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Friday, March 16, 2018

Experts pointed out the mistakes of the French secret services in nice

Disregard for the safety of citizens, lack of intelligence, weak intelligence work – these are the words experts assess the work of law enforcement agencies of France, where one after another come the attacks with a large number of victims. Experts pointed to specific weaknesses of the French secret services and called possible measures to ensure order in the country.

After the incident of the attack in nice, which killed more than 80 people, French and international experts once again raised the question about security measures in the country.

“It is unclear why there were so few police, why was there no cordon, why the police reacted so poorly to what is happening in front of them”

The head of the region Provence – Alpes – côte d’azur, where the attack took place, Christian Estrosi has demanded from the authorities of France and the interior Ministry explanations about the safety measures in nice on the occasion of the national holiday.

“I still didn’t mention the number of national police officers who were involved on the occasion of this event, which was attended by several thousand people, July 14. I would like to know what resources had been mobilized public services and the Ministry of internal Affairs”, – the statement Estrosi, RIA “Novosti” with reference to the channel BFM TV.

In turn, the Chairman of the parliamentary Commission to investigate the November terrorist attacks Georges Fenech said that the French authorities had not taken the necessary measures after the terrorist attacks of November 13 in Paris. “I believe that we have not learned all the lessons taking into account the gravity of the attacks that target,” said the Fennec Fox is the TV channel iTele.

He recalled that in the night of Friday, Hollande made a televised address in which he told authorities about taken measures. “We hear from the President one and the same. “Operation sentinel” (attracting 10 thousand military security)? It has no real application today. The increase in attacks in Syria? It was already after acts of terrorism on 13 November. The extension of state of emergency? But we now live under a state of emergency unfortunately, this did not prevent the implementation of terrorist attack,” – said the MP.

In addition, it is noted that the mobile app notifying about possible terrorist attacks, which were launched by the French government before the European championship in football, it worked too slowly in the case of a terrorist attack in nice, the newspaper Monde.

As the newspaper notes, the app’s users received a notification about the attack two hours after the start of the incident. According to published on the Internet photographs of the screens of mobile phones, the notice arrived in the area 1.34 (2.34 GMT). The truck crashed into a crowd of people around 22.30 local time.

Had to get ready

The President of the Association of veterans of anti-terror unit “Alfa” Sergey Goncharov said that “the security service or the gendarmerie, who were involved in organizing security at the festival, failed to protect its citizens.”

“It is unclear why there were so few police, why was there no borders, no barriers, through which could not pass either freight or passenger car. Besides, why the police reacted so poorly to what is happening in front of them the situation,” – said in an interview with the newspaper VIEW potters.

According to him, if you believe the information that in the van of the truck there were weapons – guns and grenades, then it is possible that the offender had accomplices who for some reason did not use the ammunition, otherwise victims could be much higher.

“Today, the French secret services a lot of problems. But positive dynamics neither I nor any other experts do not see. Because only recently was a terrorist attack, now again. Hollande said that now we are going to bomb Syria and Iraq. And what does Syria and Iraq are ordinary citizens who died? Why is Hollande so has a policy with their intelligence that it brings to one and then to another attack. Lack of preparation and complacency, weak intelligence work.

In France many people who were born, grew up in the country, but still practice Islam and not the laws of this state. Of course, these people the terrorists most attention. They are recruited and used for their own purposes. There is also the problem of migrants who arrived in European countries. If someone thinks that they came to France to work, he is mistaken. They came to live on benefits. And they have enlisted and are just waiting for a job. So French intelligence services have a long work to identify such people among the refugees or those who are already settled in France,” warned the expert.

Sergey Goncharov said that in Russia the law enforcement agencies carry out much better safety for public events.

“Those mass events in Moscow, such a disregard for the safety of citizens, our police and security services are not allowed. We always have a huge number of cordons that block any entrances of unauthorized transport. Moreover, events in Russia had a truck will not be able to move”, – concluded the expert.

The former head of the Israeli secret services “Nativ” Yaakov Kedmi, in comments the newspaper VIEW noted that in preparation for the mass activities of the security services and the police have to figure out what forms of terror are possible there. In nice if I’d taken into consideration that a possible terrorist attack with a truck, among other things, it was necessary to prohibit at this time of entry into the territory. “That is, to turn a particular area into a sterile for potential terrorists: prohibition of entry or control over those who passed,” – said the expert. Also must be a sufficient number of people, both in form and without form, who will be able to neutralize the terrorists.

The question of how to stop the terrorist in the process of the attack, which he tries to carry out important, but is not determinative of the fight against terror, said the expert.

