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Sunday, July 16, 2017

The three most realistic doomsday scenario

On the website of the scientific journal Science published an article, which the authors analyze what could be the cause of the so-called end of the world, which would put an end to human history. According to researchers, the main threat to the people still does not emanate from themselves, and from nature, so human beings should first be wary of bursts of solar activity, meteors, and volcanoes.

Illustration — pixabay.com

As the first of the possible “apocalyptic” scenarios scientists call a powerful stream of charged particles generated by a coronal mass ejection on the Sun. To date, these streams cause magnetic storms on Earth, but today they represent a certain danger for the well-being of individuals and the operation of electrical appliances, and the most powerful of them recently caused power outages, which can be considered serious, but not catastrophic. However, in the future a powerful stream of gamma radiation from the sun can be so powerful that will cause a blackout on the scale of entire continents — fails absolutely all the equipment, which in the developed countries today depends too much. The specialists claim that the probability that this will happen in the next decade, is very high — about 12 percent.

If the first scenario involves a threat to human civilization, the second and third may be dangerous for humanity as a species. The risks incurred by the fall of a huge asteroid, is quite well known, beyond the fact of collision can kill many living beings, causing earthquakes and tsunamis, in the fall, come to dust, due to which the Earth would be insufficient exposure to sunlight, that the first can destroy plants, and then those who are above them in the food chain. With asteroids, the most common version, are some took place earlier mass extinctions, including that which resulted in the extinction of the dinosaurs. Scientists say that the probability of falling to Earth a huge meteorite in any given year is comparable to the probability of attack on each individual shark, that is not too high. However, as in the case of the shark, “once is enough”, the researchers speculate.

According to the researchers, the volcanic eruptions in the past have put mankind on the brink of extinction, as occurred, for example, 74 thousand years ago in Indonesia with the volcano Toba. The eruption of a SUPERVOLCANO, according to the researchers, will cover a huge part of the land with ash, jeopardizing agriculture.

Experts note that the possible catastrophic events that may await humanity in the future, dedicated very little serious research, because to take this subject seriously not many are ready, too much associated with science fiction. Nevertheless, scientists are convinced that studying scenarios such as the one proposed by them is necessary in order that humanity could somehow be prepared in case one of them will be really far from the truth.

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