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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Scientists have figured out who would be a perfect pair of single people

A group of Czech researchers from Charles University, found that when choosing a potential partner, single people are attracted to “opposites” in any case, if we are talking about appearance. The study showed that people who are already married, often find attractive those who look like them, those who have a pair of no — on the contrary, prefer maximally different people.

photo: pixabay.com

In the study, experts showed the students pictures of different people and were asked to rate how attractive and sexy they find those whom you can see in the pictures. While frames were pre-processed on the computer to artificially make some people more similar to respondents, but some — on the contrary, less. All study participants had previously reported, was whether they are in relationships at the time of the meeting.

As it turned out, those of students, one couple was not often found most attractive those people in the pictures that were not too similar to them in appearance, while people in relationships consisting, most often, evaluated the images the opposite way.

Although scientists still can not confidently answer the question, what explains their results. As one of the assumptions they put forward the probability that the search of the opposites is “natural” situation and a change of priorities is a subconscious human reaction that now he does not mean to seek a new partner to be faithful to the current partner. Another explanation could be that being in a relationship people (again, subconsciously) is committed not to the search for a romantic relationship, but to people who could understand and maintain, and it gets them to pay attention to similar to people, causing a sort of “family” feelings.

Their work, the researchers published in the scientific journal Frontiers in Psychology.

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