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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Russian tourists are offered to protect yourself from terrorist attacks at double the price

In the Russian Union of travel industry reported that the deceased at the time of the attack in nice Victoria Savchenko and her friend Pauline Serebryakov, which was taken to the hospital with fractures of the toes, came to France without the help of travel agencies. However, it is known that both girls were immune. Due to insurance company will be held repatriation of bodies of the lost Russians, in addition, the insurer will pay medical help the second injured tourist (read about all that is known about tragedy, in our online broadcasting).

photo: pixabay.com

Every time when such tragedies occur, the question arises how our tourists traveling abroad, protected from that kind of risk – not just physically, but legally. The paradox is that standard travel insurance does not cover the risk of terrorism. To exclude terrorism insurance companies allows 964-th article of the RF Civil code, according to which the insurance company has the right to refuse to award damages if it is not separately stated in the contract, in the event of a terrorist attack, military action, nuclear explosions, and civil unrest. As told “MK” Chairman of the Russian Union of insurers on insurance issues in tourism Julia Aleeva, recently some insurers have begun to sell extended insurance, which include the risk of a terrorist attack. However, to estimate how many per cent of travel insurance policies today cover such expenses, an expert is not taken. It is known that last fall, their share did not exceed 1%.

Because after the tragedy in nice immediately connected to insurers, it is reasonable to assume that the Russian tourists such insurance was. On the other hand, even the insurance companies, not extending insurance coverage to the consequences of terrorist attacks, can afford “broad gestures”, if we are talking about a small number of victims. For business is much more important in this situation to maintain the reputation. But given the increased threat level to constantly count on the loyalty of insurers is impossible.

Muscovites bring flowers to the French Embassy after the attack in nice (12 photos)

For the first time spoke about the issue last year after the tragedies in the skies of Egypt and the capital of France. Even had the idea to fix the rate of insurance of risks of terrorism in insurance contracts as required. It was expected that the innovation will be adopted at the Federal level for six months. But all that remained in the projects. “The insurance company still has the right to include such risks and not to include them – as agreed with the client. And, of course, in this case, the tariff can be upgraded,” said Yulia Alcheev.

How much it will cost exactly tourist insurance against terrorist attacks, has helped to clarify a call to the insurance company. The Manager said that the preparation of such insurance operates a two-time ratio: if the usual policy for weekly ride is $7 euros, “anti-terrorism” – already $14. A lot or a little is up to the consumers.

According to the Deputy head of the Department of insurance of a large insurance company Larissa Antonova, going on holiday Russians are actively buying extended insurance policies after each high-profile attack, but their activity is quickly eroding, as soon as the subject ceases to sound in the media.

On the eve of the Rostourism recommended to Russians in France to be vigilant and stay safe. Against this background, the member of the Duma Committee on defense Maxim Shingarkin has not excluded that in the near future in Russia there can be a ban on the sale of vacation packages to France, and on Charter flights between the countries. But, unfortunately, at the moment the risks of terrorist attacks are great not only for France. From nice you can draw an analogy with Tunisia, where the attack was also directed against tourists on the coast citizens. It is hardly possible to have a rest in Turkey — although it is “opened” for Russian tourists, the safer it became.

Watch the video on “The full video of the attack in nice: almost a hundred dead, panic”

Unknown drove a truck into a crowd and started shooting at one of the Central streets of nice, in the evening of the 14th of July. The townspeople celebrated the Bastille Day; at the moment, reported 84 victims. According to reports, the Russian foreign Ministry, killed one citizen of Russia, another was injured.

MK is an online broadcast of events.

Attention. With a 30-second video footage of the victims.

The attack in nice. Chronicle of events

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