNN.

Now many of you will be tempted to explain the failure of the rebellion “people’s protest” and the rejection of the Turkish society of military coups and dictatorships, which on average happen in this country every 10-15 years. Supporters of the street protests of the “active citizens” would have a solid argument in defense of “direct democracy”, which is allegedly the biggest military machine in Europe and the Middle East for a few hours to stop and on the contrary, some seemingly not-too-democratic regime to overthrow non-violent.

That’s not necessary so. Not everything was

The rebels just was not enough. From the beginning, when the rebellion became publicly visible, from the very beginning, with the overlap bridge of Sultan Mehmet Fatih in Istanbul a half-company of the composition of some part of the 2nd army corps, in the air hung the question: and who is this charge? To the naked eye, it was obvious that there is no chain of command. In Istanbul and around at the base in Gallipoli, for example) located from all points of view a giant army group: dvuhkonusnyj 1st field army, numbering about 120 thousand soldiers, of which the 3rd army corps, with an armored division reports directly to NATO command. And most of the large and important city of Turkey randomly moved a few two (tanks + APCS), several of which were easily captured by the “common people”, which is in full compliance with the peculiarities of the national character began to ride on the armor and waving flags, chanting slogans about democracy and Erdogan (still don’t understand how they are connected to each other). The “group capture” important objects was a maximum of 10 people under the command of officers of the rank of captain to Lieutenant Colonel.

In Ankara fared better, but there is no objective information, in addition to active participation in the rebellion of the aircraft, which caused reasonable questions to the commander of the air force General Mehmet Ertenu. But when it became clear that the chief of the General staff Hulusi Akara taken hostage, the situation began to clear up. Moreover, in Ankara, one of the main objects that was exposed to attacks from the air, became the headquarters of MIT – infamous intelligence and counterintelligence, buttress and bulwark Tayyip Recep Erdogan and chief of arminianistic”.

Among the leadership of the rebellion was no older than the rank of Colonel. Now with the filing of Erdogan Yildirim and the mastermind of the military coup called retired Colonel Muharrem Kese, a former adviser to the defense Minister fired, allegedly for Association with the party of Imam Abdullah Gulen. And organized the rebels “peace Council” was composed of Colonel Mehmet oğuz Akkuş, Colonel Erkan Agin and major Dogan Uysal. All this company did what I could: tried to seize power in a highly militarized country are more armored battalion and two helicopter units. The larger units they just couldn’t give any orders, not the announcement in response to a reasonable question: and who the hell are you?

There is evidence that Muharrem Kese killed, and with him in a shootout with police and riot at the building of the General staff in Ankara killed 16 Lieutenant colonels. And I want to call it a rebellion, gray Lieutenant,” but in addition to the active participants of the revolt now shifted from their posts 29, 5 colonels, and generals, and this is only the beginning.

So great things are not done, dear

After the case of Argentina” (arrest in 2003-04, more than 200 high-ranking officers, famous politicians, journalists, public figures and lawyers, who allegedly was preparing a military coup and is also going to remove Erdogan) the Turkish President is deliberately and consistently destroyed the historically established structure of the officer corps of the army. This was done and hands MTE, and through the promotion to the officer positions of supporters of the party of Erdogan and practice “moderate Islam”. This eroded the officer corps and, finally, it has eroded to such an extent that indeed bequeathed by Ataturk, the army’s role as guarantor of the secular state and centralized government was reduced to zero. Come down to the fact that the captain’s and major’s office especially in the province appointed by the high schools to Imam-hatibu without special professional officer training in Turkey, conscription, military service is considered an honorable duty, “deviants” are obstructed, and therefore almost every man in the country has the skills of military training). The army was embroiled in a tedious and malpractice a civil war in the East of Anatolia against the Kurds, and last year still in Syria. And cleaning officers were in the nature of campaigns, people have been fired or discriminated against for making a careless word, denounced, or with the filing of the MIT.

Counter-intelligence has established a reputation all-powerful mechanism of control over the situation in the country and especially in the army. With the coming to power of Erdogan MIT it first underwent total cleaning, not so much on ideological grounds, as “the professional backgrounds of the employees.” All employees and foreign intelligence (Directorate of foreign transactions), and especially counterintelligence, at the time, were recruited to the intelligence service of the field army was cleaning out dozens. As a result, the proportion of staff from MIT with a military background has dropped from 35% to a paltry 4.5 per cent.

The fact that all four of the previous military coup in Turkey, when the army “according to the precepts of Ataturk “corrected” presumptuous secular power, was in practice organized by MIT and its predecessor – the national security Service. They assumed the practical organization of the revolution, and formulated a priority.

For example, in 1960 – the fight against corruption (Prime Minister and Ministers of Finance and foreign Affairs simply hung), in 1971 – “restore order” and suppress radical local terrorism and atrocities of all against all (Communists, Trotskyists, Bektashi, Polanski radicals, Sufis), in 1980 – cessation of political violence.

In the late 70-ies Turkey was on the verge of civil war between the right and left political forces, until the introduction of the generals Kenan Evrenos martial law every day in the street clashes killed dozens of people. There is an opinion that this war was a manifestation of the “hybrid war” (although that term did not yet exist) between the United States and the Soviet Union for Turkey, although the reality is of course more complicated.

Finally, in 1997 the army forced the Islamist government of Erbakan to resign and rewrote the country’s laws, making them more secular.

Erdogan is not just reformed MIT, he allowed close to the employees of the counterintelligence people from his party, not having a military past, to turn the once influential organization almost in a private shop. Has become a common practice to recruit at MIT relatives, in the provincial service in counter-intelligence became almost a family business that contributed to the creation of “a regime of personal devotion and the cult of personality of Erdogan. The functions of counterintelligence enormously expanded, and it became unhealthy to compete with the police intelligence, that has evolved into a secret police of the Sultan.

