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Monday, March 19, 2018

Singer Elena Knyazeva: “These forces gives me Love”

Elena Knyazeva — talented and young singer. The artist started his creative career in film, and quite successful, starring in several famous films. Graduated with honors from the philological faculty of Moscow state University. M. V. Lomonosov. However, the main path of Elena was the music. About his life on stage and off, the singer told “MK”.

Photo: press service of the actress.

— You studied at the faculty of Philology and even worked on the stock exchange. Successful?

— The success as at the faculty of Philology and the school of trading was variables, but overall great. I graduated with honors Romano-German Department of the philological faculty of Moscow state University. M. V. Lomonosov studied Romanian and Italian. In parallel I studied at the school of exchange trade, to anywhere in the world, I could provide a comfortable life for his family. I came to Moscow from a very small town, my mother (profession engineer) nights worked to pay for Tutors for admission. I had another goal — to earn money and take mum abroad, which I did in less than a year.

— I don’t think you were going to connect his life with music…

I have always been a very creative person. Sometimes even in the classroom, the answers were formulated in verse. “Oh, an artist!” — a saying that has plagued me my whole life.

Since childhood, I wrote stories that were read on the radio as part of children’s program at night, then lyrics, then the song… I and Philology came to develop the creativity that was in me from the very childhood, when I would spend hours to get hold of in the kindergarten the attention of a large group of children, telling them the night of the famous tale, but in its interpretation. I went to the kindergarten of sanatorium type, where there were children from difficult families. I now understand how difficult this audience that could spend hours to listen to me… Then I realized that even then I was holding the audience, telling stories that are listened to on vinyl.

— You first appeared under the pseudonym BELKA. Why did you choose such a pseudonym? And why did you decide then to abandon it?

— I in any case not refusing anything. BELKA is a club dance project-oriented format of dance music. Squirrel are well accepted abroad — I have duets with Western singers: French star Ysa Ferrer, Jamaican rappers. People abroad perceive the great artist with the name BELKA, we have the same posters bad feeling Elena Knyazeva.

— You starred in the popular films. I plan to continue working in film?

— I never wanted to make movies, this is a huge waste of time for me, to be honest. All those auditions, intrigue, placing lights, large, medium, General plans… First it was interesting, the songs of my authorship became the soundtracks are really well-known and worthy films, and I’m proud of it. It was a kind of promotion of my work. Now I’m not in the movie at all: I travel a lot, work with new material in the Studio with his musicians, rehearse. But there are two Russian Director whose acting is my dream, Renata Litvinova and Anna Melikyan. I feel that our universes are the same. And I think I have something to say and add to their creativity.

Photo: press service of the actress.

— In the 1990s and zero observed the growing popularity of pop music. Now, it seems, the situation has changed. But you work more in the genre of pop, I think, are the prospects?

— Now, of course, in first place honest and uncompromising rap, hip-hop. I listen for the most part, only artists such as loc Dog, Caspian cargo Hook and everything that I believe to be honest what I believe. I do what I love and how I see it. From pop artists I really love Bianca. In my opinion, it is in our country number one.

— How is your love life? Or now you are only a career?

— I love and loved. In my life it has always been, and I’m with 5, I don’t remember very lonely. That growth, which I have in the artist’s career, largely due to the fact that I have the strength, passion and desire not just to play music, and live it. These forces gives me love.

— Tell us about your plans for the future.

— Coming soon, July 26, will be my big solo concert on the stage of the “Summer garden”, which I am presenting his new album “Strong”. The album “Strong” is a big step in my creative life. First and foremost I am a woman, loving and beloved, understanding, doubt, comprehend themselves and the world around you, and most importantly, I’m strong, ready to overcome all the difficulties, not to break and go forward, and it is this theme, almost autobiographical, sounds in the album “Strong”.

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