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Thursday, March 22, 2018

“Singing fish”, “Peppers” and the passenger with a guitar

For several years Park Live became one of the most “delicious” summer festivals in the city, which always delighted the audience with colors of mainly foreign artists. In the contemporary socio-political situation, many foreign artists have ceased to come to Russia, and performances of those who still favor the domestic audience, — their weight in gold, especially when on the same site going whole constellation. This time it was Red Hot Chili Peppers, Lana Del Rey, John Newman and other leaders of the world scene.

Red Hot Chili Peppers. Photo: Maria Pospelova

In different years the festival featured such bands as the Prodigy, The Killers, Die Antwoord, Deftones, Royksopp, Limp Bizkit, from domestic advanced battalion — “mummies the Troll and Zemfira</strong>. In a crisis, and 2015 when you’ve had everyone, including the organisers of major music events, and the event was held one but not a few days, as usual, for the first time Muse played for the capitals fans crazy program “Drones” from songs from the last album about the threat of the Third world. In 2016, the festival went back to the usual format — and the audience for two days enjoyed the sets of their favorites. The program was colorful and rich. Each of its members — its curious history and its own handwriting, but the headliners Red Hot Chili Peppers and Lana Del Reyseems to be all I flew to Moscow from different musical planets are millions of miles apart.

From “murder” to now music California rock heroism

Opening the festival is the performance of young and hot guys Nothing But Thieves from Southend-on-sea (East England) was unobtrusive nostalgic homage to a great show from Muse, the successors of whom some call them. Listening to “meaty” textured compositions by musicians, others remember even Kasabian, and someone even Radiohead, although they are quite another story. The performers themselves admit that most of them influenced by American multi-instrumentalist Jeff Buckley. At the junction of all these allusions and associations were born the unique sound of the command, which, on the one hand, rooted in tradition, on the other — with freshness and originality, the artists managed to prove his cheerful and bright set.

If Nothing But Thieves all four years, the Anglo-American Duo The Kills (not to be confused with the band The Killers) for 16 years. The history of acquaintance vocalist Alison Mosshart from USA and guitarist Jamie Hinsa from Britain a very romantic and could definitely be fatal. Alison quietly sang to himself in punk rock-team Discount, until one day, while in the hotel during a tour, not heard someone playing the guitar in the room above her. Of course, it was Jamie at the time was member of Scarfo and Blyth Power. The girl, impressed by what he heard, met guitarist, they became friends, began to communicate, and when their band broke up, decided to organize his what Alison, without thinking, flew across the ocean to London. Chip music The Kills — the combination of dense and lush guitar melodies, energetic, high-pitched vocals with rhythmic parties drum machine. Each composition is similar to the previous built dramatic and doesn’t exactly give the audience bored. All this combined with a bright appearance Allison, which reminds one of American singer, guitarist and model Taylor momsen, and the other Alicia Silverstone in the role of a rebellious girl from the clip Aerosmith “Crying”, and the third is the band Guru Groove Foundation Tatiana Shamanina, impressive and etched in my memory. In the capital, the Duo arrived with fresh material in 2016 after a five year hiatus they released the album ‘the Ash & Ice”. In support of artists was removed and three new video: “Doing It To Death”, “Heart Of A Dog” and “Siberian Nights”. Although The Kills are known in different countries of the world and happy to perform at big open-airs, they position themselves as a group opposed to the music industry, rarely give interviews, but often organized for the journalists of the closed concerts. In General, these artists and have its own face and, it seems, has its own business strategy (although they don’t like the word “business”).

The Kills. Photo: Maria Pospelova

Last year the festival has been a tradition to field one of the Russian team, whose performance was a little diluted would be a string of foreign. In 2015 it was a group of Jack Action, and this past weekend the audience was squealing the hits of “the spleen” — one of the most successful domestic arena teams. Everyone’s favorite soloist Alexander Vasilyev in a white shirt and beard reminded the good magician, blessed fans for a happy personal life: “Boys, meet girls right now — smiling rock poet is not to write then that you are alone or looking for a young lady from the tenth row.” Despite the festival’s format, the band played a full two-hour retrospective of the show with old and new songs, hits, lyrical inserts. Although they are on stage for more than twenty years, no one thought does not occur that “the lings carves” are not the same, it was time to retire and so on. In 2014, Vasilyev and his comrades had released a powerful double album “Resonance”, and now they have finished and the new album. It seems, and they look no worse than in the distant 90s, when the band appeared on the musical horizon.

“Spleen”. Photo: Maria Pospelova

After native Russian ageless heroes girlish dreams came on the scene overseas, California, forever young rock-Prince. Years do not take “bad boys” Red Hot Chili Peppers, and I can’t believe this team is any dense in 1983, when many of her current fans were not even born. Seven awards “Grammy”, 30‑th position in the legendary list of “100 greatest artists of hard rock” and a place of honor in the Hall of fame rock-n-roll — only a small part of their deserved rewards. In a personal chronicle “peppers,” countless tales and real-life stories on how they spoke in glowing costumes, trimmed with metal, Woodstock, opening of open-air, or, for example, six months locked in a haunted house, alcohol and girls, writing there in the end one of the best albums in their discography — “Blood Sugar Sex Magic”. The eponymous title track from his artists performed on the show in the capital. And the last two words of its title, “sex” and “magic” — would be more appropriate to describe what is happening.

