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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The European Titanic and the iceberg of terrorism

It is not necessary to take care of people. People (in the future) take care of myself. Make better about your own image. At least direct your meager brain and external resources. To you we cry, the rulers of the world! Come to your senses before it’s too late! To have survived a little bit decent your way through the ages. Otherwise, do not pass comedic, clownish caricature of the historical background of bungled disasters.

photo: Alex geldings

Easy tempting!

I would like to declare: “I do not advocate blackmailing policy of David Cameron, but he has a clear, devoid of signs debilizma face, while his opponents fighting and struggling for the exit of England from the European Union, — cheerful grin Imbeciles”. But, alas, will not prodeklarirovali this view about the superiority of British Prime Minister Cameron over the separatists — because tinkering with the separation of England from Europe began Cameron.

The mechanism of this metamorphosis is known to first not stupid like the leader throws a speculative call, hoping to weld on the slogan surpluses of popularity, then call support and smacks lips awakened a short-sighted demagogue idiots. They are always in the majority. Have cretinism (unsurprisingly) always more supporters than the thinking of individuals and lack of candor, not the most obvious fools. A definite easy, no-brainer so tempting!

It is pointless to go into the calculation: how many England win or lose (financially) from this step. It is clear that she pushed herself to the side and flowed out of the mainstream so necessary before the bulk of the terrorist threat cohesion. It will take a considerable effort to this alienation to be overcome.

It would seem that we, the Russians, under withering sanctions, to European Affairs, we have a different company: Pakistan, China, Afghanistan (plus bosom Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan), but if you look closely, you will find: English and our situation is similar. Yes there is a mirror, adjusted, of course, on the composition of the satellites. The apostasy, populist policies, presumptuous hope — while approaching civilized “Titanic” iceberg of terrorism keeps unshakable solidity.

The Synod of fools

Increasingly faced with a situation where tongue-tied, unable to fluently Express a simple thought, the individual acts as a credible expert and with aplomb, sharing his wretched opinion, cast (I would like to say mass, but no, just masses his wretchedness is close and clear, they are the same) individual citizens in fear and panic: what’s going on, because these speakers have been entrusted to rotate and administer policies of the state!

Going to the Synod (not afraid of the word — fools) and discusses actions outstanding Finance or as a “speculator” its not styled. Who you are — decry built a powerful involved with charity Empire? What you have created and know the “binomial theorem”, in the twists and turns of sophisticated and perhaps brilliant mind? Amateurs! Talkers! “Popculture” as he is, and if you do not fly into the pipe, judge!

But somebody enforces such careless, irresponsible vakatale, makes a selection, chooses those, and not other “deep thinkers”, do nothing, and only the branding, perepechatyvali opponents offensive brand: the “fifth column”, “agents of Western influence”… Someone the reproach of common sense allow!

However, there is an explanation: God demonstrates (on examples): gathered a mash-style company to discuss It, God, wrong, incorrect behavior and is indignant: “He is so-so, not understand what he was doing, we would in His place, we would put things in order…”

They have repeatedly suggest starting a war, Chernobyl, Fukushima…

From “Bulgaria” to Bulgaria

It was necessary only to wait for the blasts in Istanbul airport blasts to their magical sounds immediately opened to our tourists a way to warm cherished resorts. Apparently, not well blow up in Paris and Amsterdam (and also in Egypt), so we are drawn to. It is necessary to strengthen the local terrorist job. Nothing and nothing teaches us. Drowned children in Karelia and before that was larger “Bulgaria”, priplyusuem and burnt “Lame horse”). The human factor… Stupidity… This is our constant arguments. So be it. But at least some lessons from what happened to extract? And now, after two weeks after the tragedy in Karelia, it appears that children’s collective, an ensemble of Kazan, was returning home from Bulgaria through the same blasted a Turkish airport. The route from their parents hid. The children were in the airport on the day of the attack. Instead of saying: “do Not try to fly towards the bombs, we are again encouraging children and adults to race there, where lies a threat to life.

Who are we then? Pragmatists, aware of their desperate position, or have lost the idea of what is happening sovereigns of the world?

