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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Serfdom the state of law

The famous “no money but you keep” is the essence of the current state of social policy in Russia. It is a phrase born in the mind of our Prime Minister it is no coincidence.

Imagine some closed meeting with Dmitry Medvedev or higher than that, at Most, devoted to budget issues. It is obvious that the Minister of Finance not once during those hours there prosizhivayut, utters the magic phrase in response to a request from any of the Vice-premiers or Ministers: “no money”. Of course, the authorities immediately began to insist that this money on missiles, guns, in the end, retirement is necessary blood from a nose somewhere to find this to be the current foreign policy time and retaining the loyalty of the elderly. But the inexorable Minister of Finance: the Reserve Fund ends, the budget deficit excessive — inflation want? The Minister of economy duty grumbles about the fact that tomorrow morning, without fail start economic growth, which will fill the Treasury, but no one is listening — all this is not serious. The result is at variance with nothing, hoping on Russian perhaps.

It is clear that such long rubber can not reach. As predicted, the same Ministry of Finance, if you do not begin structural reform of the economy, the stagnation in which we were immersed, will last at least 10 or even 15 years. Obviously, in these circumstances, even the current frail social programs cannot be preserved in its financial parameters at least because of the inevitable aging of the population. You can, of course, not to spend so much money on defense (especially on the development, production and procurement of new weapons), but that means abandoning the current Russian positioning in the world — a country that has elected as its main argument in international relations, the military build-up. And this, as it seems our superiors, questioning, and political stability. Therefore, the dilemma of “guns or butter” is in Russia, not financial, but strategic in nature. And hope that some pious uncle will agree, as proposed at the time, the authors of “Strategy 2020”, to transfer 2% of GDP that goes to defense and law enforcement, in favor of education and health, have under itself no bases. In fact, it has been proven in practice over the past years, even before the Ukrainian crisis — a view of execution of the consolidated budget.

What about population, or rather its behavior in these conditions? After all, the official statistics say that the most of Russians was worse. Of course, the rate of decline of real income, availability of free medicine is not yet critical — think up there. Although a 10 percent decline in average real wages over the past year, from my point of view, very noticeable. But, as we see social protests there — except that a few dozen people will gather for mass layoffs or the closure of the hospital. Thus the people’s trust to Putin personally is very high — as evidenced by all sociological services. So there is a temptation for the noble population, but rather with its social life, as something not to be considered — “you stay there!”.

Moreover, the resignation of the people becomes the basis for building of long-term trends in state social policy. This, of course, is the mass of words and rhetoric about what social obligations unchanged and in any case not touched. The people, being under pressure of the TV until it swallows.

For example, I believe that in recent years it has been made two deliberate social experiment to study people’s reactions. And both ended power completely successful. They are: 1) the introduction of universal and compulsory fees for future major repairs and 2) causing his naked stiffness nudeinterracial of pensions in 2016.

If to speak about payment for the repair, that whatever is said by the authors of this idea, the majority of people perceived its introduction as an additional exaction, the direct seizure of money from the budget of almost every family. What? Nothing. Pay as pretty. And if not paid, shall be punished by the same state all sorts of punishments, up to expulsion from the apartment. If anyone remembers the attempt the monetization of benefits, which occurred 10 years ago, then old, suddenly came to the streets of major cities, pretty scared power. She was forced to cover the issue of money, to go to all sorts of concessions and softening. In fact monetization, which was conceived, did not take place.

It took 10 years — and the authorities didn’t even have to wriggle and wrestle with the situation in connection with the introduction of payment for capital repairs.

A mongrel, violating the law, a 4 percent pension indexation that occurred on 1 February this year, despite the accumulated last year, double-digit inflation? Almost 40 million pensioners and not make a sound, obediently giving the state some thousands of lost rubles, in fact repeating feudal Russia, with its dues.

So why is the social state should “regret” their subjects, if they obediently go to such heroic self-sacrifice in the name of maintaining state power? Therefore, you can calmly resolve its foreign policy issues (which cost money), to spend money on maintenance of the state as an isolated, decapsulating from society entity, which gathers people with all sorts of taxes, fees, and charges — in other words: “Dan”, “serfdom” and “dues.” How can you not remember that after Alexander II in 1861 gave the peasants will, many of them were confused, and some even wanted this gift to take.

Really ever since then, social policy adheres to the principle of exclusion of a person and cannot refuse it? Apparently, the answer is Yes. After half a century of the rise of Russia of late XIX — early XX century was 70 years of Soviet power, returned essentially all the same serfdom. In the 1990s tried to make a man a subject, not an object of policy (and not only social). But then again, as we see, our eyes snap to the middle Ages.

And you have another decade of social policy as a ritual phrase, “all for the benefit of man, all in the name of the person”? Our cynical era, however, and it is hypocritical expression regenerated the ultimate “no money but you keep” and “how was your swim?”. This is the verdict of the country and its future as a great power to be reckoned with in the world. Once in the Soviet Union was greatly offended by those who compare us with Upper Volta. Perhaps it was unfair. However, our current social perspective, unfortunately, really humbling, when compared with progress in many hitherto backward countries.

But it is possible that the sentence the country to make before. Mind, as we know, can not understand Russia. Maybe something will happen in a thin layer of those who makes decisions, and out will spill energy radical, not cosmetic change? After all, who could expect the perestroika wave, which is initiated by the Communist General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev? It is important to understand that the next hypothetical Russian reforms must begin and end with formation of qualitatively new social policy, in which the man and his quality of life is the goal, not a means to solve another domestic problems.

Here only manage to survive up to these times…

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