The last time they were in Moscow in 2012 as part of a tour to support the album “I’m With You”. Then frontman Anthony Kiedis was not in the best shape, all the way hiding her face behind the visor of his cap and held a concert, standing in the corner of the stage. Had to take the rap bass guitarist flea, who is the only current squad passed with band members all the way since the Foundation of the team. The LP fans greeted kindly, but without much emotion, can not be said about the album “The Getaway”, which rockers came this time to the festival. When you first listen to the recording it can seem too quiet for the band, but live it sounds elegant, fresh and new, pleasing fresh finds and melodic passages. He Anthony is completely rehabilitated after previous capital performances: this time he was energetic, friendly and quickly established contact with thousands of hall, bringing the audience to the maximum of aesthetic arousal. Fans were smeared with honey — in addition to new songs they heard and nearly all the old hits, crying under the dramatic “Under The Bridge”, danced to “Around The World” and “Give It Away”, sang “Californication” and “Scar Tissue”. Flea, dressed in a fancy embroidered vest, traditionally, was walking on his hands, issued filigree solos and boasted that his “girlfriend” — Russian, noting the beauty in General of all the Russian girls. There were, however, skeptics that after the concert they talked about that ten years ago, “peppers” was fresher, and the previous European performances in this tour took more active, but most of the audience left the hall with glowing eyes and an insane smile on my face from happiness.

Irish dancing and British soul

The second day was more languid and lyrical, but also not without a hitch. To Moscow has arrived once again John Newman a young British soul singer, whose single “Love Me Again” in 2013, topped the UK Singles Chart — hit parade of great Britain. Prior to his solo career, he participated in the recording of hits by English electronic team Rudimental, such as “Not Giving In” and “Feel The Love”, and then, starting to introduce their own compositions, was declared as a discovery not only of the British but in General the world of the contemporary scene. Today, he has more hits — “Cheating”, “Loosing Sleep”, “Out Of My Head”, a powerful and Groovy band with a charismatic black colorful keyboardist and backup singers. Along with Sam Smith, Newman was nominated for a Grammy, and although it did not take then any statues, exhibits strong evolution, perhaps even more active than the first. The concert in the capital was the proof: he has played here in September last year at the Bottom of the city, but during the festival show was held on the stage more confidently, splashing into the hall tons of positive energy. His speech was conceptually thought-out action that made people dance uncontrollably because you can sing along to their familiar songs and shouting “John, we love you!”. Love the artist responded with love and at the end of his set fell in front of an audience to its knees. Together with the already known things Newman showed some new that gives hope for the release of the latest album in the foreseeable future.

Unlike his compatriot singer Michael David Rosenberg, aka Passenger, works without the support of musicians, one in front of thousands of rooms. To the crowd he goes out just with a guitar in his hands, smiling broadly, and begins to create musical magic. Stage name perfectly matched: Michael does look like the eccentric passenger who not just entertains, but good shocks fellow passengers with her piercing guitar ballads. As soon as the artist starts to sing, it seems that the space around turns into a huge green field under a starry sky which here and there break out the cook-fires. The whole dance floor, not saying a word, settled back on the litter or squatting by the third song. Worldwide popularity of the author brought the song “Let Her Go”, the video for which scored a billion views online, and last year charming the Passenger was the decoration of the largest international Sziget festival held in Budapest where the only invite the best of the best performers in different genres. Talented funnyman confessed that the first time came with a concert to Russia and he really liked the local crowd. He constantly joked with the audience, raised a glass of whiskey for their health and flirted: “I Have one well known song so I will sing it 15 times.”

Those who prefer romantic slow acoustic, and catchy indietronica and indie rock, had to appeal to Two Door Cinema Club from Northern Ireland. Externally, these funny guys, first unwound in the Network, and then came out to the expanse of real life and begin to conquer the big stage. To win popularity at home was easy, and then artists began to introduce their work and the audience from other countries.

Lana Del Rey. Photo: Maria Pospelova

The dramaturgy of the sets were built on the contrast: after the stormy speeches of the Irish to come off the headliner of the second day, Lana Del Rey, extremely calm, languid and phlegmatic. Not everyone knows that she started her career in new York in 2005, but only became popular in 2011 when he released the video for the single “Video Games”album 2012 “Born To Die” brought her even more success. Surprisingly, Lana at one time was the same producer who’s engaged and Lady Gaga. In 2013 there was a scandal in connection with the song Del Rey ‘s”So Legit”, in which she allegedly spoke critically about the flamboyant singer. Still debate why it was written this composition and whether or not Lana turns to her to Gaga, but the text things to say about it: “You’re a freak, Queen of piercings. All girls think they can sing but they really not worth anything. Think you’re number one? Yes, this is ridiculous.” Skeptics believe that all business in envy. Despite the impressive fan club, Lana is very shy kept at the site, as it was at the last concert. All by the singer passed slowly from one end of the stage to another, occasionally trying to reproduce the movement, only vaguely similar to dance. Some discussing then it shows in social networks, called Lana a “singing fish”, smooth and emotionless. However, fans of this style of behavior does not bother, they see the beauty of the favourite of its “naturalness” and seems willing to do everything for her, and dance, what a star he can’t do, and sing all the songs memorized. What would the child have anything he wants — most importantly, that young fans of American Princess Nesmeyana, which like I just woke up and is on the verge between dream and reality, was satisfied and all the guests of the festival, to satisfy the most diverse and demanding tastes of the Metropolitan public.

The results of the HIT parade

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