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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

“Dill” presented territorial claims to Belarus

Contrary to the decisions of the government of Ukraine the authorities of Volyn region (and the representatives of the party DILL) refused to recognize his part of the border with Belarus. The head of the region said he did not understand on what basis one of the sites went to the neighboring country. The locals have well-defined interests that interfere with an accurate boundary.

On Thursday, the Volyn regional Council of the faction DILL urged the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to create the Commission for check of documents on the delimitation of the Ukrainian-Belarusian border.

“In fact, the cause of action of local residents is not the protection of state interests, and regular for the region need to be taken from the canal water for washing of amber”

According to UNIAN, this week in the village of Vetly Lubarovska the district met the head of regional Council Igor Palitsa with the local “community” (community), as well as a Ministerial meeting, convened at the request of the people’s Deputy, Chairman of the political Council of Dill Taras Batenko. It was decided to establish a special Commission at the state level and the Commission in the area to “finally understand”, where the Ukrainian-Belarusian border.

“The peasants in vetly configured radically. We promised people that we will do an audit of all documents on the basis of which carried out the delimitation and demarcation work. If the documents are untrue, we have to report people. If any documents were provided without confirmation, we also let you know. About the channel without a name (which now is the border – approx. UNIAN) had no documents, and for some reason he moved to the Belarusian side,” – said the head of regional Council Igor Palitsa.

Ukrainians are accustomed to, they are here – “home”

In addition, according to the head of the regional Council, the Ukrainian side has allowed Belarus construction of a reservoir near White lake, which flows into the channel and in the waters which also was bound. “We will invite specialists to analyze, it threatens the reservoir ecosystem,” said Mace.

At the call of the head of a regional Council deputies set up a temporary control Commission of the regional Council for the protection of the interests of regional communities in the demarcation of the border with Belarus. The Commission was chaired by the Deputy ukropovets Alexander Kuryluk. Recall that the Mace is one of the leaders of the party DILL and one of the closest associates of the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky. Before the advent of Volyn he was Governor in Odessa, including during the events of may 2, 2014.

Controversial Zhirovskie channel located on the other side of the border, passes through the Drogichin district, Brest region.

“I don’t know why Mace refers to the channel ring. It Zhirovskie channel that is indicated on all the maps – was surprised in conversation with the newspaper VIEW one of the inhabitants of the district Drogichin. Channel always been on the Belarusian side. Yes, now the controversy began. Ukrainians are accustomed to that forest walk where I want and go fishing on White lake where you want. Now Ukrainian, and our guards chase those who cross the border. It turns out that their interests are infringed. But from our own nobody protests! The Belarusian law-abiding people. I have not heard even the mundane conversations about what someone is unhappy. All protests are heard from the Ukrainians. Used that they’re in these woods, on this channel and lake – owners”.

As recalled by the interviewee, work on the adjacent Ukrainian territory, most of the people there. “The main income of the rural population – blueberry. Constantly violate the border while collecting blueberries. In previous years they have even been allowed to go on the Belarusian territory in order to collect berries. From the Ukrainian villages of the surrounding areas received a collective appeal on this issue, and our government, these requests were satisfied”, – he said.

In addition, in the last two years another important kind of earnings on the Ukrainian side of the border became illegal amber mining, he added.

Tried to explain to people the absurdity of their actions

As written by the Ukrainian portal “Корреспондент.net” the demarcation of the border started in September last year, and it started at the junction of three States – Ukraine, Belarus and Poland. In the Volyn region 181 is scheduled to install the sign at a distance of 100-150 meters from each other. To determine where exactly is the border, the experts worked for a year, was noted. However, in may the crowd of residents of Volyn region crossed the border and was forced to stifle the Belarusian equipment.

“On the border Lubarovska district of Volyn region, local residents have expressed dissatisfaction about the conduct of the demarcation works of the Belarusian side and the fact that, in their opinion, the delimitation of the Ukrainian-Belarusian border was carried out correctly. The problem area was Zhirovskie the channel that runs along the border and in accordance with the agreement on this site belongs to the Republic of Belarus”, – said the assistant head of the state border service of Ukraine Oleg Slobodyan.

According to him, the Belarusian side is not able to resume engineering work, because “the locals don’t allow to do it.” “This situation can lead to failure of the field demarcation works on the state border, which in turn will negatively affect the bilateral inter-state relations,” warned Slobodyan and complained that attempts to explain people the absurdity of their actions to no avail. “Now, verified information that is actually the reason for the protest of the local inhabitants is not to protect state interests, and regular for the region need to be taken from the canal water for washing of amber”, – said the representative of state frontier service of Ukraine.

As the newspaper view, the demarcation agreement was signed in 1997. The Ukrainian side ratified it, and the Belarusian directly linked the issue of ratification with Ukraine’s repayment of debt which according to various estimates, ranged from 80 to 150 million dollars.

“The question of border demarcation has long been in limbo. There was a discussion of the Minsk and Kiev around debt that arose after the collapse of the Soviet Union – said the newspaper VIEW analyst”, BelaPAN” Alexander Klaskouski (Minsk). – Why Minsk did not sign the agreement with Ukraine, demanding the debt. Only two years ago, barely the issue was settled. It was urging, as he had looked then in the direction of the European Union, and you had to show Brussels that his boundaries are clear. Eventually, Kiev agreed to the compromise, the agreement was finally ratified and began work on the demarcation. How, then, has warned the Belarusian government it is a huge job and it will take at least eight years. This is more than a thousand kilometers – the forest, the swamp.”

In may, the state border Committee of Belarus acknowledged that there were “misunderstandings” with the residents of Volyn, because zhirovskie channel, said Klaskouski.

“According to the head of the state border Committee Leonid Maltsev, since the Soviet times, people just got used to that, the border is purely symbolic, you can walk, fish, berries to collect. He cheated on the psychology of local residents. It is clear that the Volyn authorities are trying to respond to the “aspirations of the masses”, the deputies depend on them, they need to be elected. Do not rule out that this is some sort of populist decision,” said Belarusian political analyst, commenting on the attempt of the deputies personally and Mace to join the ordinary people of the village Vetly.

“My prediction – the Kiev and Minsk will try without scandal to resolve this issue. There’s lots of time – six years to the end of demarcation. Has stalled in one area? Well, will transfer the equipment to another site,” – suggested the expert.

“Kiev have been begging this agreement and the Minsk went to meet, so Ukraine will not make trouble about it. In the last two years Kyiv tries to behave with Minsk very diplomatic, properly. As consider in Kiev, Alexander Lukashenko took overall a very balanced position, so better not to irritate. Once from Kiev sounded very sharp reproaches, Belarus was called “dictatorship”. Democracy was no more, but such accusations are not heard. So Volyn deputies can make noise about this, but I don’t think they will listen”, – said Klaskouski.

“I think the parties razrulit this situation correctly. Minsk, may be, it does not matter a few hundred meters to move the border. Lukashenko is actively strengthening its “Western vector”, and one of his public relations chips that “we have with any of the neighbors no problem”, – concluded the analyst.

As the newspaper VIEW, in may this year, Moscow has said it hopes to resume negotiations with Ukraine on the delimitation and demarcation of the state border, when in Kiev will ripen for this condition. In may last year, the Ukrainian government gave the different departments of instruction for the unilateral demarcation of the Russian border. It was also reported that Kiev has promised to spend on border with Russia about 200 million dollars. And in September 2014, the then Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk announced about the launch of the project “the Wall” along the border with Russia. Later, he even suggested to rename it “European Val”. However, soon one of the advisors of the President of Ukraine acknowledged that on the project there is simply no money.

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