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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Who will be the candidate for Vice-President under his Majesty Donald trump

It turns out that not all aircraft are subject to the schedules of his Majesty Donald trump. And on 13th July (unlucky number!) Trump stuck in the city of Indianapolis, capital of Indiana. To lose even unhappy day his Majesty was not going to. He dedicated his latest trio of politicians, who may become candidates of the Republican party for Vice-President.

photo: AP

Two candidates — former speaker of the house newt Gingrich and Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions was caused by the sight of his Majesty in Indianapolis just for that reason.

The third candidate — the Governor of Indiana Mike Pence just didn’t go anywhere. He was on the spot. But trump raided his home with their children — Donald Jr., Eric and Ivanka and husband latest Jared Kushner.

A company of reporters tried to capture the moment of the departure of the tramp from the home of Governor Pence. This scene bears little resemblance to the presidential campaign and looked more like an entertainment show, for example, to meet suitors with families of their possible wives at the end of the wedding season for the final test on compatibility and fidelity.

Mr. Gingrich, perhaps the only, decided to show off his sense of humor. When reporters asked him why he arrived in Indianapolis, Gingrich admitted that he had arrived to meet with the children of Donald trump. “You see,” he said. The children love going to zoos. (He himself was a great lover of animals and often visited zoos). So we decided to visit the Indianapolis zoo”.

An unexpected meeting with trump to the finalists in the Vice-presidents have been caused by time trouble, which he got on Wednesday, July 13. Trump announced on Twitter about his decision who will be his companion in the presidency, he said that it would be according to his Twitter at 11 am on Friday, July 15. before the Republican Convention in Cleveland, which will open on Monday. Now he has to meet them by the deadlines. In addition to meeting with the three finalists trump held telephone talks with the Governor of new Jersey Chris Christie, head of the transition to power of the group, which also encroaches on the position of Vice President. Among the finalists, Governor Pence is considered as the least risky candidate. He’s solid, though not brilliant. It can help Trump the vote of the conservatives and maintain his authority across the Midwest.

In the upper echelon of teams trump expressed optimism about Governor Pence. Think he’s personally good together with his Majesty, which corresponded to their meeting in Indianapolis.

But until Wednesday, trump showed no enthusiasm about Pence. When asked what are the chances of the latter, he said, “It’s only one trait is known”. However, his Majesty is very reminiscent of this hell.

According to the Chairman of the Republican party in Indiana Jeff Cardwell, trump and the Pens looked very relaxed during a fundraiser in Indiana. Being in Indiana trump heard from Penny about the state of the economy of this state.

Even political advisers trump, which are mainly clustered around Pence, saying that speaker Gingrich still retains a certain affection for Trump and his family, especially to her husband Ivanka Kushner.

Gingrich is a very aggressive lawyer trump and it caused an explosion of enthusiasm when campaigned in favor of trump in Ohio. Here there is another factor. This factor is called the Sheldon Adelson— the casino owner and billionaire who is the most generous supplier of dollars for the Republican party. It is reported that Republican donors made it clear to the Tramp that they prefer other competitors that is Gingrich. His views are, supposedly, more reflect the views of Adelson. As for Kouchner, he very often contactual with Adelson in recent weeks.

Adelson has spent millions of dollars to the campaign of Gingrich in 2012 when he wanted to be elected President of the US Republican party. Now billionaire and owner of many casino preparing to support trump, but has not yet prescribed any extraordinary receipts.

Apparently, being in Indiana, trump once again reviewing candidates for the final. But many Republicans who met with him in the last days, saying that trump really varies with the choice of Vice President.

In interviews and personal conversations trump calls of different qualities which for him are the most important in the candidates for Vice-President. In the primaries trump expressed their preference for those candidates who have good connections on Capitol hill. During a fundraiser on long island recently, trump said that for him the main thing — is to feel “softened” in relations with the candidate in Vice-presidents in personal relationships. In addition, said trump, it is very important that the candidate for Vice-President knew well how does the machinery of government in Washington.

In an interview this week the newspaper “the wall Street journal,” trump added another feature: his companion should be the “attack dog” that is aggressive in its election campaign. But, speaking on the TV channel “Fox news”, trump refused this claim and stated that he is not looking for the “attacking dog”.

A frantic search of candidates in Vice-presidents show how trump was far from the most influential figures in the Republican party. That’s why trump says that a personal relationship with the candidate in Vice-presidents can have crucial. In this sense, the preference is Gingrich and Christie.

As to Governor Pence, one of the favorites of trump, he is not a very prominent figure among the leaders of the Republican party. It is, of course, reliable choice in the political sense, but it would be from the trump way out of comfort zones, which his Majesty has created around himself before the General elections.

They say that punctuality is the politeness of kings. So, July 15 at exactly 11 o’clock in the morning his Majesty Donald trump should announce who will be the candidate in Vice-presidents from the Republican party.



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