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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

To Norilsk reached “Eternal warmth”

If you library, the facade of which is stretched a bright tubes with radiators, you’re in Norilsk. And it’s not the antics of drunken builders, and witty public art “Eternal warmth” artist Marina Zvyagintsev. Close to the simulated battery be turned into book shelves with huge volumes of classics, and the pipes run lines with words from the works. People learn Norilsk poets, repeat the prose writers, make selfi on the background of the installation. “MK” followed bold art antics from her preparation to open, and now learned how it was perceived by local residents.

Photo courtesy of the project “Literary trail”

Why Norilsk? The windy city on the outskirts of the geography, plants and permafrost surprisingly open to experimentation, especially artistic and literary. Ten months of winter here with 4-foot snowdrifts, the rest of the summer. (Spring and autumn in the traditional sense does not happen.) Can you imagine how Norilsk rejoice in the sun and heat. By the way, the climate cold kompensiruet warmth and love of life of citizens. That’s only with the onset of summer they become more reason for disappointment. After all vestige of weather and social conditions: creeping on the earth of communication, minimal vegetation, ragged endless blizzards at home.

If the first two issues of invincible, with the latter can still fight. After the disappearance of the snow residents take a brush and paint and begin to bring the house in order – funny. Most buildings Norilsk – lemon, turquoise, green, pink colors. Paint missing and on the benches, pillars, trash cans and even cars. In General, it is a city of crazy colors, and a library with “Eternal warmth” of the overall picture is not distracting.

Its facade is in a wretched condition: the pieces of loose plaster, concrete, patched with holes, the rust stains from the iron roof. The only thing that adorned the building until the last day – the refrigerator with the sea, standing at the entrance. The name would seem inappropriate here, subject – “Little free library” – in the opening of his door. Inside – piles of books: take and read all you want, no control. According to residents, publications disappear and come back punctually: bookcrossing has won him many admirers.

Photo courtesy of the project “Literary trail”

However, as “Eternal heat”. Residents anxiously watched over the Assembly, helped, during the posting problems the world was looking for an electrician with Golden hands. And here common efforts the city acquired the first public art. No one pays attention to the neglected exterior of the building. Now catch the orange pipe with the books of the classics: Pushkin, Chekhov, Akhmatova… From the Norilsk authors: Snow, Nonin, Abdullina… Residents satisfied with the selection, just bitch about how the names are given without initials. What a response from Marina Zvyagintsev – with the initials of the signature would be small, illegible, and names, located on the third floor, just would not read.

By the way, the project has prepared another Marina Smirnova, President of the Foundation “Living classics”: “I Have always had a complex due to the fact that I’m not an architect, not an artist, not a writer. It seemed to me that and others visit such thoughts, so I created the project “Literary trail.” It – people. His task is to show that the people themselves can shape the cultural environment in which they live, create attractions, and cultural values. Came up with Oksana Kitaeva poetic stool – she was the reason for the poetry festival. And with the help of the project “Eternal heat” from the residents and guests of Norilsk will once again see your library – a center of cultural attraction.”

Yes, there’s a lot of people: they look out from the Windows of houses, lay on yoga mats, huddled on the parapet, someone’s looking machines. Children at this time, ask the adults to photograph them at the bookstore battery. Get your happy and join the quest where you collect puzzle with the rhymed lines in the whole poem. Others are involved in the poetic flash mob: everyone comes up with a proposal, write it with chalk on the pavement, forming a total product.

Photo courtesy of the project “Literary trail”

After flocking to the library – she deserves special attention. It seems on three floors there is everything: an area for kids, a division of comic book program for blind readers, a Creperie, the walls for the exhibition of the illustrations, the trainers, which shake the press and simultaneously read the Internet club, ping-pong. In it, teenagers are allowed to play as many minutes as before they were reading. That’s the sport with the help of blackmail used for propaganda purposes. By the way, the visitors in the library no end. Perhaps the reason is not only her decent equipment and a good program, but in the fact that in Norilsk there Internet.

A conversation with Marina Zvyagintsev at the presentation of “Eternal warmth”:

– How did you prepare for the project?

– At first I didn’t know how to approach the work of anti-graffiti. Thought, what is missing in Norilsk and understood heat. Then use a pipe to work with. I drew sketches of the panels with the names of writers, but poetry is still lacking. Then I remembered a running stitch. Usually PR people resorted to them, but we also advertised the literature.

– Advertising on the pipes – standard solution. How did you manage to implement it technologically?

Running these lines together manually one Moscow guy. The pipe had word from the capital, as in Norilsk they are sold only grey water. They sailed on the ship from Moscow to Murmansk, and then by boat to Dudinka and KAMAZ got here. Their journey lasted six weeks. I was really worried that they will hurt, but nothing happened.

– The building of you got uneasy, like a library.

But now it seems! The library staff is doing everything possible to attract visitors. As a result, people are crowds. In Norilsk in General field tillage. Residents listened carefully to my complicated lecture about public art, and nobody left. Here heavy climate, but the people responsive, even power. The mayor was delighted that we were quickly all set.

In General, two marinas, regularly surprise their projects to Moscow safely and successfully began to develop the North. If and further will continue to present successful projects, I’m afraid, the capital will lose them.

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