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Sunday, March 18, 2018

“Operation Nemesis”: what is used in Syria, the Russian long-range aviation

Russian strategic bombers for a second day bombed positions of ISIL near the Syrian city of Palmyra. The strikes on militant positions and infrastructure. “MK” asked a military expert if these strikes called retribution for the deaths of two Russian helicopter pilots, and whether the use of “strategy” to cause serious damage to the terrorists.

photo: youtube.com

The rationale for this impact is, of course, says military expert Viktor murakhovski.

– Now to the East of Palmyra was a difficult situation, the Syrian government troops don’t have enough reserves to plug the holes in the terrorist attacks of ISIS. Over the past few days terrorists have taken a number of Syrian army positions, the challenge now is to thin out the ranks of the insurgents, and this has been our aircraft. It is clear that the aircraft destroys infrastructure, fixed positions, control points, – said the expert.

Murakhovski noted that such strikes are effective only at stationary targets, they are much less effective if applied on the positions of militants, as here, they are large forces do not hold, and strike groups with high density do not collect.

They quickly enough gather small groups of 15-20 people and 5-6 cars with heavy machine guns. Added a few APCS or tanks that are hiding in residential area and put the dagger strikes – said murakhovski. – They are fighting quite competently, even in phases of warfare can clearly be seen that’s run by people trained in Soviet military schools and academies.

The expert is convinced that the attacks of long-range aviation in the first place destroying the economic Foundation of ISIS, but the situation in the forefront they impact to put it mildly, not much. Can with great certainty say that these attacks also are a tribute to the terrorists for the deaths of two Russian helicopter pilots who died during the fighting at Palmyra. According to experts, the strikes of the Russian strategic aviation will not be conducted on an ongoing basis and will soon be closed as the targets for long-range aviation in Syria are almost there.

Watch the video on “the defense Ministry released a video of bombing the militants in Syria, long-range aviation”

The Russian defense Ministry released a video of the impact of long-range bombers Tu-22M3 on the positions and the infrastructure of militants in Syria. The operation involved six aircraft.

Video published on the website youtube.com user of the Russian defense Ministry

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