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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Freedom, equality and brutality: for terrorists of European values — an empty phrase

Liberty, equality, fraternity, and death. Or restriction of liberty, not equality, not fraternity, and life. The choice is very difficult. Ideological. Yes, the Europeans are willing to die for freedom, equality and brotherhood, to die rather than to compromise your principles, are worthy of respect.

There is, however, a caveat. How many more corpses will it take to understand these three great principles don’t work in the war. And the war is declared and goes. The war to destroy European civilization.

And the enemy that characteristic, too, want freedom, equality and brotherhood. That’s just understand them differently. And planted in its own way — not the politics of multiculturalism and tolerance, and TNT and gunfire.

You don’t like the cluster of police, when you celebrate on the street national holiday? Don’t like that you have to pass through the frame and show the contents of the bags? Not like that limited movement? That inspect parked cars, because it is an encroachment on someone’s property? And to be torn to shreds by the explosion or flattened by a truck like that?

Dead. Photos twitter
Photo gallery of the attack in nice: the truck plowed through the crowd, nearly a hundred victims (20 photos)

The question therefore is simple — who in this clash will survive, he will dictate his understanding of liberty, equality and fraternity. Differently — in any way.

I repeat — this is war. And for his ideas and principles will have to fight. Not words. Words and your values, the terrorists will not understand. They are just different. With their words and values. And all the exhortations and open door policy they consider only your weakness that you use.

It is time to understand what I have understood in my country, no need to hug hung with explosives by a suicide bomber and tell him that all men are brothers. He needs to put a bullet in the forehead, wrap the body in pig skin and throw in the nameless trash.

Otherwise, liberty, equality and fraternity in Europe will be interpreted according to the laws of Sharia.

The attack in nice. Chronicle of events

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