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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Putin listened to the rosy reports of the Ministers of the “Spring package” and Collider

At today’s meeting of President Putin with the government once again discussed “Spring package” – a report on the subject made by the head of the Ministry of communications Nikolay Nikiforov. He was forced to admit that required to store desired amounts of information equipment in Russia. The main part of the meeting of the government’s plans until the end of 2016 — was held behind closed doors.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

As reported, the meeting with the President at the meeting said that the government has taken measures allowed to change from the decline in industrial production growth of 0.3%, and by the end of the year to exceed the growth of even 0.5-0.6%. (However, this does not apply to production of vehicles: here, the decline will continue and will reach 10%).

Minister of communications and mass communications Nikolay Nikiforov reported to the President that the hype raised in the society with the adoption of “anti-terrorism package of Spring” based solely on “emotional evaluations”, besides, in his opinion, it is not justified:

— Storage of data will begin only in 2018, ” he stressed. — By this time, the Agency will work on the algorithm of introduction of the law and standards of enforcement: including the volume of temporary storage; who, where and what will store the data; requirements to equipment and to operators etc. If the results of this work will require clarification of the law from the point of view of law enforcement, we will make amendments in the autumn session.

The added bonus of making the law, according to the Minister, will be that stored the entire dataset will be in the domestic media.

However, a direct question to Putin about how does someone such media, the Minister was forced to admit that there is still no: there are only discussions with the Ministry of industry and trade.

Based on the essence of the “Spring package” read the article by our parliamentary correspondent Marina Ozerova. She emotionally wrote, by the way).

Yesterday Putin chaired a meeting of the Council for strategic development and priority projects, which called the previous government’s plans “incomprehensible” and called on Ministers “not to screw with people’s heads”. Today, the members of the Cabinet were quick to paint the picture of the bright future of brighter colors.

Sedation was made by the Minister of labour and social protection Maxim Topilin: “work on the preparation of professional standards continues, there are already more than 800, and in 2016 will be prepared 200. The professional standards came into effect from July 1 for all companies with state participation. But the transition period will last until 2020.

However, “people are faced with the fact that when you move to another company they need confirmation of their qualification, not trusting the records in the workbook,” he admitted. But if necessary, retraining will be conducted at the employer’s expense, and his expenditures for these purposes will be related to cost. So here, all turns out well.

With regard to education and science, the situation is just wonderful. In Dubna initiated the establishment of a domestic Collider that will clarify the circumstances of the “big Bang” marked the beginning of modern the Universe. In the course of this work — to go on “discovery of Nobel level”. (Up to 2018, the LHC will invest 17 billion rubles, including half from the Federal budget.)

We talked about the beginning of the holiday season. Dynamics of popularity of Russian resorts was more than positive. The cost of domestic tours have been reduced by 20-30%, said the head of the Federal tourism Agency Oleg Safonov, including the emergence of Charter trains and private carriages, razvozyaschy Russians to places of rest (and you noticed it?).

Vacation at home, said Mr. Safonov, for the first time made up 22% of all tourism products and confidently took the first place among all destinations.

The Turks returned to the market? It also turned to Russia, a boon: “there is extra incentive to reduce prices and improve the quality of our resorts. The decline in prices in Russia has already happened.”

Tolerance of Turkish agricultural products to Russia in the near future is not expected. Minister of agriculture Alexander Tkachev said: “We are not going in the near future to access the food market, because our own manufacturers believe the calls of the authorities to satiate domestic markets for their food products. The market was formed and without Turkey”.

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