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Sunday, February 18, 2018

The ” king of instruments told about twenty children Bach

…On and Kuskovo, Kuskovo and on, over the seven years of the summer festival Elena Privalova Epstein, these words have become synonymous. And the defining word of these concerts — grace, because they go in the Dance hall of the famous manor house with wide open Windows, birdsong and the echoes of the storm — a sort of half-hearted open-air; and the king of instruments — there is not a king but a friend and colleague in various instrumental duets, trios and ensembles. What we witnessed on July 13 evening, Johann Sebastian Bach, George Handel, Giovanni Paisiello and Pierre Dumage…

Photos Olga Gorbachev

It is clear that in an unheated Dance hall no permanent body not built, the summer festival of it every time you have to bring, but it sounds digital dvuhminutniy “Viscount” quite a lively, — so that well-known and beloved Toccata in d minor by Bach kids (and many are) even trembled from his might.

On stage — bright Russian Anastasia Chertok organist, trumpeter Sergei Omelchenko and Natalia Muradymova (soprano). Interestingly, Anastasia before each performance was telling the dear public the history of each of the composers, saturating the narrative of little-known facts.

Such a gentle introduction into the fabric of the concert was a way — people recognize that J. S. Bach had 2 wives and 20 children; that in his time in Germany, music was treated only as entertainment, without any deification of the performers and composers (which then, however, acted in one person); or in Europe believed that Germany in principle, can not give birth to a great music; in addition, Bach often lived in poverty, recognition and fame was only a hundred years after his death.

And in the family of Handel believed that music is a frivolous pastime, and initially the great composer studied law (which did not prevent him in nine years to play on the harpsichord, the organ and the violin).

…To popularize the music is the most important thing, but it is necessary to use competently, dosed, no long musicological lectures, but to resort because of the Golden age separates us more and more distance. So we know from Anastasia Chertok, French composer of the early eighteenth century Jean-Philippe Rameau in his childhood, not knowing how to read and write, already played on the organ, harpsichord and other musical instruments; traveled a lot, had a brittle and fragile nature, and was inclined to seclusion. And only fifty years became a professional composer, gaining more and more popularity.

Photos Olga Gorbachev

The Mad Aria from his Opera “Plateia” performed by the soloist of the musical theater of them. Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Natalia Muradymova caused particular delight and loud applause. Natalia was very emotional and artistic, in the hall was lots of energy, even the children laughed. Half an hour passed like one minute. After the concert we talked with the curator of the festival by Elena Privalova-Epstein.

— Do not lose Lee concerts in Kuskovo from the fact that turns on an electronic, not a brass instrument?

— Yes, on in Kuskovo is really electronic, and requires great skill of the performer to hold the attention of the public is only one small tool. And this skill, I must say, owns a small number of organists. However, there is a very bright, outstanding organists performing in the festival every year: Alex Shmitov (his repertoire is truly wide — from Baroque to contemporary music), Alexei Shevchenko, Feodor Stroganov.

Of course, the acoustics in Kuskovo is not very good, it is not a temple, — Elena continues, — the organist is not easy to control the “Viscount” to the public was interested; therefore, most of the concerts — ensembles. And this year, such a variety of ensembles, which was never before. On the first sounds with the pan flute, saxophone, marimba, Jumbo (type of acoustic guitars – approx. author), tambourine (drum antique musical, popular in the South of France in the eighteenth century, approx. of the author). Besides music of the XVIII century, combines perfectly with the architectural style of the Palace, recreating the atmosphere of the then social evenings. Here rests the soul.

— Take part in the festival a variety of artists and musicians. For someone stylistically bet?

Good question, because at the beginning of the festival movement in 2010, I recruited young graduate students, students of conservatories, students gnesinka. Now they have grown professionally and continue to participate in the forum, to my delight. But also join us a great talented Russian organists and soloists come major musicians from Germany, so that the set obtained is very diverse. Suffice it to mention the names of the singers Oksana Lesnichey and Catherine Liberavi, baritones Anton varentsova and Dmitry Grinia, and many, many others…

So the festival goes on, and soon it will be attended by the organist Fyodor Stroganov, the organist from Latvia Evgenia Lisitsyna, soprano Ekaterina Novikova, Intrada vocal ensemble with organist Maria Lesovichenko.

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