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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Opened the exhibition of artists-experimenters 1920-30-ies

In the gallery of modern art ARTSTORY in the framework of the project “Fascinated by the East”, July 13, showed a documentary film “the Passion of Igor Savitsky — artist, who created in the capital of Karakalpakstan Nukus Museum of nonconformist art.

photo: Natalia Akimova

Life Savitsky fell on turbulent times: the Civil war and the Great Patriotic war, Stalin’s repressions. He left Moscow, workshop on the Arbat and moved to a distant Karakalpakstan to stay there forever. After the demonstration of the film about Igor Savitsky remembered artists Alexander Volkov and Alexander Kedrin. It is clear that in addition to the film, the audience can visit the exhibition. And here the most interesting.

The exhibition presents over 150 works, many of which are being exhibited for the first time. Is painting, graphics and sculpture – the work of the experimenters of the 1920s and 30s, who have devoted their lives to Central Asia. So there is a unique phenomenon, calledRussian East.”

The first hall welcomes visitors with the paintings of Alexander Kedrin: “the Irresistible power of Love,” “Take me in the distance light” and “Blue bowl”, — a sort of figurative, full of bright and vibrant colours. The same situation is with the work of Alexander Volkov, “the Caravans of my childhood”, by the name of the outlines of people and camels. There is also a small sculpture from clay by the same author, hinting at silhouettes of people.

The second propaganda posters Association “Window Ustag” Vladimir Rozhdestvensky. He wrote them during the great Patriotic war. Further drawings of children, adults and the elderly Gleb Orlov, executed in charcoal on paper. The work of Antonina Romodanovskaya (girls picking cotton), written in delicate colors of watercolor paint.

Go ahead — the room of portraits. At first glance it seems that this is not only as images of famous personalities. However, we read the plate to the work of the artist Benjamin kedrina, “the common people of Uzbekistan”. With kind, smiling faces and thoughtful eyes, as if staring into the distance. There hangs a pair of pencil drawings of Julia Razumovskaya mosque and crooked growing trees, and a room with columns in old building.

If previous room is the abundance of black and grey paints, this one, he’s the last one, is striking in bright and vibrant colors. Here, the tea house under the spreading branches of trees, frozen on the shore fishermen of Victor Residents, the streets of Uzbekistan Anton Chirkova, reminiscent of “one Thousand and one nights.” The real fairy-tale!

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