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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Agent Poroshenko will hit the Donbass from the rear

Sergei Kurchenko, a longtime friend and partner of the head of the presidential administration of Ukraine Boris Lozhkin. Kurchenko’s name POPs up in the press often and almost always in the context of law enforcement authorities discovered illegal financial schemes, money laundering, or even assassinations. Because the scale of his so-called business may be the envy of even the largest Corporation.

photo: youtube.com

Sergey Kurchenko.

Talent Kurchenko to combine completely incompatible things striking in its scope. He manages, simultaneously, to build a semi-criminal schemes in the Donbass in the key sectors of fuel supply to electric power while maintaining business in Ukraine, using the auspices of his friend Lozhkin. Let me remind you that every company that operates in Ukraine makes payments on the so-called anti-terrorist operations, and to put it simply the war that Poroshenko and his cronies announced to the people of Donbass. This means that a significant part of shells, which are every day destroying kindergartens, hospitals, houses of Donetsk paid from the pocket of an oligarch hiding in Russia.

How is it that the sponsor of the fascist Ukrainian battalions live in a luxury village near Moscow, in a country that is in a difficult economic period finds the reserves to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe in the Donbass. How can a man that is fully integrated in the Ukrainian oligarchy, whose members occupied key positions in Kiev, including the presidency, to live and work in Russia, where thousands of volunteers went to defend those schools, hospitals and civilians.

Corrupting officials of the Donbass, or threatening them, Kurchenko achieves results. He has become a monopolist in the supply of fuels and lubricants and gas in Donbass and is now establishing itself in the industry of electricity supply.

New Wheeler-dealer Kurchenko in the Donbas became the electricity sector. Especially strong positions in Luhansk, where not so long ago in the stairwell of his house, was shot by the adviser on economy Dmitry Kargaev Carpenter, who was closely connected to Kurchenko. Under the version of law enforcement fugitive oligarch involved in the death of the official.

Agreeing with senior officials of Luhansk, Kurchenko has developed a scheme in which the Lugansk refuses to purchase electricity in the neighboring Donetsk, despite the fact that the price in Donetsk below, the proposed Kurchenko. The company Kurchenko becomes the sole provider of electricity to Lugansk. Folds for convenient Kurchenko scheme – PJSC “Donetskoblgaz” using obscure schemes becomes electricity, and perhaps get free of charge and sells it in the LC. In the Republic the electricity will be supplied to consumers through a newly created special Kurchenko company the Trading House “Oil”, which will also implement fees payments. Its share Kurchenko of course not miss, and certainly all charges will be in the pocket of the oligarch and his accomplices-officials. A similar scheme was previously organized in the field of gas supply.

However, as it became known edition from sources close to the administration of the head of the LC, the LC Council of Ministers issued a secret decision on the use of funds confiscated from the Luhansk Energy Union (LEO) in the Trading House “Oil”, recall affiliate Kurchenko, to pay for the supplied natural gas in favor of PJSC “Donetskoblgaz” in the amount of about 1.6 billion rubles, while the current in the LC fees for supplied gas makes up more than 90%, which does not correlate with the listed billions of rubles. Second, it is not clear why the company, which is established to raise payments in future periods to load, in fact, already the funds collected for electricity delivered from brotherly Donetsk!? It becomes clear that pursued some Mercantile interests Kurchenko.

For anybody not a secret that the Ukrainian security forces continue to provoke the armed forces of the people’s Republic. Attacks, seizures settlements in the “gray area”, the economic blockade. Kiev is increasing its military potential with the help of its Western partners. How will the Ukrainian oligarch, who became a monopolist in the supply of fuel and electricity in the Donbass, and each head of the administration Poroshenko, the Ukrainian offensive? Not whether there will be Donbass without vital power and fuel? The answer for many is obvious – the Republic expects the impact from the rear and the blow will strike settled in Moscow, fluent Ukrainian oligarch Sergey Kurchenko.

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