Vane West

The position of the West is as changeable as the wind: then defy the Belarusian Dad, blue worth. (How to be in this situation with the Minsk human rights defenders on whose support they count?) Announces Russia sanctions, coming at the St. Petersburg economic forum. Clever Juncker hopes to placate everyone, including Putin, and calm the temper of the proud the proud. Can we trust such “tolerance”? And yet, when I compare this flexibility with an unwavering tertogennostew Eastern regimes in Beijing and Pyongyang, with unreasoning blunt bloodletting terrorists, one wonders if maybe the feathered better?

20 years of peace has led to 100 years of solitude

Stolypin said Russia needs 20 years of quiet life to all in our state normal. If you look deep into this naive statement (who will give these 20 years of peace, who will present?), we will see the same laziness of the mind, demonstrates a fear of change even this radical figure. And Russia is still such a happy fall periods, Brezhnev’s and Putin’s, for example. How to use it still? Can you say that for maximum benefit? While less philosophically minded peoples of dynamically looking for new ways to develop their powers of economy, we wandered dull monotony of the trail. Not surprisingly, instead of the gradual reforms the explosion of pent-up, long-suppressed dissatisfaction, the enthusiasm manifested frantically.

Search Stolypin calm and simultaneous blockage of them the Genie in the bottle gave unprecedented strength of the revolutionary upheaval, which they can not recover until now.

The same Stolypin spoke: “You need great upheavals, and we need a great Russia,” and he flew to shocks, which could have been avoided.

The role of the Russian factor

We are used to look for enemies. Reading studies on recent and ancient historical cataclysms, took place in Russia, surprised by the uniformity of their interpretation in the event of the Russian revolution and its ultimate catastrophic victory to blame all the Germans (they have provoked and incited the First war, and the internal Russian conflicts, financed Lenin), Jews supported the Germans and brought her provocation to the bitter end, but once in power, began to destroy the indigenous population). Of course Americans. Plus, of course, mean the allies: the British and French. Plus “the white Czechs”. Their rebellion cost many Russian lives. And then “the Finns”… Lithuanians, Latvians and other Balts shot the Royal family and the Grand Duchess Elizabeth — by the way, is also not pure Slavic blood, the Martyr. But Stalin all internal and external enemies gave shorten. So, anyway, conclusion: hence, among other Nations has a bright personality, don’t turn the same, no one to call Stalin a guest worker, and Khrushchev and Brezhnev — Ukrainian nationalists.

What would become of the power without the Vikings and falsdmitry? Without Biron and victuals of the king’s wives, who ruled Russia with their husbands (and instead)?

Everything that happened in Russia, including the gradual collapse of the Empire, it is characteristic and typical of celokupnog the current political situation in the world. Hot active participation — and even what! — the indigenous population of “alien elements” — on the background of passive mass — mass embody the same aspirations.

Hymns and hope

Far from the civilized countries of LIH (banned in Russia), and escape from the scourge of nowhere. Selected target States have become — within their borders — concubines and hostages of the war erupted: explosions, murder, assassination, violence, inescapable the police redoubled to capture the elusive aggressive individuals and groups of criminals.

What, however, is responsible for the shed blood of the pursued and if the collapse of Europe will continue) doomed? Chants in protest and solidarity with those who do not accept bloodshed. The French joined hands and are singing “La Marseillaise”, they echo the Spaniards, the Italians, the Swedes and cold. Funny and touching. Can the anthems that make a difference?

It seems sang the first Christians, when they hunted wild beasts. Destroy submissive fanatics stood. Self-respect and the peaceful commandments of Christ helped them to survive.

In the rebellious fanatics prevails mannered savagery of the primitive. Can’t compose like Bach, Beethoven, Rachmaninoff, Tchaikovsky… And the novels are not given to create these novels, which was created by Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Updike, Galsworthy, Dickens. In philosophy, they do not Shine. In the exact Sciences do not succeed. So have to take others. Opposite.

Nabaviti erected on the steps of Cologne Cathedral, memorials in memory group fingered on Christmas night. For someone trying? Who intend a strong conviction (and an appeal to moral rules?) Rather, they hear aliens. While rapists and murderers of a different Outlook. But the militants (for simplicity we denote all their army this common characteristics) can conquer the world, because among nebivolol more adherents elementarschinu…

Achieve this whether together, not wanting to look back into the distance and putting the fatal temptation of their own ambitions above the saving unity in front of serious threats?

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