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Friday, July 21, 2017

The expert spoke about the strangeness of the Turkish military coup

As you know, “the rebellion can not end luck, because in this case his name is different.” Military coup attempt in Turkey has failed, and President Erdogan and his supporters prevailed. The rebellion, budorazhaschy Turkey and the whole world looked pretty strange. His thoughts on Transtech Turkish riot with “MK” said our expert.

photo: AP

– It looks pretty strange attempt, – commented in Ankara, the political scientist Ivan STARODUBTSEV. – First of all, the strangeness of how we used to imagine a coup, and how it looked in reality. And how the events of this night were covered. On the website of the General staff published a statement that the army takes power in their hands – then it was removed. It was signed simply – the General staff. No signatures of specific individuals. In the Committee on broadcasting TRT1 aired the girl who five minutes said that the military take power into their own hands with a detailed explanation of the reasons for this action. And then he said that the military at gunpoint, forced her to speak in front of the camera. But from the military itself, no one in front of the cameras never showed up. But if the coup, it should be a group of individuals who take responsibility for what is happening and for the future of the country. Remember putsch? Then someone stepped in front of the camera, said something. There is nothing close to it. The coup in Turkey was not of the face. Only a blonde girl. Even black humor is sounded saying, the blonde made in Turkey coup. And then she did it and disavowed.Saturday morning I took the liberty to drive around the city after the events of the night. That is the building TRT1 – if we were talking about a serious seizure of the building, perhaps it would be cordoned off and would be standing tanks, and heavy machinery. And there at the entrance by two police cars are…

They say that recaptured the rebel chief of General staff Hulusi ACAR – where was he before that? As it recaptured? If he trump coup – why it is so easy to give? Too weird…

Control over the roads the participants of the coup did not, as of the airports. Almost none of the iconic figures not captured – except for the chief of the General staff, which is suspiciously easy released. Erdogan was on holiday in Marmaris – the question is: Board number 1 urgently raised, he arrived in Istanbul. If the coup had the advantage in the air and they fired at the hotel where was the President, then why are they allowed to fly the presidential plane? A lot of confusing. What was this senseless loitering of aircraft F16 over Ankara directly over the houses? To put further psychological pressure on, and so scared of people?

Was the bombing of the Majlis – I do not understand the meaning of these actions from the point of view of the coup. The presidential residence, I didn’t see one, stand still, smoke is not visible. The streets were almost empty, the centre of military and heavy vehicles are not observed. Some streets blocked, but not the military, and police officers (not special forces and normal).

Shooting there – ten minutes before our conversation was sitting on the balcony, drank coffee, heard the shots. Social networks circulated information that the coup while still in control of the military airport in Ankara.

Now it looks like people stopped with his chest a coup. But we understand that if there is a serious power, the people will not stop tanks. Say there is one tanker local Islamists beheaded – in the Internet appeared the footage…

Are you talking about the strangeness of the coup, but what do they mean?

– While far-reaching conclusions is difficult to do without delay. Way too much foam. Some browsers, there are opinions that this is all some terrible stage show… Because the incident has no face: something was taken by someone and for some reason. Erdogan was quick to blame Fethullah Gulen and the Syrian Kurds. It is clear that Gulen is the impact – but will he raise an army? In the past year, I am often asked the question, is it possible in Turkey coup? I’ve always said, and who will do it? The political parties? They are in Turkey clearly does not support the coup. Military? They stripped. Gülen? He doesn’t have enough influence to raise the whole army.

– What about talk about created by gulenists “deep state”, which infiltrated in all spheres of life in Turkey?

They have some influence – otherwise there would be no corruption scandal on December 17-19, 2013, all accusations of corruption against the leadership of the country. The impact they have traditionally been concentrated in the judiciary and the police. In a military environment, the roots of this influence, as we can judge, was also present – but not at the level of senior command, which Erdogan has long changed. However, after the recent events of the war will smooth out completely. Traces of Gulen’s supporters there will not stay.

– What awaits Turkey next?

– In the next few days the situation is, I hope, normal. Military corps, of course, have a powerful sweep. Not excluded the introduction of the death penalty again. It’s possible the failed coup accelerate the transition process of Turkey to a presidential Republic under the slogan that concentrate power in a few hands. In economic terms, obviously, about foreign tourists, especially from Western countries, you can forget. And Russia is unlikely in such circumstances in the near future we will open Charter flights. Although regular flights how to fly and will fly.

Coup in Turkey. Chronicle of events

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