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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Abdel Rahman al-Dahab: And I lost power to the new President

“Many of the “Muslim Brothers” – a wise policy. Many of those who now managed by the Sudan, including President Omar Bashir, came out of this movement,” – said the newspaper VIEW former Sudanese President Abdel Rahman Swar al-Dahab. In his opinion, the position of the government of Bashir remained strong, despite US sanctions and even the recent disintegration of the country.

Sudan was suddenly the focus of international media on Sunday after its President Omar Bashir South African court has forbidden to leave South Africa. The arrest of the President, who came to Johannesburg at the African Union summit, now six years sought by the international criminal court.

“Osama bin Laden came to us as a businessman, and expressed a desire to invest in the country and to do charity work”

The evening of the same day, the Ministry of information of Sudan has informed Agency Bloomberg that Bashir still left South Africa. But later, as the newspaper VIEW, there is evidence that journalists have seen the President of Sudan at the summit and after message about his departure to Khartoum. UN Secretary General ban Ki-moon on Monday morning demanded that the South African authorities to implement the verdicts of the international court and arrest Bashir.

How strong today is the position of Omar Bashir in the Sudan, in an interview with the newspaper LOOK told his predecessor as President, the leader of the international organization “Islamic call” with headquarters in Khartoum, the 81-year-old Abdel Rahman Swar al-Dahab. The interview was recorded before there was a scandal in South Africa. Last weekend, Abdel Rahman Swar al-Dahab participated in Moscow at the meeting of the group of strategic vision “Russia – Islamic world”, which was held under the chairmanship of the leader of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov and with the participation of the foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Lavrov.

VIEW: Mr. former President, last week President Omar al-Bashir has changed several Ministers, including oil Minister. This Shoe does not Herald a change in its policy?

Abdel Rahman Swar al-Dahab in the 80-ies (photo: egyptwindow.net)

Abdel Rahman al-Dahab: of Course not. The Minister of oil, for example, held his post for ten years. Others also held their posts long enough. It’s just time to upgrade office, to invite new people.

OPINION: why survival of the Sudan after four years ago were separated from you, South Sudan, and with it the main oil fields? Many experts then predicted that the country will go bankrupt and the government of al-Bashir will fall. Moreover, the country is under US sanctions.

A. D.: We have passed difficult times. President al-Bashir in early June, after his reelection, delivered a message to the nation. He said that with God’s help, we will actively develop and now mining, to develop other fields, for example, minerals. We used too heavily dependent on oil. Now is the time to change this dependence. So now gold is beginning to replace oil. Difficult times, I hope, is behind us.

OPINION: Your predecessor, the President of Sudan, Jaafar nimeiri, initially focused on the Soviet Union and ushered in a government of Communists, but then he quarreled with them, and later, in contrast, have introduced into their environment leaders of the movement “Muslim brotherhood”. As I write, this was due to the increased role of Islam in the world, including with the winning slogans of the Iranian “Islamic revolution.” However, in March 1985, he fired the leader of the “Muslim brotherhood”, and a month later went to visit in the United States. In many historical references in the Network said that while Nimeiri was in the ocean, “the bloodless coup” you overthrew him and became President…

A. D.: Yes, I was Nimeiri, in fact, the Deputy and defense Minister. He flew to America at the invitation of the President of the United States. But at this moment occurred a popular uprising, the entire population went out to protest, demanding his resignation. I then consulted extensively with all colleagues, we have seen that Nimeiri lost any support of the people.

Instead of shooting at crowds of unarmed people, I decided to end the rebellion by peaceful means – that is, to announce the overthrow of Nimeiri. I at the time took the post of President. But a year later elections were held, the people voted, and I lost power to the newly elected President.

OPINION: That is, it was not in the debate around Islamization? How do you feel about the “Muslim Brothers” now?

A. D.: actually, this movement has its own clear policy. Many of them are wise statesmen. Many of those who now managed by the Sudan out of the “Muslim Brothers”. Even our President, Omar al-Bashir also came out of this movement.

OPINION: How do you feel about the fact that a protege “of the Muslim brotherhood in neighboring Egypt Mohammed Morsi was overthrown by the military and is now awaiting the death sentence?

Ad: This is an internal affair of Egypt, no one must interfere. Even though we know that the one who rules in Egypt, should treat all citizens the same way. On television, in the press constantly talks about how Egyptian authorities pursue “Muslim Brothers” who are forced to go into hiding.

However, in General, we have relations with Egypt right now. In March, for example, finally ended the dispute over the construction of HPP “Great dam”, which Ethiopia wants to build in the headwaters of the right tributary of the Nile, not far from our border. Against this, been made by Egypt. But now there is no danger, all the countries came to an agreement, the amount of water to each of the countries reserved. And the signing ceremony of the three countries was held here in Khartoum, including came and the Egyptian President Mr El-Sisi.

Look: IN the early ‘ 90s, before all the high-profile terrorist attacks against the United States, lived in Sudan, Osama bin Laden. He even married the niece of one of the leaders of the Sudanese “Brothers-Muslims”. If he were alive and he ask again for asylum, he would be sheltered?

And.D.: No. Osama bin Laden came to us as a businessman, and expressed a desire to invest in the country and to do charity work. We took as an investor, he was prepared to invest many millions of dollars. But then the Americans approached us with a request not to grant him asylum, and then bin Laden left the country.

OPINION: in Sudan perceive the war in Yemen? You don’t think it’s part of the overall confrontation between Sunnis and Shiites, backed by Iran?

Ad: No, this is a more complicated problem. There are rebels not only of Shia’s (Huthis), but those who call themselves Sunnis. They are, in fact, are at the same time, trying to overthrow the legitimately elected President.

OPINION: After the revolution in Iran, in those days, when you were in power, did not discuss in your circle idea is also to introduce a theocracy, like in there?

Ad: No, we do not agree with this form of government. Theocracy was possible only under the first four righteous caliphs. We also don’t allow practice of the Shiite faith in Sudan, prohibit guests from Iran to preach at us Shiism. For example, two years ago, the government expelled from Sudan two Iranian preachers.

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