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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Guide the Avignon festival invited the audience instead of a moment of silence to applaud the forces of life

After the terrible terrorist attack in nice , where on the day of the national holiday of the country killed 84 people ( including 10 children and adolescents), the festival life of the South of France has changed dramatically. Some under the influence of shock stopped, the others stopped. But the Avignon festival, which this year celebrates the 70th anniversary, continues to work no matter what, and that the principled position of the leadership of well-known European forum. The details of Avignon – observer “MK”.

photo: Marina Raikin

Externally on the main street of the old town – Republic – everything seems to be calm and the picture is usual for July – a sea of people, crowds of artists that are getting in the way and to the mutual joy in this together-called Festival d’avignon. But on Friday, the day after the incident, the Republic was blocked from the castle gate – the entry of vehicles is prohibited, hardwood floors on duty police officers.

– Why the street was closed, because this is usually done on weekends and at special events?

Festival, Madame, ” short answers to me a COP with no desire to continue the discussion.

A state of emergency in France, which was to end on 26 July, further extended to another 3 months. The fourth time the authorities are extending a special regime, and in particular, it provides for the prohibition of traffic in different areas and the closure of theatres and concert halls. Yes, the country declared three days of mourning is July 18 and already submitted a plan cancellations and suspensions of activities planned for the summer, which can rightfully be called a festival – festivals of different scale, literally, occupy the South of France.

photo: Marina Raikin

So in Marseille already canceled fireworks, which had been postponed from 14 to 15 July due to strong wind – the Mistral. In Monaco will host the international fireworks festival and concert of the Philharmonic orchestra of Monte-Carlo. In nice itself will take place the concert of American singer Rihanna: her tour Director announced that the money will be returned, and the star has already expressed his condolences to the French people on Instagram. Also cancelled jazz festival, which was to open Saturday and run for four days, where in the poster – very often musicians. Four days interrupted traditional 56th festival in Antibes. And street program-jazz-off, which is parallel in this resort town , was canceled. For three days pending the festival “Southern nights”.

photo: Marina Raikin

With the exception of steel festival in Sete, Arles and Avignon, which did not interrupt the work even for a single day. In early June, when there were no signs of trouble, the leadership of the Avignon festival to strengthen security measures. “The terrorist threat is not new to our festival. says its Executive Director, Paul Roden, – more than half a year the festival management has developed a security plan in close cooperation with the services of the Prefecture, state and municipal police, rescue services”.

photo: Marina Raikin

According to Mr. Rondina here the peculiarities of each auditorium from the point of knowing security. At least now the audience knows that performances have to come much earlier – it has a dual control system. Where before only the young volunteers tore tickets and wished everyone a pleasant evening, now double control of the men in civilian clothes. Bags open, inspect detectors, and bottles and cans ruthlessly discarded.

photo: Marina Raikin

In General, the position of the Directorate of the hard. The very next day after the tragedy on the promenade des Anglais in nice, the festival management addressed the audience with a communiqué that was distributed on the Internet and social networks. It reads:” this memorial day, we claim that we can challenge the dark forces. Our strength is in being together today, and it’s a gesture of our resistance. We don’t want to deny our pain, but want to Express it without interrupting life and our solidarity with the victims. In the face of those who want to silence us, we suggest you not to hold a minute of silence, but together to applaud the forces of life.”

However, the performance of “Damned,” which plays Tatras Comedy Francés on the most prestigious site of Avignon in the Honorary Courtyard of the papal Palace, began with a minute of silence – this is the desire of the Director of the famous theatre of France and of producer – Director with a world name Ivo you Hove. About this large-scale canvas, delivered a cinematic masterpiece Luchino Visconti’s “Death of gods” – read in the next issue of “MK”.

Not a less stringent position taken by the Ministry of culture of France – Mrs. ministersha Deathbed Azul held a joint meeting with the security Council and reaffirmed the holding of events in France. “More than ever we must defend the place of culture in our society,” she said, and confirmed that he would personally go to the festival of Francophone in La Rochelle.

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