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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Obesity was three times more dangerous for men than for women

A new scientific study, whose results were recently published in the journal The Lancet, showed that among people with obesity or even moderate obesity, the risk of premature death significantly higher than among those whose weight falls within normal parameters. In this case in particular, this trend can be seen among men, experts say.

photo: pixabay.com

The experts summarized the results of 239 previous studies, which together involved more than 10 million people aged 20 to 90 years. To make sure that their stats will reflect the relationship of excess weight and risk of premature mortality, the experts in their study made an adjustment for other risk factors, such as bad habits and chronic diseases. The specialists have found out what the various participants had a body mass index — a ratio of weight in kilograms to the square of the height in meters.

The study showed that research participants, who had normal body mass index (20 to 25), the risk of premature death was lower than those who have this indicator was lower or higher. According to the researchers, moderate overweight in an average year reduced life expectancy of the person, while obesity — an average of three years. Among men the trend was observed much stronger — for example, the risk of dying before 70 years was 19% in men and 11 percent among women with “normal” weight. The obesity of the first degree increased these figures to 29.5 and 14.6 percent, respectively, that is, in absolute numbers among men they have increased three times stronger (10.5 per cent compared with 3.6 for women).

It is worth noting that recently published several studies, the authors of which in one aspect have come to believe the opposite of the above. The work, published in January 2016 in the journal Obesity, and the scientific article may have appeared in the scientific Journal Journal of the American Medical Association, provide evidence that “optimal” from the point of view of life expectancy is the body mass index, slightly exceeding the norm, that is most likely to live as long as people have some excess weight. Many researchers in this case did believe that the body mass index is a very biased indicator for use in science. As one of the arguments in favor of this position is often cited the fact that the BMI of people who are professionally involved in sports, it is often unnecessarily high due to the fact that, in its calculation does not differentiate between the weight of adipose tissue and muscle mass.

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