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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Sands advised against going to the Kremlin to find pokemon

Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov commented on the rapidly gaining popularity in Russia, the game Pokemon Go where with the help of augmented reality through the mobile phone need to “hunt” for “pocket monsters”.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

This is our fantasy.

According to Peskov, the Muscovites and guests of the capital should not look for pokemon in the Kremlin, which is a “treasure house of Russian culture”: he explained that the Kremlin was already “unprecedented open, in it you will find a new Park, conducted excavations, so there is something to see, and without mobile games.

However, Peskov said that he did not know whether the pokemon in the Kremlin, as the game is officially missing in Russia (until it officially appears only on iOS, and users would resort to tricks to get her on the Russian device).

In edition “MK” we caught the pokemon Charmander. Photo: Ksenia Dronnikova

In addition, Peskov said that he, in any case, games are not played.

Note, however, that other iconic Moscow locations pokemon present: in particular, one of the “pocket monsters” was discovered on the Greater Moscow river bridge, where he was killed Boris Nemtsov. However, users have noticed that this pokemon looks like a crab.

Of course, Layfnyuz does not mention here the famous meme about Putin. pic.twitter.com/OoRoEVViYz

— EU-inspired fascist (@Mortis_Banned) 14 Jul 2016

Earlier, the Israeli President asked the social network to call security because of the “discovery” in his office pokemon Meowth.

Meanwhile, besides the pokemon, players collect their eggs that need to “sit” – but to produce an egg, you must go a dozen kilometers. Because of this, lazy users invent alternative ways to cheat mileage. For example, prihvatyvayut phone to the fan.

In edition “MK” showed a rather arrogant pokemon Charmander. In the end, he sat down right on the keyboard correspondent Lena Dobruja.

Photo: Ksenia Dronnikova.

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