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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Nice coming back to life: in the city, swim and play wedding

– To place Massena all the beaches are open and full of people, but bathing is not enough: basically, all quietly, without the usual games and laughter, sunbathe on the sun loungers, – told the “MK” on the phone to Russia’s Ekaterina, which for five years has lived in nice, near the promenade des Anglais.

That night they celebrated Bastille Day in one of the bars in the port. The owner, seeing racing through a street crowd, tightly closed the door, extinguished all the lights and turned off the music. 15 minutes, says Catherine, still sat in the silence and darkness, worrying that they took hostage. The owner, not knowing at the time what had happened, and fearing that you, the terrorists burst into the bar, chose this way to protect their visitors. When our compatriot and the other customers were released, people still ran through the streets.

– They shouted: “Kalashnikov, Kalashnikov, run,” the subdued voice says Catherine. Thoughts after these events back home in Russia, she doesn’t have:

– First, the local school goes, my 15-year-old daughter, and then, unless Moscow is now safer? – says the woman.

Some places are open, some are closed from Friday:

– No logic here, all working on the mood, on the same street Barber cuts hair in the morning and a shop with products and closed, – said our interlocutor. Parks also don’t work – the police might not want to allow large concentrations of people anywhere.

A spontaneous memorial in memory of the 84 victims are not arranged on one of the squares and not at the Palace of justice and right in the lobby of the hotel Méridien, which has become a night camp for the victims. Residents and tourists of nice to leave on a big round table bouquets of red roses, toys, write notes, light candles and… go to the beach.

Photo: Jessica Golloher Facebook. Original photo caption in English:
Terrorist attack in nice didn’t stop these lovely people from the wedding. Wedding in the city have traditionally played on Saturday. In the photo it is not visible, but on the balcony, by which the couple are hanging black shawl in memory of the 84 victims who died in the night of Friday.

Local French melancholic recall that, when there was a shooting edition of their satirical magazine, thousands of people together with politicians took to the parade with a sign “I Sharlee”…

Maybe the French are not so sensitive to the attacks happening in their country so often…

And these minutes in the centre of nice, as usual on Saturday, go to the wedding… Newlyweds are including English embankment, past the hotel Méridien, the Windows of which someone hung black mourning handkerchief.

The attack in nice. Chronicle of events

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