MIT was entrusted with support of foreign policy, so to speak, of the doctrine of Erdogan. This structure is engaged in the arms trade, and proislamskie supports Islamist groups in Syria, “develops” the Kurds and rides across the border crude oil. This is not to mention the usual petty corruption, which is simply given to the hereditary and “closely related” counterintelligence at the mercy of.

Such a fascinating life at some point played with MIT usual in these circumstances, unfunny joke. They have no longer enough time to perform its main function: to watch over the army, especially after the defeat of a network of conspirators “Ergenekon” to heaven lifted up the authority of Erdogan and his entourage. The President even initiated a few show trials of the conspirators of the past decades, in order to humiliate and to crush the remnants of the professional officer corps. For example, in 2012, under the court gave the 94-year-old General Kenan Evren, the man who stopped the civil war in the late 70-ies. He got life and died in 2015. And this monstrous act came to Erdogan with it.

And now MIT was a missed “gray colonels”. Possible to trace such artisanal conspiracy “battalion level” harder than endlessly listen to the senior officers of the General staff and hang cameras in every brothel. But after the recent events the building of the MIT in Ankara, in which angry helicopter pilots, apparently out of revenge slapped a few Nursi, can not be restored, and the organization itself to dissolve until the accountants. It is clear that Erdogan is now full focus on the dispersal of the army, for which he will require human capacity of counterintelligence, but in an ideal society the authority of the President of Turkey and his entourage, and counterintelligence needs to drop to the freezing point.

You can remove the busts of atatürk

But even more unpleasant consequences await the idea to the Turkish state. In principle now we can start to remove from the pedestal of the busts of Ataturk different degrees of artistic value that reproachful look at you in Turkey almost everywhere (well, except for the resort area olinklyuziv). The system that scratch up with Kemal paşa, inönü and the other to save the remnants of the Ottoman nation from a monstrous defeat, ordered to live long. Ataturk ordered the hanging of the Sufis on the pillars right where met a man in the typical clothing, and now the Bektashi and Mevlevi almost a separate political force. Army Ataturk was both a close Corporation to officers and school social integration for provincial boys from poor families in Eastern Anatolia. Now a patrimony of the Imam-khatypov-dropouts. Authoritarian government under Ataturk and Inonu and the authoritarianism of Erdogan with his public democracy is different as the moon and the Sun. And taking advantage of the moment, Erdogan will finish the Republic of atatürk in its foundations.

And it will be another Turkey. And not only on its internal design, but also on the nature of foreign policy behavior. The Greek army in the night from 15 to 16 July bristled, of course, out of inertia and habit to look to the East through the scope. But the fact of such events in the country, claiming the role of regional leader and bursting with whole, and individually in the European institutions, could change the place itself, which Turkey Erdogan, as opposed of Ataturk in Turkey, occupies in world politics.

The euphoria of the victory of Erdogan backfire all around

Hysterical behavior, strange traits Erdogan is not some unique feature. Exaggerated character emotions, behavior on the verge of anguish is birth trauma of Mediterranean and middle Eastern peoples. And now Erdogan and his 52% of the electorate will easily capture the euphoria of victory, the results of which (of euphoria over a victory) backfire all around – from the Kurds to the Greeks with all the stops in Syria.

The “gray colonels” had no political ideas, unless, of course, not to assume that they just do not have time to release it. But the time they had, they somehow controlled the state building, at least physically were in the hardware the number of ten soldiers led by major. But among them there was no one who could cope with the organization of the live broadcast. And no, you could show this live reading of the accusation of Erdogan or some ideological construct of a military coup. Because we just don’t know what they wanted but to shift the boring President. And because you can easily forget the strange reasoning that Erdogan, they say, went to reconciliation with Russia, and the colonels no one knows what to expect. And, they say, especially military shot down a Russian bomber, to substitute “good” Erdogan under the rupture of relations with Moscow.

But it is Erdogan and his Ministers were poked in every five inches of airspace, which technically is a couple times crossed the Russian planes, even before it happened. It’s the people Erdogan was armed Turkomans, carried oil, selling weapons, manipulated the facts and have provided “an-Nusra” shells, setting it on the Kurds. This is with the approval of Erdogan several times a month, the Turkish “Phantom” come to the Greek Islands, simulating a bomb attack. Is he personally that is trading with Europe, openly threatening the poor Old World the next Great migration. It’s his foreign Minister Cavusoglu cherishes the dream of restoring the Ottoman Empire in the Balkans through a multimillion-dollar infusion, and restoration of Turkish cultural values in the countries of the former Yugoslavia, Bulgaria and Albania.

A military coup, of course, unconstitutional, by definition. American and European ideologized system of foreign policy thinking that’s what it took, and they are difficult to criticize. But Turkey is a special country, move there automatically some global ideological structure of European descent and European thinking, to put it mildly. There only in the 1920’s, theaters were allowed, and people lose consciousness, seeing moving pictures on the wall. There is an exaggerated attitude to the printed word, just like in the USSR and Russia, journalists and writers – the real masters of doom. There’s a system of behavior and speech is only slightly powdery, and European secular tinge, and in General has not changed since the days of the Ottomans. And this reality must be considered. Especially now, when the very state structure of Turkey will change before our eyes, and public sentiment finally shifted on the extreme flanks. And no one better: neither Erdogan, nor colonels, nor Gulen if he was really involved in the coup attempt, although it is very doubtful looks.

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