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Friday, February 23, 2018

Pokemon need to ban in Russia: it’s a spy game

In the near future in the Federal service, Federal Antimonopoly service and the company Apple will appeal with a demand to stop access to the popular game, yet not change the conditions of its use. The initiative comes from the Saint-Petersburg city Orthodox Cossack society “the snow Leopard”. “Maybe the players, without knowing it, working for the CIA?” – involve in the organization.

Photo: Ksenia Andronnikov and Natalia’s Cousin

The Cossacks many claims to Pokemon GO game for mobile devices, which is to search for little monsters via the device’s camera on the streets. First, young people toy consumes and distracts from real life.

“It’s like a drug, gamers as a result of losing years of life instead of take their time more useful and educational activities,” – say in the Cossack society.

Second, fascinated by the pokemon gamers are already starting to infringe on the rights of others. For example, do not hesitate, come to look for monsters in the temple or at the cemetery, insulting the feelings of believers and those who mourn for the dead. It’s like playing ball in the yard – the kids not to disturb anyone, but if you get someone out the window, toward their leisure time is changing.

In addition, in the Cossack society and spoke about our local developers — they should invent their own game. And better if they are educational and set in the Patriotic mood.

There is another important point, which affects the Cossack society: how this passion affects the interests of the state? Pokemon GO may well be an espionage game. Because the participants in it with the phone turned on the cameras go not only outside, but also in areas, for example, in any office where you can store important documents. Opponents of this game assume that foreign intelligence services, in pursuit of certain interests and having access to mobile devices that can track the necessary information, and conduct video and audio recordings. “Where are the applications developed? IN THE UNITED STATES. Therefore, this does not exclude the presence of the CIA,” according to representatives of the companies.

– The state must intervene to draw Pokemon GO to mandatory registration, to create certain limitations and rules for foreigners taking into account the interests of our country and our culture, – said the “MK” ataman Cossack society Andrey Polyakov. – To check, to find out, for example, where the money paid by the users. Until then, until this work will be accomplished, to prohibit the use of the game.

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