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Sunday, July 16, 2017

To throw or not to trump Cleveland waiting for the opening of the Republican Convention

All roads lead to Rome. All the way US law enforcement are in Cleveland on Monday, July 18, will open the Republican national Convention. He would sit in the building, “Quicken Loans Arena” or, as it is called for short “The Q”. Whatever you say, and people’s signs come true. Monday is a heavy day for America. Cleveland has turned into a besieged city, frozen in anticipation of the assault.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

That day and the heavy prepares thousands of demonstrators-protection? Nothing good. The prison authorities released the camera 975 for future prisoners. The courts, which will quickly be sent to jail for protection, will be open 20 hours a day, can accommodate only 24 hours. 12 judges will work tirelessly in two shifts in the building of the Cleveland municipal court.

Authorities long before the Congress gathered intelligence on extremist groups that will try to storm “The Q”. Recent events in Dallas, which killed 5 police officers, hung over Cleveland like an omen.

National stage and TV draw to Cleveland is like a magnet a variety of organizations. Here and white Suprematists, not afraid of a street fight, and the party of American freedoms. Without them, no way. The group “Blood and honour”, uniting skinheads and white nationalists. (A lot of blood and dishonor.) And the congregation of the Baptist Church of Westboro is a Kansas congregation, picketing funeral home with posters screaming that “gay Rights have ruined America!” And members of the movement: “Everything she says means everything.” They will try to attack the Congress forces 100 naked women. And buses full of nuns (nuns) will quench your lemonade thirst of all this rabble, and to molest the delegates with questions like, “what are you afraid of the current election cycle?” And, and, and…

Fathers of the city, nestled on the banks of the river Cayahoga say they are prepared for any eventuality, for they planned the defense of Cleveland for almost two years. “People should know Cleveland is ready. The Congress will be safe and successful, ” says mayor Frank Jackson. — We know that the people who gather here, I want to spit in the face of a policeman. They flock here not in order to say Thank you. You gave us the opportunity to Express our point of view, and then return home.”

Mayor Jackson says that his police officers “demonstrate restraint”. At least in the beginning. “We hit the streets of Cleveland without helmets and shields and other gadgets. We will in a simple and regular uniform. But if we have to deal with something more aggressive, our uniforms will be subjected to escalation as per the requirement of the moment. But it will fit the situation,” — said the mayor of Jackson, as if singing the words to on the train, which is on the siding.

FBI agents scour the city in search of local and foreign terrorist threats. However, it is still such did not find. But this does not discourages them. Searches and information gathering continues. FBI agents are scattered widely. They wallow environmentalists, anarchists, white Suprematists, black separatists, extremists opposed to gun control. Caught a fish big and small!

FBI agents and local police bursting in the door of the Cleveland protection and ask them “about plans for the Congress.” These guests have raised concerns among residents, who believe they “aggressively”.

Two police officers have visited the house Dionni Hudson. They were interested in, where her 20-year-old daughter, who was arrested last year on suspicion of killing a “COP”. Mrs. Hudson said that the court found her daughter is innocent. She is now the cashier in the store. Now her house yet.

Visit the police obviously did not like miss Hudson, although she knows our saying that an uninvited guest is worse than Tatar. “I just couldn’t believe it,” she says. — Why are they doing it this way? I got the impression that my phone podslushivaet. Someone put my car. Here are some thoughts began to intrude in my head.” And she’s not the one. And not just in Cleveland.

Cleveland pulled 2,500 police from other cities and even States. Even from as far away as Florida and Texas. Even from California! They should help local 500 police officers to restrain “people’s anger”. Police chiefs have created a special TV group for “the documentation of the management of the crowd.”

In an interview with the chief of the police at Cleveland, by the way, nigger Calvin Williams diplomatically said: “the Police are going to be low-key, but full of expectations of difficult situations. Shouting at police is not a crime. Shouting we won’t be arrested. But if a person commits violence against another person or property, then we put out the procedure of arrest and other procedures, which I hope will stop this violence.” (Again the theme of “Armored”.)

Experts in the mores of the local police fear that the police Department of Cleveland will attempt to verify that in fact the equipment that he received from the Ministry of justice, using a grant of $ 50 million. We are talking about 2000 sets against the rebellious protesters, about the same number of steel police batons, about 24 bulletproof vests and helmets and 10,000 plastic handcuffs. Trust, but verify!

“All this suggests that the city authorities are ready to numerous arrests, surpassing their required number. Many of the arrests would be illegal,” warns Jacqueline green, a lawyer and member of the Guild of lawyers of Ohio, which gave observers the behavior of the police.

Municipal judge Ronald Adrian says that city officials have already had the opportunity to check out the “gifts” of the Ministry of justice, when last month more than a million residents had gathered in the downtown to participate in the parade in honor of the basketball team the Cleveland Cavaliers, led by a phenomenal player LeBron James, won the NBA championship.

