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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Specialist, NASA announced that Mars has life

A planetary scientist Alfred McEwen, an employee of the University of Arizona and the U.S. space Agency NASA said that Mars may dwell in primitive life forms. As suggested by scientist, bacteria, such as those that can be found in Antarctic lakes of the Earth could billions of years to survive in the depths of the frozen Martian soil. The microorganisms of Mars, according to the researcher, are of the same origin as the earth.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

Specialist suggests that during the time when the meteor bombardment “split” fragments of Earth and Mars, the two planets almost certainly was to “infect” each other life, if that arose on one of them. Further conditions for the evolution of organisms was more favorable on the Earth, causing the life on it and flourished. However, this does not necessarily mean that it has disappeared from Mars, claims scientist. Descendants of microorganisms that survived the journey from Earth to Mars (unless, of course, to avoid an even more ambitious scenario that life on Mars originated and then came to Earth) could survive in the conditions that exist on the red planet today, continues to develop his idea scientist. In this case, if the earth and a hypothetical Martian life are related, it is logical to assume that the microorganisms of the red planet will largely resemble the earth, continues the researcher

As reported by some media, Alfred McEwen shared his theory during the scientific Starmus festival in the Canary Islands.

Although the opinion of planetary scientists and is based on many assumptions is itself an assumption about the existence of life on Mars, sometimes it sounds from the mouths of various experts. For example, does not exclude such NASA astronaut Tom Jones, who now works in the research Department of the American space Agency. In contrast to the obviously implausible message about gorillas or dinosaurs on the red planet, the assumption that it can be inhabited by bacteria, can not be called pseudoscientific, although at the moment the planetary community and a large number of arguments to the contrary. Some, more cautious, experts tend to consider the activities of bacteria as the explanation of a particular phenomenon on Mars in the last turn, even if this assumption appears to be correct. For example, professionals responded to the recent discovery on Mars traces of oxides of manganese, the main “source” which is on the Ground directly or indirectly is precisely the activity of microorganisms.

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