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Thursday, March 22, 2018

The conflict around “Zenit-Arena” compromises its construction

Because of the conflict between the customer and the contractor may be jeopardized commissioning of one of the main objects of world football championship 2018. The General contractor of construction of the stadium “Zenit arena” in St. Petersburg has notified the city hall about a work stoppage. In this situation, the city government and the General contractor blame each other.

The statement of “Inzhtransstroy-SPB” on the suspension of work was published Thursday morning, on the eve of the arrival in the city on a visiting session of the Federation Council Commission on preparations of the 2018 world Cup. And on Wednesday near the stadium there have been events that the city administration and the General contractor is interpreted in different ways.

“They are simply doomed to agree. The construction is under the control of the government and the President. It is the obligation of our country. Where do they go?”

The administration says that about 150 workers went on strike, demanding to pay wage arrears.

“The greed of the contractor led to this situation. The workers expressed their dissatisfaction with wage arrears, which in some organizations, up to two months. After meeting with the city people went to rest. The Prosecutor’s office began check that the incident is settled” – quoted by TASS press service of the Vice-Governor Igor Albin. Mister Albin on air of TV channel “Saint-Petersburg” immediately after the incident spoke more cryptically: “the inexplicable greed of the General contractor led to the command and staff exercises that we’ve conducted”. He promised to deal “with each contractor, which has not received the payments, payment for work performed and, accordingly, is not paid to subordinates.” The workers agreed to end the strike, according to Albina, after he personally spoke and convinced that the salary they will pay.

According to the version stated “Inzhtransstroy-SPB”, there were quite another hostile takeover attempt, which at least condoned by the city administration.

“Several subcontractors involved in the construction of the stadium, namely the company “Leocom”, “Elprom”, “construction Management 620”, tried to disrupt the construction of the stadium on Krestovsky island, – quotes the statement of TASS. Supposedly the company through construction machinery tried to block the admission of workers to the construction. The situation normalized only after the arrival of the police and the prosecutors. Moreover, the city administration, according to the customer to resolve the situation had nothing to do. On the contrary, “Inzhtransstroy-SPB” blames the mayor in this situation.

“The customer in the face of the city administration is doing everything to disrupt the timing of the completion of the project,” – said in a statement. Among the main claims of the General contractor to the customer – delay of project documentation and lack of payment have already been made in the amount of 1 billion roubles, the customer allegedly pulls her reception. The legislative Assembly of the city decided to increase the cost of the stadium 4.3 billion rubles. However, the cost was not approved. Moreover, the unprofitable work of the company are not compensated.

Because of all this, was in a critical situation, wage arrears do occur, and the situation is on the brink of a strike.

In a press-service of the mayoralty of St.-Petersburg refused to comment on the newspaper VIEW of the situation, citing the fact that the official review will come later. In the company “Inzhtransstroy-SPB” remarked that nothing can add to their widespread application. Any comment and the Governor of St. Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko. It is known, however, that “Inzhtransstroy-SPB” has sent him a letter in which the delay of construction of the accused officials of the administration and personally to Mr. Albin. The Minister of sport Vitaly Mutko, in his turn, expressed hope that the municipality and the General contractor still agree.

“The stadium is now ready for 85-86%. You’re not going to change now a General contractor. So they just doomed to negotiate. The construction is under the control of the government and the President. It is the obligation of our country. Where will they go? If people are incapable of reaching agreement, it will be a conversation from another region”, – quotes its words Agency “R-Sport”.

However, a source in the construction of St. Petersburg the possibility of termination of the contract with the contractor is not excluded.

Meanwhile, Albin in an interview with “Business Petersburg” says that the company will receive funding only after the presentation of acts of the executed works. “June presented of the work performed as much as 58 million rubles in the limits 1.2 billion! The value of raw advances – 3.6 billion rubles,” – he was indignant. According to him, 2.5 billion to the company last year, has “disappeared in an unknown direction,” because of what the firm had written the application in office of public Prosecutor. By the way, searches in the companies-subcontractors in June was already – though in the case of fraud initiated at the request of the contractor.

Stadium “Zenit-arena” is among the most famous Russian protracted, while at the beginning of its construction it was assumed that it will be the most spectacular sports facility of the Russia. After all, the author of the project was the famous architect Kisho Kurokawa. It was he who designed the famous stadium “Oita Prefecture in Japan, considered one of the engineering marvels of the modern age. Construction began in 2006.

Soon, however, the Kurokawa’s project had to be changed (the architect himself died in 2007) as technically too difficult. According to the initial plan, the stadium was expected to pass in 2008. But the deadline to finish the project failed, and in December of 2009, before the intended opening, the project has criticized FIFA, saying that he does not meet the criteria of this organization. All the deadlines were postponed four times. Now it is expected to pass it by June 2017 to the Confederations Cup.

Unfortunately, the stadium in St. Petersburg is not the only example of problems arising with the construction of facilities for the championship. In June, Mutko talked about the suspension of construction of the stadium in Samara and about the problem of Kaliningrad. We are talking about the land of Kaliningrad horticultural society, which the local authorities are trying to remove. On this land is expected to build the infrastructure for the championship, in particular Parking. As for the stadium in Samara, which is planned to be commissioned by 15 December 2017, as announced on 13 July Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov, here all difficulties are fixed and the construction started in 2014 and will be completed in time.

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