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Friday, March 16, 2018

“The story of the “Gelandewagen” shows the importance of forming a new elite

The sensational story of the “Grand exit” graduates of the FSB Academy ended with the publication of the results of official investigation. Will be dismissed or demoted leaders of the Academy, the graduates themselves will not receive the distribution to which they could count. But the main thing in this story is not – and how changing attitudes to security officers.

The FSB told about the results of the official investigation in respect of the graduates of the Academy:

“In reaction to the story Gelendvagene intertwined two themes – the attitude of the security officers to their profession and society’s attitude to the security officers”

“In respect of the perpetrators, has adopted fundamental personal decisions to change the conditions of their service,… Their demonstrative indiscreet personal behavior associated with short-term loan from one of the companies of luxury cars, has caused fair indignation of citizens and a sharp condemnation of the military units of the security authorities to violate the code of ethics and business conduct… To the management staff of the Academy applied strict disciplinary measures, including several senior officials were demoted, the individual will be presented to dismissal.”

At the end of June graduates of one of the courses of higher educational institutions security services were the focus of public opinion – which in itself is nonsense. In the network got the video about the race column of 30 “Gelendvagene” the capital – as it turned out, they decided to share one of the festival edition. In the same video, there were a few photos, including a group of lads in white shirts, posing on the Sparrow hills. By itself, the video would attract too much attention – well, another pathetic race either Caucasians, or the children of the oligarchs in the capital, Yes, ugly, Yes, as you can – if not found that so celebrated the release yesterday the students of the Academy of the FSB. There is information that someone has posted not only the movie, but also shared photos of the course with the names. But even if it was not, of course, that in itself is a check-in resulted in a serious scandal.

And I understand why. Agreed there are several pain topics. Two main of them – the attitude of the security officers to their profession and society’s attitude to the security officers.

To begin with, had violated the first principle intelligence – invisibility, anonymity. Why was it substituted? After all, even the layman is clear that according to the leaked online photos and videos will be easy to identify the names of all the graduates. And although they are not prepared to work in foreign intelligence, in any case, information about the students of the Academy is a closed and secret. This is the basics – so what then for several years taught “the best of the best”?

Current security officers, as is customary, did not give any comments about the history of gelendvagene, but retirees did not hesitate in expressions. Sounded all the way up to appeals the dismissal of all the participants (that is, not to take them) and words about the “betrayal”. The wrath of the KGB we can understand is really a violation of all rules of conspiracy and professionals really sorry for the change.

And not just for her – it is clear that the fault of the teachers, those who for several years taught and raised. It is clear that they are shocked by the behavior of students, but this does not relieve them of responsibility.

But there is a second aspect to this story: the reaction to it companies. It is possible to allocate two components. First, for the “fighters against the KGB regime” this story was just – well, look, the new owners of the Russian land has openly demonstrate your lifestyle. Not enough for them that the whole country was captured, so even the minimum professional ethics do not observe, do not hesitate – “the new oprichnina on black jeeps. Security officers all the years of Putin’s rule, accused of all mortal sins – took power, destroy democracy, took away all the property from “innovative and enterprising”, became the new elite and going to transfer the power and property by inheritance. And, of course, they are terribly far from the people – about the same as the oligarchs (which have long since become only a cover for the KGB).

In this version of modern Russian history, there is one fundamental lie: the KGB did not destroy democracy, and to stop the collapse of the country. The famous phrase about falling into the abyss, Russia has the KGB caught on the hook, not far from the truth – to the late 90s the security services really have been the last force to keep the country from complete collapse. The emergence of Vladimir Putin after a decade of liberal-oligarchic abuse of Russia was natural. And that is with the help of fellow security officers, he began to pull the country out of collapse.

More was not one to rely on? Yes, in the then “elite” was not – it was partly made up of crooks with anti-state thinking, partly from staunch opponents of a strong state (that is, in fact Russia itself), partly from unprincipled time-servers. “Elite” time of troubles it was necessary to urgently change on people who didn’t laugh at the words “public interest”, “honor”, “service” and “homeland.” Putin was looking for footage for a higher authority among those who knew in the service of the KGB. Then the “elite” saw him as their puppet and was ready to eat in case of resistance. Putin has put security officers in the many important posts – and then among them there was talk that “we must become the new servicemen aristocracy, the new nobility”.

In this desire there was nothing terrible in the end, in Russia, to the “liberation” of the nobility, service to the country and the Emperor gave the honor, respect and money. Upon the disappearance of the Soviet elite (part of it was knocked off the posts, part of reborn country needed a new managerial elite, and security officers would become an important component. Could – if they were “keepers of the moral character of the” closed order, “people with clean hands and hot heart.” But not all of them were able to survive the collapse of the ‘ 90s and picking up zero. The temptation of disintegration of the country, as the temptation of bringing order proved too strong a challenge for many employees of the security services.

People could not stand – began hungry and humiliating the ‘ 90s, when around them officials and businessmen derbanit country, and they almost could not prevent the collapse, because the highest authority was overlaid with crooks and “privatizers”. And began fronting or interfere with, in a word, to earn money.

Then break fat zero, when Putin called them to gather the country together to return state control over the economy, to build vertical. And I have a slice? Where’s my share for the “found treasure”?

It is clear that so acting is not all that the honor code remains not empty words to many employees of the security services. But how many former (which, as we know, does not happen) is all gesheft? And how it affects the attitude of the secret service in General?

And indeed, while it is clear that in relation to the KGB as a political force conducted a powerful propaganda campaign from inside the country and from abroad. Primarily through Pro-oligarchic media, which consciously represent all former KGB officers in the higher echelons of power as “the servants of Mammon”. There are some state interests which work on Russia – stuffing your pocket and all.

This is primitive propaganda would be much less effective if people have not seen examples of business Chekism around. Let these examples refer generally to the “ex” under the influence of mass media the average person begins to carry the sins of some for the entire Corporation.

The KGB has always been a Corporation. But it is bad when people are beginning to perceive them as a business Corporation, that is, in his eyes they become part of the oligarchic stratum.

From time to time, Putin was the most important recovery of controllability by the country. And it’s not that I closed my eyes, but tolerated: the main thing that people are doing the right thing, and if that sticks, then, firstly, significantly less than the “privatizers”, and secondly, other reliable people with a statist mindset is still there. But all this is rooted in the past. The process of forming a new, nesolono “elite”, which came from the KGB Corporation, will be important, but not the main element.

This process will take years, it will be difficult and conflict – but there is no alternative. Clean hands, cool head, warm heart – it’s not only the signs of a good security officer, but the portrait right of a statesman.

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