But the judge Erdin clearly nervous. “It was a million happy people,” he says. We don’t know what event awaits us now. Maybe we will give Mordasov it…”

The city authorities have given permission to those groups and organizations that will exhibit during the Congress. But it will happen hundreds of feet away from “The Q”. Union of American civil rights (SGP) of Ohio has filed a lawsuit against the municipality and have achieved something. A Federal judge has ordered to extend the path of demonstrations.

City sidewalks opened for those who will carry the banners, speeches and demonstrate. But there’s a kinda hitch. In the official “zone events” that component of 1.7 square miles, you can’t bring glass bottles and other “rosabelle”, so to speak, items. But this prohibition does not apply to… firearms! The fact that Ohio is the state of “open carrying of weapons” and the laws of the state negates all regulations dealing with the opposite. The carrying of firearms is prohibited only in the minimum “safety zone”, which will dispose of the Secret service. She will preserve for the Republican candidate for U.S. President Donald trump.

Outside the “zone events”, that is, the hall “The Q”, it is forbidden to carry large bags and backpacks, hammers, speakers, tents, coolers, and food in cans, iron or glass.

For weapons, this prohibition does not apply. It can be worn open. The law is the law…

Everything we have described above relates to what is happening or will happen around the building, “Quicken Loans Arena”, that is “The Q”.

Now let’s look at this thing “The Q”. Republican leaders are more afraid of what Congress might become a battle for the nomination, Donald trump.

Last Wednesday, the Republican grandees gathered in Cleveland and held a number of meetings on organizational issues. Everything was done to ensure that the dissidence in the Congress resulted in the “revolt in the Arena” against trump.

The giants were preparing to resist two dangers. One is that Congress can be “open”, that is, any delegate can nominate his candidacy for the presidency. The second danger is from the defenders of gay rights. They can topple the entire platform of the Congress, which is extremely conservative in matters of sex and religion.

Supporters of the revision of the platform, declare that the national Committee of Republicans, and the trump exert pressure on them, offering to surrender.

The Chairman of the Committee, the Raines Pribus openly declares that trump needs the support of party leaders to defeat the candidate of the Democrats Hillary Clinton. “If we don’t stick together to stop Hillary, we have to get used to the phrase “President Hillary Clinton”, said Priebus the national Synod.

It is believed that a long and confrontational debate can once again raise doubts about the candidacy of trump instead of a “triumphant moment of unity of the party”.

“I think that the Committee of our party is in the grip of an unwillingness to hold an open Congress. The same can be said about people trump,” says Rachel Hoff, delegate from the District of Columbia that signed the petition for the revision of the party platform. Now the petition are 37 signatures. The signatories are under huge pressure to take their signatures back.

“Then who would need such a Congress,” says the same Hoff — who will only stifle the voice of the delegates? They don’t want to allow us any steps in the Congress to amend their unfortunate project.”

Trump and Primus intend to strangle any attempt at the Congress as a well-rehearsed ballet performance staged for television Prime-time and to prevent chaos in “The Q”, and — with the help of television throughout the country.

Of course, the ability of trump’s opponents to overthrow him at the Congress is quite negligible. They seem not able to stop his nomination for the presidency. But, to annoy his Majesty they can. To what extent? It will depend on their ingenuity and the vigilant watchdogs of trump.

On Thursday, July 14, opposition delegates arrived in Cleveland, started Dating each other and discuss the prospects of changing the party rules. The main thing — to achieve the right to vote “according to conscience”, and disagree with the results of the primaries and Caucus meetings, as required by party rules in the United States.

You need a total of 28 votes in order to return the party rules Congress, which is the nomination trump to make a decision on “freedom for all”, that is, for 112 members of the Committee on rules, and put it to the vote of the Congress.

But the amendment, known as the “clause of conscience” or “linking rule does not have sufficient support. This requires a majority vote of the delegates of the Congress, that is, 1238 votes of 2475. Moreover, many delegates, even not taking trump to the spirit, not willing to discard the results of the primaries, in which trump has received 14 million votes.

Committee members warned that they are prepared for several days of meetings that can last until the weekend. To be sure, Mr. Pribus introduced to the Committee people loyal to him personally. But not even they know if the Congress votes to prevent antithrombosis proposal for universal voting. “I can’t imagine what can happen with the amendments that may or may not reach universal suffrage Congress — the Chairman of the rules Committee Ron Kaufman. Is part of the overall process. And who knows what will happen if this process will be open, honest and transparent.”

Trump and company are afraid the reverse effect of national television to the Congress, when under its influence hostile to them delegates will be able to take over microvolume and announce that the leadership of the party and its presidential candidate does not represent their interests. “That’s what scared the trump,” says Dane waters, a member of the “unbound delegates,” the group trying to block trump. And if these fears spill out, then there is chaos.

Now imagine what can happen in this difficult day, July 18, if motley crowd that surrounded “The Q”, will face each other and with the police, and inside “The Q” will be the same, and all this through television reverberate across the country.

Melor STURUA in Minneapolis

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