The determining factor is the work on calculation of the potential fighters are still at the stage when they are trying to adopt a terrorist ideology, as they determine in the process of organization, of movement, the acquisition of certain assets. “It’s a completely different system that depends on all public services, not just intelligence. This change in legislation and more enhanced control over all potential terrorists,” said Kedmi.

He stressed that at the slightest suspicion of terrorist should be able more deeply and to study it in advance to take preventive measures instead of trying to stop when he is driving or when he has an explosive or a gun. From a professional point of view, “if a terrorist is already in the execution stage of the attack, it is a failure of the entire system,” said the expert.

Kedmi reminded that Israel also had terrorist attacks using improvised means – ranging from cars and ending with the scissors, terrorists can use anything. Those attacks, which, despite everything, was made, – the result of insufficiently effective work at the stage of prevention, detection or road terrorists on the scene. “All this should be strengthened,” – said the source. He added that the problem is all of Europe, not only in France.

According to Kedmi, “with all the methods of the terrorist, fundamentalist-religious propaganda must be fought to contain it and neutralize those who do it. This is not freedom of speech, freedom of terror.”

“The extension of state of emergency? But we now live under a state of emergency unfortunately, this did not prevent the implementation of terrorist attack”

The expert explained that, unlike Europe, Israel and other conditions: a small border, to enter uncontrollably almost impossible, and the emphasis in the work of the security services that is helpful in the detection of terrorists at an early stage. Thus, in Israel, “operational coverage security services, the system of control over the means of communication of information more effective than in Europe,” he concluded.

“It is clear that the use of police weapons in a situation with a truck was difficult, but on this occasion must act in special instructions. Obviously: the fact that the truck drove the half-mile or two and was not stopped, is a defect not only police but also intelligence. It was necessary to provide additional security measures, which was not made,” – said the head of European security Institute of Europe, RIAC expert Dmitry Danilov.

However, he noted that in this case we should speak not about the specific shortcomings of law enforcement, but about the “more General problem”. “The fact that when a terrorist attack occurs, then the steps taken are in many respects not resemble the anti-terrorist work, and situational reaction. Yes, understood, Yes, said that strengthening the measures, was heard political signals – then much of this work does not apply in a wider field and does not lead to any systematic measures,” – said the expert.

About goal setting

The main cause of the tragedy in nice is about the targeting of NATO, declared at the Warsaw summit a major security threat in Europe is not terrorism, and Russia, says the chief editor of the magazine “national defense” Igor Korotchenko.

“The main reason of the attack in nice in the fact that misplaced emphasis in the analysis of the main security threats for Europe. Just past the Warsaw summit of NATO, it was stated that the main security threat to Russia and that all efforts should be thrown to neutralize this threat. It is absolutely about goal-setting, and in this respect, NATO has a moral responsibility for the heinous terrorist attack in nice, because instead of building fighting real threats in the face of international terrorism there have been declared absolutely false,” said RIA “Novosti” Korotchenko.

According to experts, intelligence agencies of France once again demonstrated their unwillingness to identify and neutralize intruders in the early stages of preparation of terrorist acts, and the lack of police control over them. Moreover, the tragedy in nice revealed the weakness of the existing legislative provision and legal frameworks, which need to be improved to give European law enforcement agencies an effective tool for early warning of possible terrorist manifestations.

Commenting on the incident in nice, the Deputy speaker of the state Duma Sergei Zheleznyak said that the attack was carried out on a holiday to demonstrate the ineffectiveness of the activities of Western intelligence agencies. “Russia has repeatedly urged countries to unite in the fight against international terrorism. We encourage today in the face of obvious and great danger to put aside all differences, to put aside political ambitions and take a unified stand against criminals, not sparing anyone in the way of its destructive forces,” he said.

Zheleznyakov believes that the creation of a broad coalition, called the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, “by combining the efforts and experience of the intelligence services of different countries, civilized Nations will be able to protect its citizens from, unfortunately, a possible new terrorist attacks.”

Recall that in the nice truck crashed into a crowd of people who gathered on the promenade des Anglais to watch the fireworks in honor of Bastille Day. A truck crashed into a crowd, rammed her “for 2 km. According to recent reports, the victims were 84 people.

The contractor was identified according to the documents, which were kept with him. It was them 31-year-old Frenchman of Tunisian origin Mohamed Louisej Bouhlel. Truck attack he rented.

Hollande called the tragedy a terrorist attack nice. At the same time, the Prosecutor of the French city of Jean-Michel Prêtre said that while he could not qualify the event as a terrorist attack; however, many details make to push this version”.

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