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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Labor did not support a ban on excursions by foreigners

The Ministry has no plans to ban foreign guides led tours of Russia. The initiative to amend the already acclaimed professional standard guides made by the community members. They offered to fix in the document the rule to the tour guide and the travel Manager can only citizens of the Russian Federation.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

As stated by the President of the Association of guides-interpreters Alexander Osipov, the current version of the standard does not meet the criteria of patriotism. According to the author of the draft amendments, the fact that Chinese tourists in major museums around the country drive guides-Chinese prejudice to the rights of foreign visitors. Because imported guide knows about the history of Russia and its art and culture is much less than the domestic tour. However, the office idea is not supported. As noted, the labor Minister Maxim Topilin, such restrictions would be discriminatory. Moreover, working legally in our country guides from foreign countries can be counted on the fingers. According to officials at the moment in all regions there are a little over 30 people. Most Chinese, in addition there is a celebration. “Guided tours of Italy or France, which leads to the Museum a group of their fellow citizens, much more interesting they will talk about the paintings with a roll in the history of Italy or France,” – said Topilin.

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