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Sunday, March 18, 2018

“The Seagull” set in the homeland – in Melikhov

Instead of a scene — plot in the middle of the pond. It the actors play the scene “the Seagull”, a play performance in the old wing and on the croquet field. The audience moved after heroes. All this in beautiful Melikhovo, exactly where Chekhov wrote the play. And now, after 120 years was able to fulfill the mandate to Bones now about the need for new forms. Did it Melikhovskaya artistic Director of the theater “Chekhov Studio” Vladimir Bicer, based on the cycle of notes “Seagull Eggs” observer “MK” Alexander Minkin.

Photo: Natalia Budanova

— Volodymir Grygorovych, what conditions the performance takes place?

— In the extreme: it goes almost entirely outdoors, under the open sky. Now a genre called theater open-air. Our journey starts from the Lodge, where 120 years ago, Chekhov wrote “the Seagull”. Next we focus on the platforms which served as the prototype locations of the play. The first act takes place on the pond “Aquarium”, Anton Pavlovich with his father dug it under the Windows of the manor house. In our opinion, he is the prototype of the “magical lake”. This pond is the show Bones now the very famous “people, lions, eagles and partridges”.

Photo: Natalia Budanova

You reflected the innovation now?

— We had a performance in futurism, because we believe that the theme for its performances Treplev borrowed of then appeared the theory of space flight. Chekhov wrote “the Seagull” in the same year, when Konstantin Tsiolkovsky wrote a treatise “Flight to the stars.” By the way, the scientist lived from writer’s only 100 miles in Kaluga. In General, our version of the play now Bones is the story of the world soul and its landing on an unknown planet.

Photo: Natalia Budanova


Continue Chekhov’s geography and in the second step, find yourself on the croquet court. Only the ending of the play in the theater room under the roof. According to our common idea of the artist Vladimir Ansona (he designed the show), between the third and fourth action takes place 120 years, although Chekhov — two years. The audience are in the Museum with exhibits related to Chayka. We demonstrate not only an unusual use of space, but also the excellent acting, after all, the work involved the best forces of our theatre. For us, this production is a kind of Seagull. (In the sense in which once the piece became a symbol of the Art theatre.)

— How is it that before a performance a lecture will Alexander Minkin?

— Sunday, July 17, it will be for the first time. His speech deliberately intended. Alexander is not only a great journalist, but interesting theatrical researcher. Once I came across the text about “the Cherry orchard” and indignant at the unexpected approach to the play. At first I internally began to interfere with this material because it overturned the traditional understanding of Chekhov’s play. And after checking out in the text of the facts, I realized that Minkin was right, and completely confounded all my knowledge about the play. Then we had a long and close contact. I read his “Seagull Eggs”, where we found many curious interpretations and interpretations. I don’t hide the fact that “the Seagull” is the result of our dialogue with Alexander. Work more on the materials, there are even direct quotes. We’ve not offended.

Photo: Natalia Budanova

— You can take the moves, motives and relationships. But how do you beat such important mencinsky findings, such as the inheritance of “Chaika” traditions show the ancient murders? They are Chekhov, like Sophocles, Aeschylus and Euripides, hidden behind the stage. And you have no stage as such, no, no curtain…

— Theoretical questions are endless. View show — then many questions will disappear by themselves. And then we’ll get into surveying the theatre instead to see the eyes.

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